Hip-Hop Rumors: Will YMCMB Jump In Drake/Common Beef? Baby Speaks!


You know when Baby gets involved, it’s a problemo for Common. That’s why he repeatedly screamed “This man to man!” LOL! Now, Baby has basically said that its whatever! “Drake the homey so we ride or die. So, however the lil homey wanna deal with it. We support him with our life. Its Drake or nothing.” Baby said he won’t get into it lyrically. See it below.



I think Beyonce and lil’ Baby Blue would disagree when Wayne proclaimed he’d kidnap them. But anyway!!! I’d like to see a nice lil’ lyrics only battle with these dudes! (I know Weezy didn’t say he’d kidnap the baby, but B was pregnant at the time! LMAO!)

  • NorthDollasTX

    ok its hella niggahs in CHICAGO that     “… wanna run into BABY like a finish line”

    • MrTroyMercy

      yep these cats really think common soft smh.

      • upt13

        son kno how many niggas baby got wacked an smashed in da n.o. trust me common dnt wnt it wit dem drake soft but baby an slim roll with killas look up the wildboys who dissed the hot boys where dem niggas at now all fckn dead so common dnt wnt it with bird to many killas heard of hot bezo starght hitman it go dwn dwn here in da n.o. the murda cap chill out common you has been

      • Ronlg1

        Homie, Baby aint did SHIT!!!  Baby’s MONEY may have gotten someone killed before (and I seriously DOUBT he has even did that), but Baby aint did SHIT!!!  Aint NOBODY IN or FROM the N.O. or ANYWHERE else afraid of BABY!!!!  Baby need to go handle 40Glocc….How bout THAT!!!  He don’t say a WORD about that dude and he STAY going at them fake blood clowns!!!!

    • BoldSpice

      You mean run into BABY and sign with Cash Money don’t you?

  • armylove0221

    this old mofucker boii stop lmao at baby drake needs to sit his bitch ass down somewhere im still tripping off how this nigga go from degrassi to gangsta like my man common said I see the bitch in you

    • BoldSpice

      And you think Common is young? You a moron son.

      • Sexy_Sabe

        he aint as old as baby

      • BoldSpice

        There’s about a 3 year difference sugar. Don’t trip.

  • Babys been lingering around for waaaaaaaay too long.  Wheres Chris Hansen when you need him?

    • BoldSpice

      Looking for your daddy.

  • With his YMCMB cronies behind him, Drake will probably feel comfortable enough to puff his chest out an make that diss. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, ya’ dig.


    Drake is gonna aways be the light skin fool who got shot on degrassi with that mess up hair line he had.. Just a punk I wish 2pac was here outlaw would have rolled up on him at a red light and ya know what happends next… Bang.. Bang..

    • Mos High

      your a flippn clown with that stupid ass comment


    Dont yall bw dissing aubrey….

    Me and my son, fitting to
    Ride for that boi ya heard….

    And a ban from
    Chicago will be coming in 5 4 3 2 1…………..

    Dont forget, gillie chase these niggah out of the club and made wayne cancel a show…….

    These dudes do want no static, like fabric softner…….

    They needs to stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This whole persona, they are trying to maintain is getting old…..

    Wayne not a street dude, nobody in ymcmb is.

    All them niggas that might be about that action, or fittin to
    Ride left.

    • Casor_Greener

      Don’t underestimate Baby and Slim. Them dudes for real, all the artists are suckers though

      • EL_BARK

        Idk. Gutter.

        I was there for the ass whipping, when mac laid hands on gillie,
        In front of baby & slim. And them
        Niggas had the “nuttin to do wit it look”. Now mac & baby was cool or did that track together back in the day, so they prolly got an lil history.
        But they look very no drama ish.

        2. 40 approach them niggaz alledeglly. Again non drama.
        They track records is consistent. Although i didnt hear, the interview.

        3. I think gillie making wayne cancel the show in philly speaks volumes, of them.
        And gillie not a gorilla killa, neither.
        Then wayne explanation of why he cancel the show, was even funnier to me….
        Just saying…..

      • NorthDollasTX

        cant speak on SLIM cuz from what all them old CASH MONEY artists say HE’S REALLY THE PHUCKING MAN while BABY just the cotdamn mascot!
        BG already said BABY is NOT and was NOT that niggah … ever!
        the singing niggah TQ from LA and Mikkey Haalsted from the CHI both co-sign that and said that when they did that song with the CLIPSE “BRRRRRR WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT BOY?”  
        it was about 1,000(exaggerated) cash money affiliated niggahs out that day and when they was filming – BG was posted on one of them porches they walked past with his entourage and them niggahs was calling baby out for that fade w/ BG … but he aint want it
        even JUVIE called that niggah BABY out for the 1on1 – but no deal!
        now that 40 GLOCK insident was fake … cuz the niggah that was filming is now beefing with 40 and he swore up and down that neither BABY OR Wayne was in any of them Lac trucks … and 40 told him he’d take care of the niggah if he went along with the LIE
        its on youtube somewhere …

  • King Cold

    Smart of baby not to enter the beef because he’d lose either No bars to save his life. Drake better come back hard as hell because if not he’s takin a L just like nicki

  • People don’t remember except me that common is from Chicago. He wasn’t always just conscious but grew up with Vice Lords and GDs. Compared to kanye common has more street cred and hood niggaz. You don’t see his crew like in the old videos but believe it Ice Cube wouldn’t have gone to chicago during that beef but common came to LA with no problems during that westside beef. I know chi niggaz that city is not playing ask chopper city. He got clapped recently just for shinning. I don’t condone violence but mr brrrr birdman stop frontin. 

    • Sexy_Sabe

      you aint lying lol. Ppl forget b4 he ws common he ws common sense wearing tims an carhartts in his video rappin some hard shit. He a Chi nigga an being  a Detroit chick ive had my share of chicage bred friends an all i gota say is Detroit an Chicago are like one in the same. Basically like cousin cities, niggas fear D niggas, they need to respect them Chi boys too cuz they aint for joke either.

      • Yeah it’s cold in the D as they say. The D gets down!

      • henryhillarious


    • upt13

      common aint no damn vl or gd wtf you tlkn bout point blank common dt wnt it with dem n.o. niggas its a jungle dwn here people may not fck with bird dat much here but niggas wil still ride for dem no matter its new orleans i tell u one thing aiont no rapper gon diss wayne or bird an come to n.o. an get away with it dem young goonz put dat chopper on em as gillie an ask 40

      • 7solider4

        Actually, he was a high ranking member of the 4ch (4 corner hustlers) and beieve me, upt13 you no dudes neva will want it wit these dudes.

  • Young money dont got no lyrical soldiers, no battle rappers. For the whole squad to go against Common would be a no no. They best stay in they lane and do what they do. Havin one nigga take out they whole roster would be a bad look.

    • johnblacksad

      They got Tyga & Mack Maine…

      lol… i’m just kiddin…

      I don even know what these punks sound like… lol

      Nicki Minaj goes harder than Drake… say i’m wrong!!!!

      • WRONG! just playing…

    • They got busta rhymes now. Birdman expects Busta to do all their battles since wayne is p*ssy. Busta got involved with the ja rule beef. Ja rule never even came at Busta but he got involved. Busta just signed with cashmoney and he will say something if niggaz go at wayne or any of them. Busta gets in other peoples beefs. 

      • NorthDollasTX

        “STICK YO’SELF TONY”    busta rhymes aint battling nobody – that aint busta’s lane NEVER HAS NEVER WILL BE ..

      • He went at ja rule. So you are saying if someone comes at busta he won’t respond? Did you listen to the long ass aftermath diss song to ja rule by em, 50, g-unit, and busta? I agree but I was surprised when I heard Busta saying shit on that song. This is why I think he will get involved maybe I am wrong. No one has dissed Busta yet. I take that back cuban link has and busta didn’t do shit so maybe you are right.

      • NorthDollasTX

        separate JA-RULE from this … because JA was a launching pad at one time for any and every rappers disrespect – similar to Young Berg’s chain

        now, YMCMB beefing with COMMON – busta rhymes aint and will not touch that situation – busta’s aint never ever really been in that beef lane … i think he did the JA RULE thing cuz he was still trying to fit in with AFTERMATH and still be down with the NEW HOT NIGGAH OF THE TIME 50 CENT and dissing ja rule was the COOL thing to do at that time … busta prolly already apologized to IRV and JA … and i seriously mean that shyt LOL

      • mike malarkey

        they may send bow wow to fry common lol

      • NorthDollasTX

        them niggahs need NOT respond … or tell DRAKE to stfu


      • Casor_Greener

        Ja got at them boyz including Busta

        Look up “Loose change” by Ja Rule

      • I seriously doubt Busta will get involved. Busta and Common come from the same era. They have the same principles regarding this hip-hip thing. They have too much respect for each other as MCs for that. And for the record, Busta only got involved because Ja Rule spoke his name FIRST on the “Blood In My Eye” album.

    • NorthDollasTX

      jae millz iz a battle rapper

      • Who’s gonna care if Jae Millz gets involved? No one. Why? Jae Millz is irrelevant. Remember when the whole Roc was at Hot 97 goin’ at Nas? Exactly. You don’t remember because outside of Jay-Z, they’re irrelevant.

      • NorthDollasTX

        christopher … stfu and listen for a second

        think i care if jae millz is involved or not … that JAE MILLZ IZ A BATTLE RAPPER was in regards to the DICE’S above comment that said “YOUNG MONEY DONT GOT NO LYRICAL SOLDIERS/BATTLE RAPPERS” and thats exactly where JAE MILLZ got his start from BATTLE RAPPING”  

      • This is nothing to get emotional about. I was just replying to what you wrote. If you can’t respond without all the “stfu’s”, go sit in the corner and work on some breathing exercises. The fact still remains that ain’t nann ninja checkin’ for a Jae Millz diss. No hate involved. That’s just FACT.

      • NorthDollasTX

        see lil daddy … that’s exactly why i said (unemotionally)STFU and LISTEN …because i never said anyone (you and i both included) was checking for J.MILLZ –

         i simply responding to “someone else’s (DICE)” comment that YMCMB didnt have any BATTLE RAPPERS which is NOT true (now ur opinion of the battle rapper maybe on point)

         but i never asked for your opinion on jae millz however you seen it as a must that you had to reply to mine… and here i am 2 posts over still explaining no matter how S-L-O-W i type it  

  • BoldSpice

    Common already lost. His albums don’t sell. Sorry.

    • Chris_P_Cream

      Suck balls while you’re at it you anus licker! Aubrey’ll catch a ddt messin round wit a bad bald head brothuh’ like common. elbow your sack punk 

      • BoldSpice

        But anyway peckerwood back to reality. You probably better get your ass back to the Bieber fan page.

      • johnblacksad

        Says a fan of mushy mush softy azz soft Drake!

        Damn, sh!t just be twisted sometimes!

        Justin Bieber >>>>>>>>>> Drake

      • BoldSpice

        Sh!t is twisted when you typing Bieber greater than Drake on a rap music site and calling somebody soft. Get that black cat off that picture and put a white mouse up there. Know your role homie.

    • Plenty of artists have sold more albums than Common. Where are they now? 20 years later, Common is still relevant in this game. Where’s the loss in that? SMH.

      • Tony G.

        exactly..thats what these clowns dont understand…this has NOTHING to do with record sales….this is real hip hop shyt right now

      • BoldSpice

        So in hip hop fantasy world respect must pay the bills. “Real hip hop” shut the fuggg up beeeyotch. So sick of that term. Yo you sell a lot of albums that aint real hip hop. Yeah ok.

    • MrTroyMercy

      boldspice is offically nut licking damn homie save some that nut for some other stans STAN . SMH

      • BoldSpice

        Sorry homie I don’t wanna participate in your gay sex fantasies. There are other sites online you can use get off to that sh!t.

    • johnblacksad

      2012… and ninjas still stuck on QUANTITY…. oh well!

      Save your sorry for Drake in 20 years (actually, it’s 4 or 5 years grand max)

      …and Com will still be dropping QUALITY albums like my man Talib! Get it?

    • Tony G.

      only a nicca that dont understand real hip hop would say such nonsense..this aint about record sales homey…get off that gay ish…dont act like Com aint sold records…and nobody is selling these days outside of a select few….this is about lyrics man..dont nobody give a damn if Com only sells 10 records…he’s bodying this fool right now…punks that cant rap use the record sales MO during battles…get off that clown shyt..

      • BoldSpice

        Who said it was about lyrics? You? Damn didn’t remember seeing your name in the article. My bad I guess. Sucker.

    • NorthDollasTX

      “SCHTICK YO’SELF TONY” for that comment

    • His albums are classics to such a degree even in his lines he spit “basketball and entertainers be knowing his songs” He is a hiphop legend and you are probably a kid born in 1990 so your facts are wrong. Let me break it down because you are a dummy who really doesn’t know hiphop. His like water for chocolate got him his first grammy award in 2003. then in 2005 his album Be was nominated for BEST thats right “BEST” rap album he got the the second grammy award also. His album resurrection is a hiphop classic and started one of the most influential rap beefs of all time vs Ice Cube. So then you shouldn’t really speak bs or lies when you don’t know music. Artist respect him because he is a lyricist meaning he’s nice lyrically. Kanye is not a respected chi town mc. He’s not wack but not an mc. Also your name bold spice isn’t that a name for one of the spicegirls. Nigga you gay as hell. Stop frontin! Change your name homie it’s not a good look rocking a gay name it clearly makes everything you say look suspect. Bold spice? WTF

      • BoldSpice

        Good piece my nicca. Until the end when you showed how bad your butt hurt. A poor azz attempt at clownin a name is mature to you but i need to grow up? I tried to use crumbthelauginggod (which is a much better name, right?) but the name was taken. I could go into a tirade about an imbecile who has the audacity to use the moniker god in his name but i won’t waste my time. But i digress. It’s cute you wrote two paragraphs to defend your man. But no sir. Although i appreciate your knowledge of pointless information, you should take your own advice and grow up and try respecting another man’s being. And just because i’m slightly curious, which one of the eight words you responded to was suspect or gay? Because i’m not the one that brought up Spice Girls am I? So sorry laughing “god” (LOL!) now you  can look in the mirror and laugh at that.

      • CaliTransplant

        like water for chocolate…one of my top ten albums ever…

  • Pureicefire .

    man niggs need to get off that shi### and make good music

  • Terrance Goodman

    Real ish ……..preach

  • Terrance Goodman

    Common is Chi Town to the fullest , his back ground speaks volumes…….Fools forget this the same cat soda pop shook up  niggas Ice and 22 aka mack 10.Common aint no hoe ,going against wheel chair jimmy should be no problem

  • rep87

    I dont know nobody scared of FAKE AZZ GANGSTR BABY this child molester aint punking nobody AHH you need to do your home work before you write  articles about a guy who suppose to be tough this is AHH FAIL for reporting this crap / the N,O got some real goons but cash money is not it /

    • upt13

      cashmoney is affliated with goonz dnt fck with him wait til turk get out nigga bussin at cops thats wayne head bussa wait til b.g get out yall niggas gon eat yall fckn words dnt kno wtf yall tlkn bout i had to get on dis shit jus to tlk shit to yall stupis ass computer geeks my only time on here point blank period common dnt want it with new orleans and niggas frm n.o fck with drake hard

      • suge380

        Dude, wtf you talking bout. Turk and BG don’t fcuk with CM no more. Hell BG left before Juvenile did over the paper.

  • BoldSpice

    Common just mad Drake rocking that thick piece he used to have. Yo god that aint gangsta and that aint hiph hop son.

    • MrTroyMercy

      this cat right here gotta be lil twist or lil GRemlin wayne clone chuckie ….you doing way too much dyckriding homie .

      • BoldSpice

        Hard to ride a dick when u ridin mine. Is this what u call a threesome?

    • johnblacksad

      To each is own… i know girls who think Drake is too soft… ain’t even gon say much more.
      Real talk, Drake should be beefin with the likes of Keith Sweat, Anthony Hamilton… he couldn’t even go at Jaheim nor Lyfe Jennings… smh

      • BoldSpice

        Who are these highly respected girls you speak of young sir? Besides Keith Sweat and Anthony Hamilton aint bad company homie. They even sell more than Common. So whatcha sayin???

  • $18916246

    Nope….The dumb money makers can’t jump in, Drake cakes been writing all that garbage (outsourced lyrics) along with Tygger….Whooayne don’t write jack and Nicki gang bang don’t write jack.  Common gonna expose dude, Why you think he call’s dude a hoe…Pigeon man is using his ass along with Little Whooayne E.T. lookin ass. It’s all about to hit the fan.



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

    • BoldSpice

      Update your jokes playa. You coming off like Carrot Top.

  • Mos High

    sometime i feel i want to send most of u back to elementary school with yoyr stupid asd comments…oh oh baby cant come to this hood..oh oh drake is gay and isnt street…oh oh common is old…oh oh jayz illumanti oh ohoh like you all flippn live with these people…stupid ass sh@t i bet most of u would be in awe of most of these celebrites….oh oh drake can i get autograph for my girl…makes me sick reading these comments sometine

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yo really tho- shut the fucck up nikka . If you don’t like the comments don’t read them , damn smh . Cats out here grinding and entitled to their damn opinions , just like you are but still STFUB! Lol

      • BoldSpice

        Rejected. But if you take your own advice in the first incomplete sentence, i’m sure no one will complain.

    • Who What Why When

      yea for real! suck on your fav celeb balls elsewhere if u gonna get upset because we disgusted with the sight of it

    • johnblacksad

      I’d rather get an autograph from Brandy than get one from Drake.

      Brandy >>>>>>>> Drake
      Aaliyah >>>>> Drake
      Ne-yo >>>> Drake

  • I hate how YMCMB say that they dont do beef or rap diss tracks for “The Fans.” All the artist on the label take subliminal shots at other people though… but they dont do diss tracks hahaha smh. And really anyway rap beef makes rap better for the fans it creates controversy and forces the artist to be more creative than before so…. Really they just dot wanna lose a rap battle IMO.

  • OhmyLawdHeDead

    baby sound and looks very troubled. Damn homie!!!!

  • OhmyLawdHeDead

    “How ever that turn out, thats just what it is” – Baby 

    Dude been mad confident the last 2 years now he got a frog in his throat.

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Baby… Trust me….. you don’t want none of that Ol’ Boy. Nigga like 48 years old making grown ass Me call him baby. Sound good to a pedophile i guess when you have to finish of a sentence saying baby.

    • youngturbo

      that’s some funny shit right there

      • BoldSpice

        no it aint.

      • johnblacksad


    • BoldSpice

      Actually it’s Birdman. Your one of the few that still call him Baby. So what’s on your mind.

  • Tony G.

    Well its not like we’d have to worry about Baby getting lyrically involved anyway…and no, YMCMB dont do diss songs, they just take subliminal shots…and yea Baby..I guess u can say its about music for the people blah blah blah..but this is also HIP HOP…and when someone in ur fam steps into that ring they better be ready to throw them hands (or lyrics in this case)…back in the day when u went at the Roc…they went in on u…problem is..none of these bubble gum rappers…Weezy included…can help Drake on this …he has to stand on his own..and show and prove..Com has bodied folks in this game before..and trust he has more in the tank…I hope Drake takes the bait even harder

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      in light of that im hoping he does baby is a great business man but please leave the music alone …!! @least drop some real game if you gonna do ya thang … u just flossin on the tracks waisting time & space …

  • who cares what that nicca think

  • youngturbo

    Drake is on that coke prolly 

  • Cant agree with illseed more. . How they never been about diss records when the wayne diss to jay was one of the biggest promotional schemes of the carter 4?

  • youngturbo

    “I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper 
    (So what) so I had to slap her ” 

  • Q.

    YMCB got NOTHING for Common. Really.

  • Ronlg1

    Yo Bird, in my best New Orleans accent “how you gonna sit up there and say yall not bout making diss records when yall was making diss records against Big Boy records when they had Mystikal….You forgot about UNLV and drag em in the river?” “You forgot about how yall used to diss No Limit?” “You forgot about Wayne’s 500 degrees?  You forgot about how Wayne JUST dissed Jay?”  Maybe these Newbies don’t know your history…but I do and I remember.  Also, when did Drake become a Blood 0:46???

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      ha ha that was in the cmr come up days all of the dudes you named were doing it bigger than them @ that time …. now look tables turned now they seeing how it feels to be picked on just cause your hot ….. however shits prob way diff cause those prob were some serious N.O. beef …… which is prob why they stay away from the beef shit gets real ….sad but tru word to rosemoe & slimdunkin r.i.p….. 😉

  • Q.

    HERE ARE THE MISSING SUBTITLES: “I ain’t got nothin’ for the god Common, so Drake is on his own…we might give Drake a ride to the hospital just in case he and Common meet up and he has to lay hands on sweet-ass Drake, which most likely won’t happen anyway…Basically, I couldn’t write two diss bars to save my own life–so how the hell am I gonna help Drake in a battle?!?…Anyway, even if I could write a rhyme beyond 3rd grade level, I’m really not interested in going at Common and f*cking up my own money, because I know the people got his back, and me and my coon squad of counterfeit gangstas don’t represent a g*ddamn thing worth fighting for…That’s just what it is.”

  • ZzzZZZZzzzZZZ..

  • This heavily leaning towards Drake article is the regular reason why people have lost lots of respect for your site, it is just a better version (visually) of Worldstarshithop. Keep stirring negativity, it suits you all.

  • Zachary Weisenborn

    Notice that baby didnt say shit when LUDACRIS just dropped a whole mixtape dissing Fake and big sean

  • baby nuts

    big boy looks sick

  • The lyric’s 2 common’s diss, is clas”sic”