Hip-Hop Rumors: Another Crazy Fan Gets a Drake Tattoo?!!

Another Drake super fan has gotten a tattoo of the rapper. An unidentified fan has gotten a portrait of Drake along with the word “Drizzy” inked on their leg.  I hope to GOD this is a girl and not a dude!

The goofy looking tattoo truly captures Drake’s essence, doesn’t it! At least it wasn’t on her forehead like the other loony chick. Check out a photo of the tatt below.

In related news, forgive me for being a few days late on this, but D12 rapper Bizarre was recently inked with a portrait of Nicki Minaj. See the photo below.

This post got me thinking, would you ever get a tattoo paying homage to your favorite celebrity? Here’s a collection of photos of people who were crazy enough to do just that:

Alrighty then!

  • How some white dude get a big ass Oprah on his arm!!??

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  • Tril Beats


  • Geez get a life.. so many followers in this world when we are in need of leaders..

  • johnblacksad

    only sh!t i would consider tattooed on my face is a fuggin big wu-tang logo!

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Second commandment clearly says:  ““You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.

  • NorthDollasTX

    low SELF esttem running rampid

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  • real OG

    stupid bitch no one will want to hit that now

  • Romia Blue

    I truly need these numb nuts to go somewhere and wait to die. Whoever tatted that chicks forehead needs to have his license stripped because obviously the b*tch dind’t have the sound mind not to do that to herself and has no solid plans of being productive to society.

  • water_ur_seeds

    that wayne one is amazing, but why get it? lmao and whos the women under him?

    jay one is dope to…

    and is that kool g rap behind obama? lol

    bizzare wtf? and lmao @ britnay

    • that was MLK behind obama

      • water_ur_seeds

        wow thats a terrible tat, looks more like g rap giacana

    • Q.

      “whos the women under him?”

      Looks like Bey. Kinda.

  • Why would you get a tattoo of somebody who doesn’t even know you exist?!


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  • rep87

    love thy self !

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  • that chick with the colored Lil Wayne portrait won just about contest at the Tattoo Convention here in Jacksonville, Fl at the Wyndham hotel

  • joan lasto

    Dont tattoo my Name (in this case FACE) TATTOO my logo