Hip-Hop Rumors: Emily B. Who? Fabolous Brings Adrienne Bailon To 40/40 Re-Opening??!!

Fabolous’ long suffering baby mama, Emily B., is really in denial, isn’t she? The “Love & Hip Hop” star has had to deal with Fabolous flaunting his infidelities in her face for nine long years, and last night at the grand re-opening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 club, Fab suck the knife in her heart even deeper. The Brooklyn rapper arrived with none other than former “Cheetah Girl,” Adreinne Bailon. Check out the photo of them below practically hand-in-hand.

Fabolous and Adrienne have long been accused of being bump buddies – something that both Fab and Emily have always denied. Let’s see Fab explain this one. Two words for you Emily B…MOVE ON!

  • That doesnt look like homegirl!!

  • 4-12

    Good Come up!
    Meet someone that has success not some dumb no-sense havin babymom that dated you cuz you was the man

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  • Tril Beats

    Fab is a Pimp! lol

  • rep87

    Nothing shocking here this how the game is played / Respect yourself first/ Fab knows most women are with him because he got a little fame and money if Fab worked at burger king these gold digging hoes wouldnt give him a second look so they are getting what they deserve by putting they self in that position

  • armylove0221

    Its sad how love can blind people this man knew the press was going to be there but yet he arrives arm and arm with this girl come on emily get your head out of your ass and leave his ass alone love isn’t supposed to hurt it just makes you stupid

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  • are we really shocked? i mean seriously he is seen more with adrienne than emily and every time i see pics with him and emily he has a doo doo looking frown on his face, but with any other female he’s smiling and posing for the camera. emily girl he is not thinking about you and he rubs his cheating ways all up in ya face

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  • Grade_A1

    He doesn’t wanna live wit da fact dat Swizz beats had Emily 1st

    • illymac

      Swizzy had her 1st??
      That explains it..
      Fab just tryna smut all the industry broads..
      I think he just got caught up with Emily..
      She probably think just because he take care of his kid,
      that maybe her and him can work it out..

  • Siflan

    If people knew how to let go, life would be so much easier.


    Man all these rappers girls/ baby momma be recycled…..

    The industry is no different then bagging bitches in the hood.
    Somebody always had the bitsh before you.

    These rappers be simple, ass niggahs. So most dont care.

    Juelz wife fab old bitsh, jim wife chrissy who got high miles on here,
    J-lo everybody over a certain net worth hit that.
    Cameron diaz, trinia, eve, alicia keys, erykah badu,
    Foxy brown, kim kardashian, and the rest of them
    Videos bitches, who names are important enuff to remember.

    Bitches in rhe game get pass around all the time,
    Until a dumb niggah get caught up,
    And get them knock……
    Ie juelz & fab……. Lol

  • johnblacksad

    Who knew Killah Priest had a baby with Amil (roc-a-fella)?


      I did! That’s why Hov and them dropped her, they aint like her kickin with him like that plus she gained mad weight.

      • Actually there’s a lot more to it than that. I know them both personally. We all were taught at the same temple (1 West 125th St. in Harlem).

        When Killa left to run with the WU him and Amil eventually hooked up but at the time Amil was more into the knowledge Killa learned with us. She wasn’t really into the industry like that.

        If AHH interviewed her today she’ll tell you. Se was loving the game, but wasn’t trying to get caught up in the game like other females (this is at the height of the ROC) so they dropped her. 

        Before all the weight (from the baby) she was working around the way regular 9-5.

        The other stuff, I can’t speak on it, that’s her personal life, but she’s open about it, if AHH interviews her she’ll tell em.

  • Tril Beats

    Thats the 3LW chic…. Rob Kardashian smashed & has her name tattooed on his body, these chics get around yo lol, but i’d Smash, reel talk-

  • Apollo Showtime

    My nigga Fab, he be killin’ ’em, he be killin’ ’em, uh uh Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Lol

  • D_hiloh

    what you gone believe your lyin eyes?…lol

  • is this considered snitching?

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  • ayo_ayo

    Fab and this cheetah girl have been messing around for years now. Emily is just another woman with no income trying to somehow get paid by a rapper in the future. she just want to somehow get paid through a rapper, this is why she has stuck around for so long. She wanna get married to Fab and then be in a position to cash in over divorce in the future. That is all she is doing right now.

    FAB must really like puetorican women. 

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