Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Confronted “Drake Head” Tattoo Artist”?


The dude Kevin Campell tatted a girl with “DRAKE” on her forehead. Well he and Drake went back and forth in the media and well, it looks like Drake made good on his words. I don’t know the facts, but the artist Campbell says Drake and some goons came to his shop. “Drake sent his security detail into the shop to inform me that ‘nobody is going to hurt Drake in the state of California,’ I don’t remember ever saying I was going to hurt him, but maybe they were referring to his feelings. Guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front of the shop and sent in his huge security dude. Calling Drake ‘soft’ was like calling Justin Bieber a p***y. I kinda feel bad for the dude now. Drake said he would beat my ass, not me. Now I’m just embarrassed for him. He made himself look like a weenie. I just think it’s funny that he made the threats and when I actually responded, he sent in the troops.”

According to Campbell, there was never any physical confrontation. He merely stated that they told him this was his “first warning.” Drake should go in there and beat his arse!!!!!! This dude has a big mouth!

And this poor girl….smh

Give her a JOB, Drake!

  • TruthSerum

    Drake is a fag if he really did that, you challenge somebody to a fight and then when he responds you send your security guard??

    • jgraves58

      Yeah, that is kinda a b*tch move.

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  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I feel like this is a bad investment. Once Drake makes an album she doesn’t like… Then what? What happens when you don’t like the artist anymore?




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  • DesignatedH8R

    It’s her own stupid ass fault for making the decision to do that.

    • jgraves58


  • JaeNy

    drake is a pudding cake…soft….

  • So, Drake threatens to put hands on dude but sends his security instead? That ain’t “G”. Ain’t “G” at all.

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  • 4-12

    I hope every artist in YMBYC gets BLACKBALLED!!   

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  • Jayrock6631

    Swear niggas just love to hate. Drake album take care is one of the best cds of last year just dont know why people dont understand good music. Oh well people hate jay and em 2 so i guess they just missinformed.

    • Ah shit here we go, shoulda knew it was only a matter of time.  So now anyone who sees through this nigga’s saccharine sweet bullshit is just a misinformed hater who don’t know good music huh?  Gtfoh.  If we didn’t know good music we wouldn’t be rootin for Common to rip this lame to shreds.

      • jgraves58

        Who’s talking about selling records? Jayrock6631 is missing the subject of the entire article and sounds like a Drake cheerleader. LOL!

    • johnblacksad

      Damn, already tryin to put Drake up there with Jay & Em?!… you and Drake are both frauds… Drake is for the b!tches… i dl that Take Care and tried to listen to it… FOH… i really can’t… tooooo sweet, toooo soft, toooo argh… just quit…. i don’t even listen to RNB but i like Brandy better than Drake… randomly bumped a teack called “Practice”… oh my… had to stop it after the first three notes… can’t take that sweet singin on top of ugly melodies at that… but anyways… end of the day, each is own… but if you like Drake, i’mma call you out on your softness… Com said it best… “You look so sweet!”

      I like Styles P, Freeway, Sean Price, Lil Keke, Action Bronson… you know..

  • Andrés J. Garvin

    SHit…Why get my hands dirty and risk my freedom and my MONEY for some gay ass tattoo artist? If I got it like that… Ima send my goons to take care of him. He’s paid why sweat the light work?

    • BTV Global, LLC


    • Then his dumbass shouldn’t have got all in the media talkin about HE was gonna whoop dude’s ass.  I swear niggas will grip for any straw they possibly can to try and defend this cupcake ass nigga……

      • jgraves58

        True. Success in selling records has gone to Drake’s head, now he wants to threaten somebody with physical harm. Drake needs to understand, there are dudes out here that would kill him for nothing and making threats ain’t healthy. He and his bodyguards can catch slugs just like anybody else.

    • Celz

      Why even respond? Security is for crowd control not beef lmao.. Security protects you from strangers, random drunk haters, and stalkers.. Not people you know lol The game is fu&%d beyond all recognition… SMH


    Drake what are you doing man??? #stopIt5 you really are a sweet nigga huh??? You trying to impress common or something trying to show him you ain’t soft lmao!!!!!!!! Damn drake you for real yo common prabley lol right now man

    • 4-12


  • rep87

    these women want something they cant have thats drake , drake want a man get over this passing fad of a entertainer

  • MrsOno

    It’s strange to me how so many boys/men can dislike/hate another man so much who has nothing to do with your everyday life. People talk about Drake being emotional, look at these emotional a*s comments! Being hateful, not hating on, is an emotion. Some of the so called men on this site need to pull their panties up, pull the skirt down, and stop commenting on this man so much. If you don’t like him, why click on the stories about him to bi*ch and whine. No wonder so many women are turning into lesbians, men act like bi*ches now!

    • Keith Brickz


    • shut tht shyt up.. that nigga stay whinin and this is what happens to crybabies.. u tryin to save him n shyt.. i like hiphop.. its all entertaining… sending goons in ur shop to threaten u – i find that entertaining… telling someone u gone beat em up but dont go c em?? Entertainment.. Tatoo on ur face of the softest nigga in the game?? Entertainment… I aint hatin him.. i just find his cornball antics entertaining..

    • JRT2

      you are right that people should not judge, but when you draw attenion to yourself by going public and calling out someone then continue to run your mouth bout hot you gonna do this and do that then you are asking to be called out for the bitch you are if you pull sum P diddy stunt like that…..yea thats right Diddy u a bitch too

      • EL_BARK

        Diddy might be a bitsh.

        But that nigga sean combs is as ruthless as they come.
        Trust me…
        Dont let the dancing fool you……

    • Yo if you think its strange how people dislike another person then why you whining commenting on another persons comment about somebody that has nothin to do with you?? 
      Oh wait you have a Drake poster in your room or your the girl with the tattoo on your forehead. Man up and put on some briefs!

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      • MrsOno

        @ OSN tv…you ask people to follow you!!!! I rest my case. You’re already a desperate, lame excuse for a man….lol. You are advertising for people to follow you! I’lll give you a moment to think about it…now I’ll wait to receive the email with your well thought out rebuttal. Have a good weekend!

      • Celz

        asking to follow = lame and desperate??? Get real ma.. Drake is the hottest thing in Hip-Hop right now and he also happens to be the softest.. People come here to comment on blogs and follow other peoples comments dont be surprised when Drake has people sayin he’s hot and people sayin he’s soft.. Those are two facts.. If Biggie can acccept being fat and ugly, Will Smith can accept big ears, and Jay Z can accept camel face Drake needs to accept soft..

      • MrsOno

        I get your point. I’m not saying Drake isn’t soft. I don’t understand why people are so upset because he is soft?

      • Then why do you want to research on why people upset about Drake??
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      • Well thought out? Girl please I do have a job, i dont be waiting on this site for a response. Man please Im not talking to you. Thats my signature. If you want to follow me gohead but im not going to follow your ass back. That was a corny comeback. Your reply is basically talking about my “Follow Me signature” but you cant even respond to when i said ”
        why you whining commenting on another persons comment about somebody that has nothin to do with you??”  
        Follow me @4i2:twitter

      • You mispelled your name. it should be MsUno cuz as long as u bicker and whine you gonna be all by yourself. aint no man goina want your lonely ass so u need to turn gay just like them females you talked about in your statement. and Have a good broke weekend!

  • Keith Brickz

    LMFAO drake probaly felt mad gangsta on the ride over to the tatto parlor LMFAO i can picture him pretending to be tough LMFAO

  • $20956822

    Drake is a bitch if he went into that shop alone he’d get his ass beat lil bitch ass nigga!!! Drake couldn’t beat an egg!!! Ol’ dusty face looking ass nigga wit his homer Simpson looking mouth bitch!!


    • Masterful_Ronin

      This made my Saturday mornin. lmfao!!!

  • real OG

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FUNNIEST RAPPER STORY OF ALL TIME! Send in the paid Goons, thats real Drake thats real. What a faggot.

  • humdrum

    pshh i really dont care about that girl. she wasnt forced to get the tattoo she chose. money is money and hey the customer is always right

  • David Daniel

    Can Drake get any softer really? Who goes out of there way to confront a person and not confront them. Sending a security guard to deliever a message is not hard, it shows your soft. If your gonna have someone delieve a message the right way you do it far from the area and the goons you use really deliever a message that will stick with the guy. I use to like Drake before I knew who he was, now that I know who he is I can’t help but think he’s the new Ja Rule

    • Management_1

      Your name is david daniel though….two first names…thats ya first negative but second any nigga u know thats a boss or got money when do u see him doing dirt in public like he aint got nothing to lose? if he send goons to whip his ass on sight being that they been going back and forth publicly it still leads back to him sooooo that wouldn’t have been smar and u know drake as a fan how you really know him? ya whole comment was more so listing reasons YOU should sdfu-Management

  • KittyK11

    sum ppl are just crazyyy,

  • Drake you bitch made for that..

  • $20434212

    Glad that piece of $hit tat artist is getting told to shut his mouth. Dude is truly a piece of trash. This isn’t about how hard drake is– it’s about this dude who knowingly ruined the face of a totally wasted and unstable girl for money. Rather than come out and apologize and admit he used very poor judgement, he’s proved himself to be an unrepentant a$$hole. 

    Soft this, pu$$y that, whatever. Drake has more talent than every hater on this comment thread combined and squared. Know what’s softer than having your body guard threaten someone? Hating via comment threads. Adorable. 

    • Drake doesnt have much talent..he doesnt even write his own material SMH

      • …and if it werent for autotune…he wouldnt have a career! True story!

      • $20434212

        Se he doesn’t write his own raps and he can’t sing. Good to know. Also, did you know Kobe is terrible at basketball? He’s also a young, white woman. 

  • You dont get respect from me for sending your bodyguards in to handle your business. Be a man and do your dirt yourself. I would respect him more if he would have went in himself and confronted the guy WITH his security but to send them in means you’re too shook to do it yourself. Drake is softer then baby poo!!

  • What Hip-Hop artist you know are going to go in any establishment and fight with anyone? Win, lose, or draw they would get sued anyway. Too many lame n****s are doing that to. But whatever. Her people might run up on him though. AllHipHop is wrong for extending his 15 Minutes of fame. AllHipHop is starting to look wack in comparison to other Hip Hop sites. I am just saying.

  • What I don’t get is that you have E- Thugs who what people to be and act thuggish, but ridicule them when they get arrested. So it is ok for a Lil’ Wayne to catch a gun charge, having full knowledge that this dude has made an unfortunate impression on our youth. Drake included. Though he should have shut the hell up himself (Drake), why would he need to go in and jump on this dude for respect from eThugs and dumb a** n**** ? People are laughing at us and not with us. Self-respect is fleeting.

  • Common said he was Sweet……think about what he was talkin at the end of the song….you probably get your shit took…smh….lol

  • Management_1

    So from what i been hearing and seeing Drake is soft cussssss he got alotta hoes rooting for him  and he make music dudes and hoes feel but because he sing too he soft…….Common all of a sudden is a super hard ass dude too guess we forgot about the 8 9 10 yrs he been wearing cosby sweaters and painter caps to the side rapping but hoes and alotta other shit too…

    Verdict: they both real to themselves both got some soft shit bout em though and the people judging who soft and who not based on media portrayal farill ……..yea y’all got some shit bout y’all too #knothat

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