Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Fans Attack Keri Hilson???!!!

File this one under LMAO!!! This is just too funny! Keri Hilson has made it known that she dislikes Beyonce in countless interviews, and even tried to go hard at her on one of her tracks. Well, we all know how hard Beyonce stans go hard to protect their little Bey, and unfortunately for Keri Hilson, she encountered one of them on the street.

Check out her tweet below about the encounter:

Is Keri just trying to get some of that Beyonce/Jay-Z publicity thrown her way, or do you think she was really attacked?

  • Could care less, if I see her I’ll throw her own album her way. What a waste of money.

    • NorthDollasTX

      spoken like a dude that likes BOY puzzy …

    • SDS_Overfiend

      You gay Ass Nigga… Gettin in on bitches beef.

      • You gay ass nigga, flirtin’ with me. WTF is wrong with you? Retarded ass fiend callin me nigga, do I look black?!

  • Tony G.

    nobody cares…

  • mademan3000

    I’m not a huge Bey fan by any stretch of the imagination, but she seems to always mind her own biz & not f**k with anyone else! With that being said why is Keri not liking her, bcuz this chic doesn’t have enough hits or credentials to change little Blue’s shitty diapers!!!

    • NorthDollasTX

      B aint innocent my dude … she had something to do with making sure the 1st 2 Destiny Children being silenced for so long … she does play up to that INNOCENT image but she as ratchet as the rest of these broads she just better at it cuz she was brought up with morals, dignity and shyt but she play them INDUSTRY games too – ask NEYO

      • mademan3000

        Ur right fam, I forgot bout how she tried to play Neyo…shit son had to get on the radio & sing Irreplaceable word for word just to prove he pinned them shits!

      • Raheem Classick

        Why would he have to sing it on the Radio to prove he wrote the song, All you have to do is read the song credits on the record.

  • WOW people are nuts!

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  • PLEASE STOP using screen captures of peoples tweets as a reason to post new content to the site! Twitter is a public knowledge forum, so why report on whats said there on this site? Maybe I only speak for myself but I want to see content that I can’t easily investigate myself on this site. If all you do is get information from twitter anyone can start following celebrities and run the Rumors section!


    Never really cared to much for Keri but she know she washed up and can’t sell a decent album to save her life.. She just trying to jump on that beyonce buzz right now

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  • stryker.x

    That gave me a good laugh…Beyonce stans buy so many more albums than Keri Hilson’s they got enough spare copies to throw them at her in the street…can u imagine how mad she was…getiin hit like “Ow! what the F was that? Hold on is that a fuggin Beyonce Cd? aw hell no…”

  • brollya

    nice try keri……….u stay hating and they never pay attention to it……


    KAY PLAYA – “PLEASE STOP using screen captures of peoples tweets as a reason to post new content to the site! Twitter is a public knowledge forum, so why report on whats said there on this site? Maybe I only speak for myself but I want to see content that I can’t easily investigate myself on this site. If all you do is get information from twitter anyone can start following celebrities and run the Rumors section”



    LMAO…Whenever I need a good laugh, I come to this sight and scroll through the rumors section. Not just the rumors, but the comments as well…S/N I didn’t know Keri didn’t like B….LMMFAO….I can’t help it, this s**t is funny

  • humdrum

    PSSH stop pretending like keri’s a hating bitch she’s jus bien real if she don’t like sum1 she’s not gunna pretend she doez. Just be happy keri doesn’t have that fake Hollywood lipstick smile saying ” OH I LOVE HER”. Keri realist bitch

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  • BoldSpice

    Where were these fans when Beyonce last album dropped? Not at the store, obviously.

    • not a Beyonce fan but she did the numbers she always does she is close to Double Platinum

      • Ronlg1

        no bruh, she aint at double platinum…She HAS sold over a million copies though, but barely 1.2 mil as of now

      • I meant worldwide sales she sold well over 2 million

      • Worldwide sales are past 2 milli. Boy, people take success for granted because her music is still creative and what not… So what it ain’t did 8 million, lol… Platinum in a few weeks is hugely successful, in any era, when you put it in perspective. Sheesh… But ummm, nice time for her to take a baby break and reflect.

    • Jaymalls

      Beyonce has over 1.2 mil sold… Her WW sales for 4 is more than Keri Hilson’s whole discography! I use 2 fuq wit Keri when she was on the clutch but now she writes mediocre songs and thinks she the shit!!!

  • yo I cant stand this chick…her and ciara…they are like the poster children of everything wrong with r&b right now…

  • Why do fans always feel the need to protect their favorite celebrity’s honor? They ain’t thinkin’ about you, bruh! SMH.

  • GoogleGilpinCourt

    shitty album huh?

  • I-Yash


  • CCCCCCCAAAATTTTTFFFFIIIIIIGGGHHHHTTT….. MY money is on Beyonce she has a size advantage… although Keri has a long reach……. Let em FIGHT!!!

  • armylove0221

    In my gucci voice well damn lmao that bitch ain’t thinking about ya’ll these the same people who turn you down for autographs when our money is why their rich

  • Jonathan Cephas

    Sounds like Amber Rose when she said Kanye West fans throw stuff at her in the streets.. Hmm


    Bitch as bitch!




    Jordan Diddy lookin ass hoe!


    When you talk & act crazy in public & direct your obvious jealousy towards the industries biggest star at the moment, you should expect to get things thrown at you in the street! It’s just that simple! You talk that “mess” & you’ll automatically have a “bulls-eye” on your head! 

    • So R&B = albums thrown and Rap = Bullets Blown. I think i get it.

  • rep87

    keri the jealous jacket dont look good on you/ BEYONCE is a bigger star who makes more money and her record sales are bigger and your career is like a candle in the wind find you a good man and get into something else that pays well

  • ugly bitch

  • Guest

    wow she tryna get buzz=@omghud:twitter 

  • Hiphopnobs

    Maybe Keri should keep her mouth closed in interviews until she becomes a STAR star. Not just a B.E.T she’s cool type of star. How many people like Keri Hilson beyond her looks ? she got more bold with her statements year after year like she’s the top chick in music lol

  • damn

  • $18916246

    Keri’s a wannaBE-BEbroad…tries way too hard…..stay in your skin, baby girl…..I know, I know, BE, bit this, BE bit that…..That’s all _igga shit. Most of Beyonce’s wannaBE-BEbroad’s lose major points in the performance arena. Then have no vocal range or just thinks Beyonce’s appeal rest with pop appeal and the well known fact she’s Jay’s wife. Beyonce is a multifaceted huge talent with a very impressive resume. Keri, just do you.  Loose the grit and copy cat music.Don’t be mad…BE’s fans just love her. Be glad they weren’t pennies flying your way. Step “YOUR” game up Keri, your a physically beautiful chick and a musical talent….create your own genuine lane and grow, Here,  I’ll say it for you…_uck Beyonce…not really though….get my point…get over your obvious fascination….your on and established….BE’s that chick… seed…with nicki gang bang running a close 3rd and Rihanna in 2nd. Work harder Keri…but go thataway>….where your fans are waiting.

    • Realist4200

      Truth has been spoken folks.

      How bout a round of applause for that statement.

    • SDS_Overfiend

      You serious? Beyonce Talented? C’mon son!! You talking about the most bitting-nest bitch in the game who even felt a bit of competitive heat she push buttons to makes other females singers go bye bye? Sure Keri Hilson may not have time in the game but she was writing beyonce shit along with countless others and got blackballed for mentioning it. I see what this is all about now.. whenever somebody is #Winning for all the wrong reasons its ok to smash on the lil guy just cause they may not be winning but trying to get in the race? FOH!!! Beyonce and her Machine cornered the game long time ago.

  • Papi Peligro


  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I like that Keri doesn’t like Beyonce. I like Nia Long doesn’t like Beyonce. I like that in concrete stan world, there are people who give their opinion about someone else. That’s solid.Stans throwing albums at someone is actually stupid. If you think too long, and your a fan of that someone…that is actually disrespectful…and god help you the day you turn tail on the one you Stan for. I wonder what happened to the albums after they were thrown. Ran over I suppose. Dodger Stans and Beyonce Stans are way to dangerous to be let out on the streets. Damn son, its like that?

  • I cAll ThE sHoTs…


  • lmfao.  did they throw a cd at her like it was a shuriken chinese star?  

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    so did she pick one up take it home and listen to it?




  • Tre’ Shon Jenkins

    thats a hotmess…beyonce fans need to calm that mess down…cuz do you see any keri hilson fans throwin keri’s albums at beyonce…NO!…beef is between the celebrities…not the fans…get famous and you will feel the same way if u had beef with another celeb and a fan of theres throw an album of theres at you…aha… who does that this day smh …

  • Tre’ Shon Jenkins

    its 4 years and shes still have beef wit keri…ciara dropped it and now they cool wit each other…beyonce is a great singer-writer actor and dancer…but what about a great person…she needs to forgive like ciara did for her the love of music…