Top 5 Things Drake Needs To Do Regarding The Common Beef

Drake has had quite the meteoric rises to acclaim and fame in the last few years. And that propulsion has not been without its bumps, but it has been without any significant Hip-Hop beef. Finally, the time has come, and Common is the one.

Common, for those who may be completely out to lunch, dinner, and breakfast, has become one of the most revered rappers ever since his debut in the 90s. His career has spanned decades, and he’s considered one of the most consistent rappers to date. For all of his eccentricities, he’s also a beast lyrically.

Drake stands at a crossroads with this Common situation, and it will be extremely important to his future in Hip-Hop. I know Drizzy tends not to care about what people – Hip-Hop heads included – have to say about whatever moves he makes. But, in my opinion, this is different.

So, here are the “Top 5 Things Drake Needs To Do Regarding The Common Beef”:


Right now, Common – quite frankly – is beasting Drake. His immediate response to “Stay Schemin’” dropped the hammer in a major way. Clearly, Common went fishing for a beef in his subliminal song, “Sweet,” and Drizzy took the bait when he lightly called Com out. (Click here to listen to both verses.) If you are going to respond to being called out, you better also be ready to go in.

Just because Common is beasting Drake doesn’t mean that Drake is losing. To the contrary, we’ve seen many instances where a rapper was aggressively pursuing another one, and at the end, the aggressor lost. Drake reveres Jay-Z, but Nas certainly gave it to Jay on “Ether.”

But, another oft forgotten moment came just prior to the release of Common’s “The Bitch In Yoo.” At that time, which was 1996, The Westside Slaughterhouse (Ice Cube, Mack 10 and WC) was pummeling Common for his song, “I Used To Love H.E.R.” What happened next solidified a moment in history. Common released “The Bitch In You,” and scorched Ice Cube and company. At that time, Common was seen as a softer rapper, but they soon realized, and Minister Farrakhan was called in. End of story.


Obviously, I don’t know what going on in Drake’s mind. He may not care. He may be saying, “Oh, s**t! What the hell are we gonna do now?” After seeing the tweets one Drake affiliate suggested that they were above Common. He retweeted somebody that said, “Never respond to a less successful n*gga,” but then also quoted Jay-Z on “Light Up.” Remember, Jay recently denounced “silly rap feuds,” but in the past, he’s beefed with everybody from Meeno to Ma$e. He earned his stripes. Common is not a “less successful n*gga” by any stretch of the imagination – even the most uneducated fool can see that. Don’t regard Common as anything but a peer.


Now, if going head up with a straight-out diss against Common isn’t the route for the Canadian rapper, then perhaps he can take some tips from Rick Ross. Remember, 50 Cent was the antagonist in the most major way against Rozay. But, Ross played a masterful game of chess with 50, and when the smoke cleared, he was victorious. He used an unseen method of aggressive and passive moves. Perhaps Drake can do the same.


Honestly, I still don’t know what happened between Drake and Common, so the fifth maxim is a hard one to decide. Nothing short of an “Ether” moment is going to disable Common lyrically. But, Drake could deliver his best diss, and then peace the beef, effectively getting the last word. Not likely, but possible. Remember when 50 and The Game were beefing? They presented a big check for charity to end their beef – even if it was clear at the time that neither one of them wanted to be there.


Final thought. I’m clearly not in the inside of this quarrel, but the motives don’t seem so obvious. “Common The Barbarian” is not common at all in Hip-Hop. He’s never been that guy, and he and Drake share more commonalities than differences. But, there are differences, and that’s why Drake needs to make a definitive statement. Common’s a well-known former wild boy from the Southside of Chicago. He came through on his own accord, unaffiliated as far as I can see. When push came to shove, he defended his gate from Ice Cube, another beast. (Don’t forget “No Vaseline,” people!)

I’d like to see Drake, who I gained newfound respect for after interviewing him in 2011, get the respect of those that once doubted Common in the ’90s. I think that will only happen with the proper response. Make no mistake about it, Common is a monster when he wants to be, but Drake needs to crumble to lyrical bullying. Fight back!

  • MOE

    Boys should never address men………….

    • mredman4

      common is the truth and drake makes club music. by acting common introduced himself to the mainstream media, otherwise he would have been just another rapper with made flows but little commerical apeal like az, common does what he does well, and drake is alright but after a while real street dudes get tired of rappers singing, lets call it the ja rule effect. bottom line common is a lryical God and drake is just a dude with excellent hooks, and some catchy bars but he will never be respected by true hip hop fans just the new heads

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i agree with everything except the part about drake getting respect from true hip hop heads ………… lets not forget andre 3000 sings his ass off too … dude dropped an entire album of croonin …. but we all love Andre3000 cause @ any given time dude can drop a six ass 16 bar ………….. in my opinion drake is the same way … i def not for all the singing and croonin on tracks … but when its time to get hip hop with the lyrical side … drake is no slouch …. i consider myself an hip hop head and drake def gets props from me ……. ijs


    Drake is just soft point blank he was on degrassi for crying out loud come on.. Ya need to wake up.

    To tell ya the truth v nasty is more gangsta than drake

    • common was on sesame street #js

      • for educational purposes fool…not for some damn teenie bop drama

      • pidgeon

        Drake was an actor before he was famous. Common became an actor after his rap career was made. As someone else said, rappers usually become actors after their rap career is dead/dieing.

      • yeah and shitty teenage actors sometimes become rappers when their career is dying hahah

  • This can only end with a Celebrity Boxing undercard to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

  • either participate in the culture you’re getting rich off of or GET THE EFF OUT! straight up! I feel like these younger rapper’s (can’t even call them emcees) have a blatant lack of respect for the artform as a whole and this only cements my feeling on that.

    I’m not saying you have to reply to everyone that has something to say towards you but to call common a “less successful nigga” only furthers my point…..

    • Brian Miller

      I couldn’t have said it any better

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i would have to agree … shit hes running with YMCMB take the lil weezy way out … which is to just bow down to those who paved the way for you …. Lil Wayne bowed down to 50 cent … he bowed down to Jayz (except for in that complex interview which didnt release until now lol) …. the only person he didnt give props to and bowed down to was Gilly and he didnt even respond to him he just let gilly do his thing until he fizzled out …..

      Common is a legend in the game … the lil weezy way would of been the best way out of this one …..

  • Common shoudn’t even address Drake..Drake aint worth it!

  • Ian Elliott-Carter

    well said

  • Ian Elliott-Carter

    i think the reason ross is still around is because even though he didnt win that beef with 50 he made him self known that even though 50 is fuckin his baby moms, takin her shoppin, having the world scream officer rickey, having many diss tracks going at him. he never backed down once and i think thats why hip hop fans never 100 percent dropped him he showed he had heart. and i think if drake dont respond hes gonna be that sweet boy for the rest of his career 

    • junioray

      umm. what ross baby moms got to do with ross?? That was 50 trying to get under his skin and it really didnt bother ross. He played right into ross’s plans which was release an album to see which the streets would embrace. And obviously it was ross’s album. That beef helped ross, made people buy his cd’s, and he actually put out a great cd. 50 couldnt match that. he just used 50’s formula against 50.

      • Ian Elliott-Carter

        ya but when it came down to the beef, lyrically…50 won that. its not about album sells sometimes its about lyrics. nas beat jay lyrically but jay sells more. so what record selling stuff dont got shit to do with a battle

      • Celz

        please jay served nas.. nas called jayz gay for the whole song takeover and super ugly was straight facts thats why canibus served ll.. facts beats name calling anyday

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yo obviously didnt listen to the record … did you breeze thru it lol 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i dont know if you notice but deeper than rap sold the same amount all of rosses previous albums sold ….. so i say throw that theory in the garbage LOL … that battle just keep ross’s name ringing … thats it … didnt help with his personal sales record … if anything it created more smoke n mirrors for ross making him seem bigger than he actually is … like he’s lil wayne or something and can get an artist on his label to sell 500k first week type shit …………. ross gotta go plat this go round ….. or MMG might start re-structuring 😉

    • stanthetech

      thats probably the realist explanation of both 50 and Drakes beef homie I constantly tell ppl that Rick Ross didnt win that beef he just didnt lose it ! simple as that as for Drake he do need to stand up for himself and dont look for help fromYMCB its time to man-up nigga!

    • thumbs up 4 u man!! Great point!!

    • I agree

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      bulls eye …. thats what hip hop is all about … over coming the odds … getting knocked down, brush the dirt off and getting back up …. 😉

  • I feel that old, washed up rappers like Common are bitter because the game is changing before everyone’s eyes & they no longer have a place in it.  So what’s the next best thing for them to do?  Diss a young popular rapper.
    I’m not a Drake fan & I think Common would eat him in this beef, but you have to be blind to see that the older generation of rappers look really bitter at the younger generation right now, regardless of their motives.

    • Ryan Cole

      Bitter because the younger generation is f*cking it up and not continuing the art, genre, and culture correctly?  Then I’d agree with that.

      • If you’re still complaining about how the game used to be then maybe you’re paying attention to the wrong genre.  If you really think this generation messed hip-hop up that bad then you can only blame yourselves for not showing how it should be.  In case you forgot, this is 2012, if you miss music from your generation so bad then pull out your 8 tracks & record players & live in the past.

      • CooL_KiD_305

        Great point! To many cry babies crying bout nothing.

      • This generation is not Listening to hip hop tho. I do blame our generation for wanting something better for our children than what we had ourselves. But in return we have made them very weak and delusional. Most of them don’t leave home until they are 25 years old and they are very uneducated and cant do basic things without mommy or daddy. Hip hop artist from my youth rapped about real life. You guys seem to love fantasy.  My generation of hip-hop controlled the music that we listened to. Your generation lets the industry decide for you.>>> plus * 8 tracks and records was in the 70″s. The first Hip Hop record came out in 1976.  Yeeaa..you sooo Hip Hop!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol i actually do all i do is listen to cds … i hate listening to the radio unless im listening to a morning show with an entertaining host like Star and Buck Wild or Jonesy or somebody like that …. and dudes def paved the way before all these rappes you had guys like Noturious B.I.Gs Jayzs , Nas’s, Wu Tangs, KRS-1s, 2pacs ………. only thing i see is a bunch new wanna be Jayz …. everybody wanna be a drug hustler …. or wanna be P.Diddys … everybody wanna make radio and club music …. the 90s set a great example for cats to take the game to the next level ….. i say the game died with DMX … he was the last real nigga to do this shit …

      • You gotta remember that not every single rapper from the 90’s were Nas, Biggie, Pac, KRS, or Wu Tang.  You only named 7 rappers/groups out of hundreds, maybe thousands in a 10 year period.  Take a look at the hip-hop charts from throughout the 90’s & I guarantee you that 75-80% of the artists on there are garbage, one hit wonders, or haven’t been relevant since the 90’s.  Also, don’t act like club songs & radio songs appeared out of nowhere in the year 2000.There will be rappers from this generation that will be considered legendary within the next 10 years just like there will be rappers from this generation that will completely fall off the map or be considered one hit wonders.


        Y0UTUBE – watch?v=LQ_xaTbMYUM 


    • Common has no reason to be bitter !! He has a hot album out thats making noise. This is just a battle. Peeps are looking too much into it. If you get called out, you handle your business. Drake doesn’t have enough rank to ignore this. A nice selling record is just that. No More, No less.

      • Lorenzo Middleton

        Yes, Common’s album gets major play from me.

      • my boy dowloaded Commons whole discography after he heard stay schemin remix haa

    • It’s just a battle dude, Common just baited rappers with sweet, and Drake took the bait. So now Common gonna murk him

    • in the words of my boy Joe Budden…”he fell for the mouse trap”

    • if that was the case dont you think theres tons of other rappers for common to go at? who could of went at wayne, ross, jay or anyone else. don’t let the tight clothes fool you. south side chi dont play that lol

      • Jay is from Common’s time, so if he went at him it wouldn’t have been the same as him going at a young, popular rapper.  If he wanted to go at Ross then he would’ve went at him back in 2008 when he was exposed as a fraud.  He could’ve went at Wayne too, but Wayne isn’t as popular as he once was & didn’t release an album a few months ago either, did he?

    • How did you figure that?  Old rappers like Common? bitter? and he washed up?  Nigga check your metaphors here!  I didnt know washed up rappers get movie deals dude. I didn’t know washed up rappers still get their music played? LOL….see i can tell that you don’t listen much…..because if you did…he didn’t diss drake….and was “kinda” making a challenge to other rappers….drake was young and dumb enough to eat those cookies. ya dig? LOL

      • What do you mean?  Whenever hip-hop stops paying the bills for most rappers the 1st thing they do is make movies.  Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube stay making movies, but every album they put out flops & are easily forgettable.  Common put out a good album, but everyone’s gonna forget about his album (at least the people that even knows he released an album) within the next few weeks.  The only time you hear people even listening to Common’s music is when he releases a new project, or in this case, when he disses someone.

        Besides, anyone that listened to Sweet knows he was dissing Drake. He can say whatever he wanted to say, but unless you’re a complete idiot, you know he was mainly talking about Drake.

      • Snoop and Cube been doing movies since the 90’s, especially when they were in the height of hip hop. Furthermore Snoop still tours from hiphop and makes millions worldwide. So your reference to them is slighted and offbase.

      • MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, & Sir Mix-A-Lot still tour, so what’s your point?

      • Snoop probably still making millions from touring, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, probably making a couple thousand lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        u do know that there is a financial term for classic music right … well snoop falls in that category …. even if he happens to get stacks … he can get a stack from every little city and town 100 times over ….. and still come back and get more ……. and @ the end of the day we all know thats a super low # for an artist of his magnitude …… so stop kidding yaself …….. just keep it 100

      • Celz

        so  guess tupac was fallin off when he started doin movies lol i guess jay z fell off because he pursued other interests.. drake starred in a teenage soap before he came out so his career must have started fallin off.. stop defendin dude hes hot and he got bars and he makes good music.. hes not an emcee hes not hard and hes not a legend so drake is dope but stanfs no chance against common he aint been in the game since the 90s like wayne

      • No, but if Pac was still alive in 2012 his hip-hop career most likely would’ve fell at this point, although he’d probably be more focused on acting or other projects other than rapping.  And if he was still putting out albums in 2012 they’d flop just like all his peers are flopping (excluding Jay-Z of course).  Yes, Pac was nice, but why do hip-hop fans treat that man like he was God?
         And if you read my very 1st comment I said I’m not a Drake fan.  I’m not defending Drake, I’m defending my generation because the generation before us swear they were the greatest & every single rapper was hard & all their albums were classics.  

      • tupac was god.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        its obvious dude was not around for the 2pac era and nor did he do any research on what 2pac meant and did for hip hop before making those comments … lol 😉

      • Actually, I was around during Pac’s time & dude wasn’t as special as people make him out to be.  He was a dancer turned gangsta rapper/conscious rapper depending on the day.  Honestly, if Pac hadn’t died so soon he probably wouldn’t even be considered as one of the best today, or even have his name brought up in many conversations regarding legends in the game.

  • common has classics that are what 16 years old and still get play. Drake made songs 3 years ago that his own generation dont even bump. Id rather see drake vs ja-rule that would make more sense.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      best i ever had still get play LOL #sarcasm lol 😉

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Shit Common Sense was making moves when this piss rat drake was still stuck in a pre nut.It used to be fools could diss and it stayed on da mic .Common basically gonna Jordan on the young fool and then let him breathe a little then vice grip his ass up for the finishing blow to his ego.

  • rep87

    when  two dudes as soft as these two i dont see beef and why in hell are they getting so much pub from ahh/ its 2012 and this is the best ahh can come up with back to the drawing board boys and girls

  • Wayne Dwyere

    pss Ross played chess ? lol he lost that battle, but his career aint die cuz he continued to make hits. 

  • stophatin123


    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      are you 10… Drake isnt in the same hip hop class with common… Common comes out with music he gets Grammys, movie money is better then rap money, so how is the career over?

      • Hiphopnobs

        True he’s been in real movies Wanted,smoking aces,american gangster,Terminator etc… Albums for 20 years. Lyrical respect from all the legends….He even kicked poems at the white house for the thing Michelle Obama organized. His career is far from over. Youngster’s think just because an artist doesn’t make 100 radio records menas he’s finished or fallen off. Really ? how many REAL hip hop heads listen to Drake ? NONE ! only highschool kids and chicks who think he can sing lol

      • voodoo_child

        show some respect, sales like he does deserves it…. in my opinion drakes real , instead of hiding behind this facade of what he should be… feeling threatened? thats why so many of u have too state excatly why common is so good? as a fan of music, i dont give a f_ck…. sounds like u’ll trying to convince urselfs 

      • yeah homie is 10 or he just think like his 10.  stophatin=fail.  and we need to have a stop hating campaign…because niggas now and days really over do it with the “hating sh1t”. so they need the real definition of it explained all over again lol

    • Lorenzo Middleton

      You’re insane if you think that verse with a few jabs was better. Jumped around and unfocused. He dissed Kobe’s ex more than he did Common.

    • another idiot here who thinks out selling someone means you better…this must be the guy who goes to Drake concerts and yells “plz let me suck your dik”

      • yesanditcounts

        Agreed. Battles are not about sales. Westside Connection sold far more than Common, but he killed them with “Bitch In Yoo.” These young cats don’t understand the history of Hip-Hop. Once you open your mouth and say your the greatest your asking for the challenge. When the challenges come, it up to you to stand on what you said or fall.

      • voodoo_child

        why do the innuedo’s? got a problem with drake doing well ? calling himself the “greatest”? sounds like hate….. Drake wouldnt be who he is without haters, but too be one, kinda pathetic….. got a point to prove? do something worthy, significant, noteworthy……

        P.S real mature of a 39 year old dont u think?

    • David Daniel

      I guess you think fake rapping is better then real hiphop. Your sweet just like Drake

    • Tony G.

      What fuggin verse were u listening to…get off that Stan ish and LISTEN to the verses…no way in hell his is better than Com’s…if ur a Drake fan thats cool…but be man enuff (or woman enuff) to be real…

    • never in a million year was drakes verse ‘clearly better’, every line common spit was a direct diss and went hard.   i like drake as an artist, but i dont get drake fans..not even the teenie boppers but the young generation from like 18-23, from everyone i met they swear he is god and have some undying devotion to him, its ridiculous.  i know there is some potent herbals out there, but drake got yall mind trippin like that? really? wtf
      I never met people who will defend an artist who raps and sings like this, its ridiculous.  Common is clearly ahead thus far in this feud, there is not question about it 

  • kylars


  • That was my mistake, looking at illseed’s rumor post that said 40 commented on the beef. My bad, 40. The correction has been made.

  • yesanditcounts

    This is suppose to be a lyrical battle. It’s not about who can beat the other’s ass. It’s about who can lyrically beat the other. That’s why Common said at the end of the reply track “You can’t hide behind your n*ggas on this one.” They can’t help him lyrically. In a “RAP BATTLE” no ones suppose to get shot. We learn that lesson with Pac & Biggie (R.I.P), and as fans we paid the biggest cost for that.

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  • mikpli

    i concur chuck. you were on point with everything!!!!!

  • its about niggas and bitches, power and money, riders and punks.

    • water_ur_seeds

      which side are you on lol

      this battle seems as randomly matched as his battle with cube… 2 totally different rappers… common got to much ammo for drakes fake demeanor

  • David Daniel

    First of all, some people, manily people who are into real hiphop and lyrics don’t believe Jay-Z lost to Nas. Second, Rick Ross is fake as hell and you co-sign that nigga!? Please! Then you have the nerve to say Drake even has a chance with Common. Please bro, you don’t know hiphop. Go write articals for pop-hiphop magz.

    • Tony G.


    • bbonyc

      Na dogs i love Jay but Nas got em.

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Jay lost that one to Nas bro, you can’t deny it. Thats why 10 years later the word ETHER is synonymous with tearing somebody a new asshole. 

    • me

      i’ve been wondering for a while…am i taking crazy pills? rick ross is fake as hell….and most people are still on his d*ck. 

    • fam, i got to disagree, many Hip-Hop heads, real or imagined, lol, know that Ether closed the casket lyrically. Even Jay.

  • voodoo_child

    the weak need defending, i love music…. and i dont give a shit what common has or will be doing, however the first innuendo nothing less than immature…. cry for attention 

    • Cry for attention? C’mon son “Sweet” wasn’t made about no one in particular; it coulda been about any singing rapper Travis Porter, Future, Phonte, 50 cent, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne but the only one getting their panties in a bunch about it was Drake (he really exposed himself as insecure and sensitive doing that)and history has it Common does not back down from anybody on the mic, that’s hip hop. 

  • Ronlg1

    Actually Rick Ross started that beef with 50….and personally, I couldn’t call one or the other a winner.  Ross would come out with 30 second songs where the beats were great, but the lines were garbage and all 50 did was tell the truth, “your baby’s mom is a whore and you were a C.O.”  All stuff that we already knew.  It got boring and nobody really wanted to hear it anymore.  Victor, nobody.  I mean, you could try to say that 50’s numbers went down after that, but they were already on the decline and Ross has never had numbers anyway, so what did it matter??? But as far as the Common/Drake beef, I don’t care WHO called them fools out as long as SOMEBODY called them fake blood/jeggin wearin/Man kissin/YMCMB gays out!!!

    • Tony G.

      thought it was just me on the Ross/50 thing..wtf is this guy talking about

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      them currley episodes were the shit tho lol still lol @ the time dude smoked some crack LOL 😉 but i def gotta agree its def hard to determine a winner in that shit … if you ask me no one lost and no one won …….. it was just a good fight that folks broke up … both dudes brushed the dirt off and went thier seperate ways

  • Tony G.

    why do so many people use the word soft when referring to these two…why are they soft…becuz they don’t walk around with saggin pants? becuz they dont talk about totin guns…becuz they dont do dvd with bandanas talkin bout im in the streets?..becuz they dont talk about layin the murder game down knowing damn well they aint shootin nobody..if anything..give these dudes credit for being themselves and not dumbing themselves down for status quo…we got CO’s that claim they’re major drug movers and wanna-be killers getting arrested for having guns in their cars that they’d never use if they had to…we got rappers with no gang affiliation claiming to be bloods and hollering soo woo in their songs…..those are the soft ones…posers that worry about making music for the streets and the same people in the streets that they want to impress are the ones bootlegging their music…I dare one dude on this board walk up to Com in his face and call him soft…ethugs kill me…cuz ur prolly the soft ones…smmfh

    • hey tony g your a faggot and so is that soft ass nigga drake he is SOFT

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i think it applies to thier image … you aint gotta be waving guns in your videos … but when you singing wearing christmas sweaters and talking to another dudes bitches behind thier backs …. hes not doing anything to increase his manhood out here … hes actually killing it … lol same with common he got erica badu’d lol … like i said dudes dont do anything to help it ….. they aint gotta be on some selling crack or busting guns shit …. just speak on some grown man shit … which common is finally  kind of doing with this album by calling cats sweet and shit ……. the old electric circus and badu’d common is what got him in that soft category …. prior to that he was just miss understood cause his albums & imagin was far from soft prior to that ….. just my $0.03 😉

  • yesanditcounts

    Actually this looks like it’s shaping up to be G.O.O.D. Music vs. YMCMB. Did any one catch the verse Pusha T had on the Sweet freestyle track. G.O.O.D. Music has too many lyrical n*ggas for YMCMB to compete. Afert Wayne, who esle on that roster can stand toe to toe with Common, Pusha T and Kanye.

    • true but lil wayne cant stand toe to toe with common

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah i forgot pushas been going @ dudes neck … and kanye also called out 40 for jacking his production style too …. I HEARD not sure if that one is confirmed tho ??

  • 400DGreez h60d

    It’s funny when cats say old heads is mad. These internet niggas kill me with oh, he ain’t sellin records so what can he say. Smmfh! Beef is a element in hip hop. Real recognize real. It’s a lot of bubble gum rappers out right now talkin bout they gangster, but is soft as cake batter when it all goes down for real. Cats wanna bang, but don’t know the meaning of bangin for real. Just cause you sell records don’t make you hard. And if you runnin with soft niggas when the shit hit the fan you stuck like chuck. YOU Gotta respect your elders that deserve respect. Canada vs Chicago, come on man. The Southside alone would eat up Toronto. But back to hip hop, At the end of the day, if you gon say you the man be able to be the man and defend yourself in a battle. If you wasn’t born in or brought up in gangsta shit, don’t play the part.

  • Common wins bc he’s Hip Hop since day one, he isn’t doing the Mase and Diddy thing. He isn’t going platinum bc he doesn’t rap to 13yr old girls.  He is an MC and gets money from acting.

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    I love Common but after this Dis he should just fall back. The writer of this article said he’s beasting Drake but it don’t mean drake is losing”  WTF? Nigga is you stupid… Anyway the only reason why i said Common should fall back is because if if he destroys Drake.. The machine that pay to have him dominate won’t let that happen without providing spin. He earns to much for Niggas to let him get murked off. This ain’t a beef. This is a O.G. putting a Lil Nigga in his place.

    • your a fool common is BEASTING drake SMH

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      like they say if ya money aint right dont go to war ….. drake def is cash cow for alot of folks out there and he just moved a ton of record first week … and i have to admit … Take Care > The Dreamer / The believe by LIGHT YEARS … real talk .. im a commmon fan but commons new album pretty much sucks with the exception of a few songs …. drakes album got alot of good music on it … and a few YMCMB type tracks that are pretty much becoming cookie cutter type shit …. like HYFR & IM SO PROUD …… YMCB cookie cutter shit …….. but still a much better album then what common released this year …..

      and i def agree … when will 2 recording artist battle it out live …. Jayz was actually one of the first majore recording artist that suggested something like that …. but nas turned it down and i have yet to hear about one …..

      that would def make history and it would be truelly taking it back to the essence …. imagin Drake lined up with his YMCMB team behind him facing Common with Good Music behind him ….. that would be dope as shit … let lions den, grind time or smack or one of those big battle circuit dudes host the event …. shit would be major …especially for the battle circut period …..

  • I most certainly respect Common as a lyricist and an artist at that, but I find his shots at Drake to be unnecessary. Truly, why is Drake even on his radar? It isn’t like he’s a formidable opponent, and with Common appearing in Major box office titles, meeting the president, and doing private concerts for the likes of Rolling Stone, I see the attack on Drake as a superfluous garner for some form of attention. Most plausibly just for some extra publicity surrounding his new album with Nas, which I frankly find to be low and otiose on his part. Oh well, Take Care Drake. 

    • “Sweet” wasn’t made about no one in particular; it coulda been about any singing rapper Travis Porter, Future, Phonte, 50 cent, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne but the only one getting their panties in a bunch about it was Drake (he really exposed himself as insecure and sensitive doing that)and history has it Common does not back down from anybody on the mic, that’s hip hop.

      • BoldSpice

        Kinda like if someone calls out people from your neighborhood. You would step up i assume. Drake probably feel like this fool don’t even sell albums who he think he is hating on something that’s sellin.  But at the end of the day Common mad about Serena so don’t none of that  matter..

  • J_Arrogant

    so they saying nas lost the beef with Jay…..Disagree….Ross beat 50…disagree!!!….Common is shredding DRake!!!

    • BoldSpice

      Bass Ackwards.

    • mmmm.  Nas ended up being Jay’s employee…Jay wins, the end.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        if you think Nas was Jayz employee you dont understand the game …. smh

    • Stay Phokus

      it took nas a whole song to do what hov did to him in one verse

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and 1 freestyle lol 😉 oh and another song called Blueprint 2 off the blueprint 2 lol 😉

  • justyouraverage

    drake cant win this he got into a beef were he needs a one shot kill to win …he isnt that talented

    ross didnt beat 50 any time u gotta get every other rapper even dudes out side of your click to diss a another rapper thats a cry for help all ross did was drown 50 out with constant disses much like game did

    • justyouraverage

      i say he needs a one shot kill coz i dont think he got the ammo to keep shooting disses at common

      • BoldSpice

        Wouldn’t think he would waste time shooting more than one diss. That shit Common did was just that, common. Kid next door can spit better than that.

  • Its amazing to see some of these comments. Everyone knows Ross beat 50. Which click is on top right now, relevant  making good consistent music? I’ll let you ponder that for awhile..

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    ARKATECH BEATZ!  Just c_lick on my name!

    • TruthSerum

      Neither, Maybach Music hasnt released a hit record yet and Ross & 50 are both lucky there last ones went gold………… Neither click is on top

      • BoldSpice

        Ross click might not be on top of the game but it’s definitely on top of Gunit i don’t even think any of them dudes got a record deal right now.

    • Nicer Day

      lol rick ross did not win that beef ross jump on a bunch of classic beats to diss fif which was a crutch and he did no justice to those beats cause the content was lame…the only thing i give ross credit for is for stating that shit and never once backing down other than that 50 Cent owned that beef….just because you drop a 100 diss track saying the exact same thing does not mean you won 

  • rep87

    Weakest beef of all time 5 things AHH can do is stop reporting on these two cupcakes

  • whitney banks

    One thing you dont know is common is good with his hands. And never been a punk. UAC and hype park crews and 73rd  used to fight all the time in the chi. So Drake will get his ass whooped Physically. Now lyrically common is a freestyle king. Drake spits writtens. A good freestyle beats a cold wriiten anyday .Chitown all day!!!! We dont play niggas!!! We rob and niggas ask that nigga choppa from new orleans.Sooooo Sweet!!!

    • BoldSpice

      Biiiitch Please!

  • Joey Ng’ethe

    Y’all got it all wrong if you think Drizzy stands a chance at this. Common is a Lyricist for real he will whoop Drizzy’s ass anytym any where men Chi Town style babe

  • 2ShitsNot4You

    cant b no bitch…common is da man, but this beef shit aint really who he is….lol drake neither…so drake should come out singin at common….i could write a dope singers track that would kill a rapp nigga…u just gotta b smart, not aggressive, not angry, intelligent…and for a rich white boy from canada, that should b easy lol

  • i think u mothafuckers are blind….ross beats 50’z ass

  • venerello

    Singin and rappin with autotune… This is Drake. History, Society, Feelings, Voice…this is Common Sense. Dj Khaled vs J Dilla. What do you think?

  • i think all drake has to do is ignore it.they don’t even have the same fan base.

    • He can’t he started the shit! But then again that’s how you new cats are bark with no bite how can you use the name DBlock and talk like a chic

  • Claude J

    Man AinT Nobody Under the Age of 25 checkin for Common Music so Why Even Make a Diss Record???? Drake will still move More units than common anyday!!!! And If he mad cause Drake skint Serena thats a Bitch move lets be 4real…… ” It bothers me when the Gods get to Actin Like the Broads”

    • Bullshit everyone who loves hip hop knows about all the greats and the wack rapper you’re just as shit talker with a PC I bet your favorite rapper has diss other MC seems youre the broad on this page fag! I don’t mean fag in a bad way you homo :]

    • your hella dumb. how u gonna put an age to who listens to who u dumb bitch, im 19 and listen to common and classic hip-hop. yea drake is cool but he’s not an MC. even a 15 year can tell u that if they listen to real hip hop. just bcuz u r stuck in the mainstream ass and don’t know shit. selling more records doesnt mean ur the best it just means most of those ppl dont listen to real hip hop u dummy….1

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        proof is in the pudding shout out to the 19yo that bangs common thats 1 for all you mr i know who is relevant and irrelevant mofos lol 😉

  • I”m from BK NY and a hip hop fan this is what hip hop needs, anyone sounds good in the stoudio, like drake I can see drake not winning in this just my 2cent. Over the years a lot change but you young and old fans of hip hop need to go back to the roots hip hop is about battling don’t any of you folks listen? everyone is king and think they better than the next it’s not about selling records MC hammer and that punk ass white boy ice ice baby sold tons of music thats not saying anything other than people just by music that they like which is cool, but come on 87% of rappers today are wack lets see them face to face one Mic the we’ll see who really has talent lets just say drake has more money that don’t mean he can rap his ass off he’s new and the in thing didn’t any folks buy lil Wayne last CD omg that shit is wack as hell but told like crack watch the throne is a far better album but didn’t sell as much again just my 2cent look pass these dudes money I think all rappers battle indirectly. I got ahot car i”m in v.I.p my bling my fur I spend all my money on strippers I’ll buy more pussie than you lol its like the whole went mad

  • Nicer Day

    lol rick ross did not win that beef ross jump on a bunch of classic beats to diss fif which was a crutch and he did no justice to those beats cause the content was lame…the only thing i give ross credit for is for stating that shit and never once backing down, other than that 50 Cent owned that beef….just because you drop a 100 diss tracks saying the exact same thing does not mean you won….RICK ROSS WAS THE ANTAGONIST BECAUSE HE STARTED THAT BEEF FIF DID NOT HAVE DUDE IN HIS RADAR HE WAS FOCUS ON DISSING LIL WAYNE AT THAT TIME AND RICK ROSS DROPPED THAT “MAFIA MUSIC” TRACK ATTACKING FIF FOR NO REASON

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol @ this turned into a Nas vs Jayz battle lol 😉

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    canada dry drake lol … side note drake had some slick lines too like the one about rappers reaching to sell records when they used to reach for weapons lol dope line 😉


    Ahhh, Chuck, Nas NEVER bested Jay-Z in a battle! FACT!! Plus, 50 completely sunned Rick Ross, without releasing a track! Saying RR was victorious makes me think that you’re DELUSIONAL beyond repair! Ustreaming Obama’s speeches shows that you’re more of a “star-f*&%$” than anything else! Obama has lead your country astray for 4-years & you co-sign his every action because you’re doing better than the 95%!?! I get it! You get invited to the White House & start to feel “special”, while you’re high on your horse! SHAME! WACK Chuck! Co-signing the “puppet” Prez because he’s black is as “COONERIFIC” as you can get! LAME! Name 5 things Obama has done to help the AVERAGE american since he’s taken office! I’ll be surprised if you can name “1”!