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Department of Justice, Major Websites Shutdown In Protest Of Megaupload Charges

(AllHipHop News) The battle over rages on, with a number of updates in the hours since the popular file trading service was shut down by the United States authorities.

“Hacktivist” group Anonymous has already targeted the United States Department of Justice’s website, by knocking it off line, as of press time.

An Anonymous group in Sweden took responsibility for taking down the DOJ’s website, in protest of the shutdown.

Other websites have been targeted by Anonymous as well, including the MPAA’s website, Universal Music and The RIAA’s website.

The website is the next target for the group.

The websites were shutdown in protest of the massive copyright infringement and racketeering charges brought against and its top executives.

The website is accused of being complicit in costing copyright holders over $500 million in damages, while raking in over $175 million in illegal proceeds.

Additionally, is accused of money laundering and racketeering in relation to the $175 million in revenue that was generated by the 13th most popular website in the world.

“This action is among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States,” the Justice Department said in a statement

In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, police have seized Kim Dotcom’s expensive Maserati’s, Mercedes-Benz’s and other luxury vehicles.

Superstar Hip-Hop producer Swizz Beatz, who is married to singer Alicia Keys, is listed as the CEO of the company, but he is yet to make a statement on the incident.

  • TruthSerum

    The Diffrence is The Justice Sites will be back up tomorrow, Megaupload wont, lol

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    Now I think I know why the forums are missing…….ducking the sweep.

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    The message board is dead, on to the next one.


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  • Ryan Smith

    “Damages” is a lie. MegaUpload and its users all used their own resources to reproduce content without costing the entertainment industry a penny. Furthermore, the free advertising file-sharing has provided led to more sale for the record industry. Nothing was lost today except our rights.

  • Hudes

    This guys name is Dotcom

    Hahaha that’s crazy