Hip-Hop Rumors: Behind-The-Scenes Edition With Young Jeezy, Beanie Sigel, DJ Premier, Gucci Mane & More!

This post is a collection of behind-the-scenes videos released over the past few days, containing exclusive access to video shoots, recording sessions, and more, with the likes of Gucci Mane, Beanie Sigel, Rocko, 38 Special, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Fabolous, and Jadakiss!

If only we had a hidden camera of our own…

Young Jeezy – “OJ” ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss:

Courtesy of MyFabolousLife

In The Studio With Beanie Sigel: 

Courtesy of ForbezFinestSouth

Gucci Mane – “Plain Jane” ft. Rocko:

Courtesy of BPimpDaddy1

In The Lab With DJ Premier, Pete Rock and 38 Special:

Courtesy of OocheeBang

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10 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Behind-The-Scenes Edition With Young Jeezy, Beanie Sigel, DJ Premier, Gucci Mane & More!”

  1. EL_BARK

    My gut feeling tells me, he blasted off shots, in the direction of
    Brooklyn, somewhere in the vincinity of
    Marcy ave, & bedford. with that freestyle……..

    broad street BULLY………..

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah please.

        Sigel will smack the shet out of ya favorite rapper…..

        Ur idol the goat dont want it…….

        Or nut ass bleek……..

        Sigel put fear in the niggas heart…..

        The roc was soft, until mac put them on that street shet.

        Jay-z was the MLK of the rap game. Non-violent non-violent.
        Until He had south philly backing him.

        “You are ready know who these streets belong to
        BEANS done WARNED you,” lol

        Translation: Ya know we got these philly cats wit us now.
        Ya better stop talking shet, cause yall know MAC already told yall,
        We can take it to the streets. And he will have shet flying, every which way,
        If he give that order.
        Just a reminder from me memphis bleek.
        Oh yeah nas, u suck too. Since i being hard under this niggas sigel

        “south philly motherfuckers kill at will”
        Bets the mac milly, will make you niggaz chilly chill.”

        Them niggas wish they was mac,

        ” Yall was the roc, i bought the fellas”
        B. Sigel.

  2. rep87

    JEZZY allwayz bring that heat period /Beanie Sigel a BEAST on the mic sending them bombs towards jay z hate these cats feuding / BEANIE got enough talent to make some strong moves out here



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