Hip-Hop Rumors: Odd Future’s Syd The Kyd Says Queen Latifah, Missy & Alicia Keys Need to Come Out of the Closet?!

Odd Future’s lone female member, Syd The Kid, tried to “out” Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott as gay in a recent cover story for L.A. Weekly cover story. The outspoken Syd did not hold her tongue, check out her comment below:

“There’s Alicia Keys, who’s married to Swizz Beats – we know that sh*t ain’t real.You got Queen Latifah kissing Common in movies. Missy Elliott saying she don’t wanna hang with b*tches. You know she loves her some b*tches.”

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Queen Latifah and Missy “eat the box”, but Alicia? I bet Swizzy would beg to differ.

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  • rep87

    this is not really news on queen latifah and missy / its not confirm on alicia keys its been rumored but i would not be shock ,what a waste if it is  

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  • Alicia got a baby , so if anything, she go both ways.

    Syd the kid needs to worry about her own box.

  • This bitch is a nobody! An article really! Her words won’t change anything. 

    • MrTroyMercy

      while you saying that she dope as hell even though she looks like Canibus – she can sing though . She like a female frank ocean she just looks like canibus .

      • johnblacksad

        it’s sad enough for a man to look like Canibus, let alone a dyke!

      • MrTroyMercy

        Lmao yeh right !!

  • Wow, it seems like everybody wants to use Alicia’s name to get noticed.  Also seems like a lot of people would like for Alicia to come out regardless if it’s true or not just because they want her to be a certain way.  People can be a little ridiculous.  This Syd person needs to stop making accusations and be whoever she wants to be and leave others alone.  I would love AK and her music regardless, but I’m glad she is exactly who she is, a beautiful, talented and caring person who is the mother of a wonderful little boy.



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    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • armylove0221

    Another non motherf#@%ing factor tryna get a buzz by using someone elses name

  • armylove0221

    The fact that this goofy looking bitch has anything to say about anyone else is dumbfounding

  • KingRell25


  • xHAI_ayo_JOJOx


  • Ironically, the whole Odd Future squad are a bunch of homos themselves

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  • Missy is NOT gay..I know her personally..She’s a little rough..but VERY feminine….She has a longtime guy friend she has been dating for years..This writer is rude as f*ck.

  • Does Latifah need to be outed?Been heard Alecia was gay and Missy?Come on now

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Who This bitch again?

    • KittyK11

      i had to google her cuz i was makin the same question as u, i tought it was a boy, the i looked closer, damn its a girl, this bitch jus want the spotlight on her. too bad shes too ugly..

      • TaTa_U

        What is all this ugly shit… She does not meet the Caucasian standard of beauty… Because she is not UGLY. You may not like what she is saying and her face is OBVIOUSLY screwed into some smirk of sorts… but she is not ugly.

      • KittyK11

        whats is tht “caucasian standard of beauty” has to do wit this?

      • TaTa_U

        It has everything to do with it… The “Caucasian Standard of Beauty” is the mental measuring gauge being used by many here to evaluate this young lady and declare her “UGLY”.
        It is those things you have seen on television, in magazines ect… that have been placed in your memory as an example of what a beautiful woman is… the mental conditioning that has now become a subconscious thought that you use to make decisions of what is and is not a beautiful woman or in this case if the individual does not meet this standard then they must be UGLY.
        That is what the “Caucasian Standard of Beauty” has to do with this… This young lady has no exaggerated or distorted features…so what makes her ugly. The only thing I can think of is that she does not meet the preconceived standard.

      • KittyK11

        why u duckin me huh??? beauty is sumthin relative i may think shes ugly n ur not. not only caucasians can b pretty, black ppl too. so dnt come wit tht bs tht my mind has been placed with that standard of beauty. whether ur fat or skinny, tall or short, etc, u can still b pretty or not. everyone has their standard of beauty and mine has nothin to do wit the media standard of beauty. what makes me describe someone ugly or pretty, is their attitude, their personality, how much their care about ppl’s welfare, their respect for others and so on. i hav a friend and many ppl thinks hes ugly, to me hes cute bcuz hes nice, funny, always got my bak. u can b considered the prettiest woman on earth by others, if u dnt have character, attitude, loyalty and so on, to be ur damn ugly. and what tht syd the kyd doin is just disrespecful to me. queen latifah, missy, alicia, what if they all gays what does has to do with her? whats wrong with tht? they’re free to make their choices, and syd should stay out of it, and start concernin about her own life, in my opinion she just want attention


    I guess it’s like how “vampires” can recognize each other in a crowd! lol


    Ugly nigga bitch

  • $20956822

    Why this bitch look like Scottie pippen!!! Lol

    • Blazin420

      Why this bitch look like he main character from “Everybody Hates Chris”.  

  • syd the kid?? buy urself a dilly stay outta grownfolks bizniz trick..

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  • crazylove101

    Lmao I love odd future every member of the group isn’t afraid 2 speak they mind I love it!!

  • KittyK11

    syd who?? syd the kyd??? -___- hmmm lemme google him/her…i really dnt kno

  • newme2012

    Thats not her place or business to blow them up like that. People need to worry about their own lives…#foh

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