Lil Wayne and Young Money

Lil Wayne Officially Debuts Trukfit Clothing Line

Lil Wayne officially launched his Trukfit clothing line during Market Week in New York.

The rapper hosted a private showing at El Privado in the Hotel Americano where Young Money’s T-Streets, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda and manager Cortez Bryant celebrated the clothes, along with Twist’s 19th birthday.

The clothing line stands for “The Reason You Kill For It” which will be launched at Zumiez stores across the nation, at and

Here is the company’s mission statement:

As a brand, TRUKFIT is a state of mind – it is about being yourself, having fun, being free, being driven and being able to express all these elements and more. We have many sides to our being and TRUKFIT describes them all. We have no boundaries, rules, no gender distinction, no ethnic distinction, no demographic distinction. We are young, fun loving, connected to each other and yet we are all individuals. We are free to dream, to create, to fantasize and to explore.

Check out the images below:

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    suburban white boys are going to eat this sh*t up

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  • 21st_century

    Guess you only can wear that shit in the summertime

  • im sorry but blah…. get ya grown man on dont need these kiddy things no more.. like a gimmick

  • christinadanielle96

    umm dont hate…on Lil Wayne’ he has his own style.

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  • Southcidal

    In New Orleans we call a truck fit, an outfit that you actually bought bootleg off a truck. A lotta cats sell fake shiit off of the back of trucks. Its kind of a derogatory term in the Big Easy. Nice how Wayne flipped it. But him Mack Maine and all the N.O. dudes in that click know where they got that “truck fit” shiit from. Keep grinding though awk awk! UPT- 6th and Dryades!!!

  • good move for WEEZY, but the clothing looks like BBC(BillionaireBoysClub)

  • rep87

    IM not impress

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