Hip-Hop Rumors: Azealia Banks Goes After Kreayshawn AND Nicki Minaj!!

Harlem rapper and recently-announced Coachella 2012 performer, Azealia Banks, has been putting it all out there recently. After sending some shots Kreayshawn’s way last week on Twitter, she now has an even more elaborate opinion on Illseed’s Person of the Year, as well as some words about the first lady of YMCMB, Nicki Minaj.

Speaking to The Hundreds magazine for an upcoming cover story that will hit newsstands on February 2, Banks revealed the following when asked about her two fellow, female “MCs”:

On Nicki Minaj:

“The butt, the hair, the this, the that, all the other sh*t, like… As much respect that I have for her, we’ve seen you do this already, what else can you do?”

On Kreayshawn:

“As much as Kreayshawn would love to be considered part of this ‘rap game,’ she’s not.  I guess a part of me is kind of annoyed that those white girls are making these songs, and it’s like if these girls were black and making the same songs would you be that interested?”

Is this a case of an upcoming rapper trying to get some shine, or do you agree with her stance? What is she trying to accomplish? Well, here are her own words: “I’m trying to be innovative, I want to be like Missy Elliott was, respected and accepted for doing her own thing.”

  • Getmoney

    Niggas front all you want….ima keep it 100….I miss Katt stacks lol

  • Shanga Mcnair

    um. who is she. nikki is the shit and she mad cuz she aint

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  • Ronlg1

    While I am NOT a Nikki/YMCMB/MMG fan (cause they are all the same entity to me), in that particular song she kinda sounds like Nikki.  You can’t diss a person and then do exactly what they did…………….or can you???? (50cent vs. Jarule)

    • not trying to start shit, however young money is completely different. an thats what makes it works. everyone has different styles

  • the bitch is talented. she’s getting a lot of acclaim on her unreleased work!

    do ya thang ma!

  • Tony G.

    the funny thing is this could be a Nikki song..lol..but ive heard shorty on some other stuff and she’s kinda nice with it…do u ma

  • mike malarkey


  • jeidenskyler

    y this bitch gon ask ” what else can you do?” about nicki? minaj has the most chameleon flow out of any rapper and switches her style up in a heart beat. what else can u do u stank ass banks hoe? you’z a stupid hoe!! 

  • Breakdabars

    Atleast some female rapper had the nerve to come after these wack bitches especially that poser

    • wack is not even in nicki catergory, lets try again

      • bernt barbera

        ya it is.

  • rep87

    I hope she crush that trailor thrash ass kreayshawn / nicki nasty time will pass before you know it just like all the other hiphop hookers before her

  • MrTroyMercy

    Damn I thought that wwas NICKI ON THAT SONG WIt a jill scott mask and some weird attire But I listen to her other music and she dope…

  • Catch22

    I think she has potential. I’m ready for something new. I dont want to even entertain her comments but I agree to some degree. The truth is the truth. I been hearing some of her music and its ok. Very provocative on some new school shit. I’m waiting on another Lauryn Hill though…

  • DJKrazeOne

    I hear what ya sayin bro (Catch 22) – She has potential – I think she sounds like she has been influenced by Nikki a bit – with regards to Lauren hill thow you may like this rapper she’s from the UK and her name is Speech Debelle she is one of the better rappers I have heard in recent years but like everything depends on what you like: check out the below link

  • DonDub808

    Nitty Scott is the freshest female MC as far as I’m concerned.

    Anybody that doesn’t agree can suck my left nut.

  • 9600G

    im hella maddd i sat through this weak asss song.. she suck her music is house or somethin

  • Listen to runnin and tell me this girl cant eat Nicki up w/o changing her voice one bit.  I think she’s kind of mocking Nicki in this song…

  • l8r is her hottest shit still! Find that Azealia and bring her ass back to NY