Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I.’s OTHER Baby Mama Launching a Singing Career?!

These “wives” and baby mamas of celebrity men just won’t stop chasing the spotlight, will they?!  T.I.’s baby mama, whose stage name is Ms.Niko, is hoping to be next up on the 15 minutes of fame train. She has just released a music video for her new single, If This is Luv /Man Eater,” from her mixtape, Luv Khronicles, and is ready to launch her singing career.

Ms. Niko is the mother of T.I.’s 10-year old daughter, Deyjah, and if you watched T.I.’s “Family Hustle,” you caught a glimpse of her last night in a scene where she and T.I. discussed their 10-year old’s new boyfriend? What the?!

Anywhoo, does Ms. Niko have the goods to be a legitimate singer, or should she just sit back and enjoy those child support checks? You be the judge:

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  • Tony G.

    song is kinda dope..good luck to her..

  • JON_JOHN1972

    she can sing good song

  • NorthDollasTX

    TIP prolly behind her 100% so she can stay the phuck up out that niggah pockets …

  • NorthDollasTX

    baby phuking around on the track too … TINY gon’ press play and immediately be in her feelings …

  • NorthDollasTX

    that MANEATER track phucks all the way around … im diggin’ thys shyt BYTCH

  • D_hiloh

    She a cutie…singin need a lil work. Rappin was on point. I bet homegirl got stories to tell!..lol

  • I like it. Sure the video is a bootleg.. Keep on Pushing!! YOu GOT IT!

  • rep87

    sounds ok / because the child support checks want last forever you go girl many others need to follow your lead

  • She was a singer BEFORE her and TIP were dating…SMFH..That’s how TIP met her….She had a buzz and a song here in Atlanta strong on the early 2000’s. Do your facts… #FAIL

  • Sexy_Sabe

    I’m feelin the track, she dosent sound any worse than these other no singin broads in the game. To be honest she sounds better than most, an she is more attractive as well. This song is hott, I see a future in the music industry, an she  raps better than the current female rapper who is reppin female emcess right now.  Hate it or love it but thats jus being real.

  • Who What Why When

    Clifford lke them redbones with funny noses, dont he? LOL! Naw, but seriously she didnt sound too bad. I like the rapper better than the singer but not bad at all…

  • That’s rude! You don’t know anything about her or how long she’s been into music! I LOVE the song (and the mixtape) ! I pray she does well!

  • Black Panthers

    i love this song

  • she has skills

  • maneater….weak.