Mac Miller

Mac Miller [BGA] “Jerry’s Record Store”

[ahh_audio src=/1-11-12/MacMiller-JerrysRecordStore.mp3]

  • This guy sucks I rather listen to MGK

  • Ravi Singh

    that beat is that same mellow vibe from the wiz and mac mixtapes.  sick!!

  • 4-12

    That kills me how some folks dont like hiphop they just only like street shit. if you aint talkin street in your rhymes your considered wack. GTFOH. Where the 80s 70s 60s babies at???   Follow me @4i2:twitter   

  • SomeoneVeryImportant

    If you can’t relate to an artist you’re not a fan…but that doesnt mean you should talk Sh*t at the end of the day they will still continue to do what they have to do and still get millions of fans your just that -1 and you will still be that person who can barely afford a concert ticket! Do your thang Mac Miller!