Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Confronted “Drake Head” Tattoo Artist”?


The dude Kevin Campell tatted a girl with “DRAKE” on her forehead. Well he and Drake went back and forth in the media and well, it looks like Drake made good on his words. I don’t know the facts, but the artist Campbell says Drake and some goons came to his shop. “Drake sent his security detail into the shop to inform me that ‘nobody is going to hurt Drake in the state of California,’ I don’t remember ever saying I was going to hurt him, but maybe they were referring to his feelings. Guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front of the shop and sent in his huge security dude. Calling Drake ‘soft’ was like calling Justin Bieber a p***y. I kinda feel bad for the dude now. Drake said he would beat my ass, not me. Now I’m just embarrassed for him. He made himself look like a weenie. I just think it’s funny that he made the threats and when I actually responded, he sent in the troops.”

According to Campbell, there was never any physical confrontation. He merely stated that they told him this was his “first warning.” Drake should go in there and beat his arse!!!!!! This dude has a big mouth!

And this poor girl….smh

Give her a JOB, Drake!

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