Future Tony Montana 3

Future [BGA] Performs “Tony Montana” @ 49ers vs. Saints Playoff Game

Future gave a special performance of his hit song “Tony Montana” at the 49ers vs. Saints playoff game this past weekend.  We hear that “Tony Montana” was the 49ers ‘get-hype’ song for this 2011 season. Check out the vid below:


    Yo i actually peep that the special teams, was dancing to this track,
    With crazy swagg, before the kick off. Lol
    The shet had me dieing @ first. They was jamming like they were in the club.

    • EL_BARK

      After seeing the above video.

      I should say, the black 49ers had swagg.

      Them two white boys, had no rhythym at all.
      Danm not only can they not jump, they cant dance.

  • AvaWilliamsJqwe131

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  • matt meyer lansky

    and everyone in the stands was like…, “wtf who is this retard talking about tony montana, we thought drake was performing”

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