Bruno Mars cocaine charges dismissed

Singer Bruno Mars Cleared of Drug Possession Charges

(AllHipHop News) A Las Vegas judge dismissed his cocaine possession charge stemming from his 2010 arrest.

In September of 2010, Bruno Mars (born Peter Gene Hernandez) was arrested for drug possession following a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He later plead guilty to having 2.6 grams of cocaine.

Since then, Mars has been on good behavior, completing his probation and 230 hours of community service. He also paid a $2,000 fine and participated in eight hours of drug counseling.

Mars’ lawyer, Blair Berk, told TMZ, “Bruno earned the dismissal of his charge. He exceeded the expectations of the court in both his service to the community and his counseling.”

Judge Jessie Walsh agreed and dismissed the charges against the pop star.

Contributor: Xaviera (@MsXaviB)


    SAY WORD… I didnt even know that Bruno was black till now.. Not hater but he still wack, i say he off better being a wack artist on coke, then being a wack artist without the coke..peace..

  • TruthSerum

    LOL @ 2.6 grams

    What he had was an 8ball(3.5 grams) and they got to him while he was in the middle of doing it up……..Reminds me of back in the day

  • rep87

    you got to get high to listen to that crap he hasnt stop using drugs bet money he smoking crack and popn pills right now to celebrate the court victory

  • David Sentongo

    ha. them prison boys woulda been READY to tear tht ass up. 
    stay away from drugs tho marz

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter

  • SamuelLJacckson

    Sarcastic Black Guy Says: Hey TREECHOPPA, His Name Is Peter Hernandez, He’s Not Black, You Shiit-Head! How is he a Wack Artist and he’s Grammy Nominated, Plus He Sells More Units Than Your Favorite Rappers? Go Listen To Your Wacka Flocka CD’s and Log-Off!

    Sarcastic Black Guy Says: Hey Alex813, His Amount of Cocaine Reminds You of Back In The Day, Huh? Sounds Like You Really Want Everybody On This Site To Know You Used To Sell Dope…Honestly, I Think You’re Full Of Shiiit!…Real Dealers Don’t Talk And They Don’t Glorify It!

    Sarcastic Black Guy Says: Hey Rep87, Who Said Anything About Crack And Pills?…Just Shut Up!

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    • TruthSerum

      LOL, I never sold drugs, I did them, it reminds me of back in the day because an 8ball would always accompany me to the club……. I never woulda made a good drug dealer, I liked doing them too much

    • Tim

      You are right they all are clowns….cant you see the red nose and huge feet?



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