Non Hip-Hop Rumors: President Barack Obama Belts Out Al Green At The Apollo??!!

This really makes me love our President even more! Last night, President Barack Obama was the first sitting President to ever visit the legendary Apollo Theater in NYC, and staying true to the essence of the Apollo, the President belted out a few notes of Al Green’s hit, “Let’s Stay Together”!!!! He didn’t sound half bad either!

Barack was moved to sing in the middle of his speech, when he noticed Rev. Al Green in the audience. Check out the clip below:

Nope, Sandman Sims was nowhere in site. The President is truly a man of the people!

  • therealest1

    Stupid bullshit. Can’t fix the economy shit.

    • Didn’t know you were republican. So him singing makes the economy get worse? You do know the President makes appearances at other places. As a matter of fact former President Bush who put us in this mess frequently went of drinking engagements and parties. They do have leisure time because it is a job dummy. Another note you can’t clean the deficit which is a trillion dollars in 4 years of what 8 years of damage was done. Big up to President Obama I support you no matter what. You are a good respresentation of our people. I am proud. Yeah and thanks for letting us how white pride is devil @ the reallestbullshit1! Gtfoh! 

      • EL_BARK

        The nigga said
        Obama cant fix the enconomy.

        And base off that one statement you label him an republican???

        By your reasoning, anybody that crticize obama is and republican too,
        I guess. Smh….

        Niggah you want to run down the democrats track record?????

        Maybe, if bill clinton wasnt so busy chasing monica, around the oval office,
        He could had caught osama ten years ago….

        Oh wait, u must aint see the footage, of hiliary and obama attending,
        The buildenberg group???? Lol

        It so funny how so easily blacks can be conditioned, programmed,
        And taught to be a walking zombie.

        You prolly only vote democrats, cause your condition to think, thats its un heard off for a black to be be conserative. Lol

        Niggas crying that the republican mess up the enconomy.
        No 9-11 was the catalyst that cause the recession dumb ass.

        And by the way, i pretty sure democrats voted to go to war, with iraq,
        As well as afghanistan….. Your so smart, that it
        Makes you dumb. Because u fail to see politicians,
        Are all in cohoots, with each other.

      • You made a whole book to bring up points I never said. Clearly you are the dumb one! You are right this can’t fix the economy therefore the bullshit comment he said it is obvious he is singing so why bring up the dumb shit it’s a speaking engagement which I responded on pay attention smart guy. It’s not the presidential election debates. All that other bullshit you speak of is irrelevant you have no idea my political orientation simply because I support our present commander in chief doesn’t make me a non thinking zombie follower. Stop smoking so much weed you are out there my friend. Blow that shit out. Back in the day to give you some knowledge because clearly you don’t know wtf I know. Most people don’t know republicans were the ones fighting for blacks rights and it was the democrats who were for segregation and racism until parties got flipped. Also it would be wise not to snoop around with the B groups website or research them just some advice if you do or not. It places u in a category for higher eyes to watch you. Don’t be so quick to play malcom black man you see what they did to him not the nation of islam but them. Also 9-11 was not the only thing to destroy the economy they misappropriated money on many other things namely corporations and themselves. I know politicians have interest with each other yet only to a degree. They choose who they want.

      • EL_BARK

        Actually l am well aware, that the republicans supported blacks.
        Lincoln freed the slaves,

        The democrats were white middle class southerners.

        Back to reading the rest of your post,
        To seem if your worth of an response.
        And your flip flopping, might i add.

        By the way, the government didnt kill malcolm x,
        And i dont consider myself, a leader or revolutionaire (sp)

        Also my intial point, was made in my first 3 sentenced.

      • True indeed! Equally measured understood. That is peace Bark. Though I disagree on the Malcom thing it wasn’t the just nation wanting him assassinated he was a threat piece to the powers. The Fed kids were eyeing him the whole time. Btw you are not a dumb black man. Pardon my emotional ignorance. I will not put down another possible blood linage black man to that degree. Peace!

      • EL_BARK

        WE dont give A DAMN about no white MAN law,
        When you attack what we love”

        AND FRANKLY its aint none of ya business.

        Did you clean malcolm?
        Did you take care of malcolm?
        Did you teach malcolm?
        Did you make malcolm?

        Was malcolm your traitor or was he OURS

        And if we dealt with HIM. The way a nation
        Deals with a traitor. What the hell business is it,
        of yours…….

        Honorable louis farahkhan
        Saviours day 1993.

        Bottom line it was no white agents,
        That pulled them triggers.

        And the evidence is over whelming that the nation
        Was responsible.

        I had this debate on this same board.
        And i dont think he was a threat to the gov.
        Evrything about him linking with king is speculation.

        I do know when that order goes out. The nation had more then enuff solider.
        To carry out the order…..

        Elijah was look up to
        Or as a god.

      • Saviors day speech I heard Farahkhan said something about him but never really looked up the video. Interesting to think about. They do look at him as a God in the same breath as Farad.

      • EL_BARK

        Naw that was my point.
        Elijah, at that time was look upon,
        as a god.,,,,,,

        Even the dude, who just made parole,
        For the killing.

        Admitted it

      • Q.

        “The gov’t was responsible for Malcom’s death.”

        “The NOI was responsible for Malcolm’s death.”

        Why can’t both of these statements be TRUE?


      • Tuesday27

        What??? 9/11 started the recession? You shoud be seen and not heard.
        The recession started for everyone not a millionaire when Reagan became president. Trickle down economics stagnated the middle class and poor, and the rich ran off with all the money, with the help of the republicans all the while. Not the democrats, but the republicans. If you deny this, you’re either Herman Cain’s nephew, or just stupid. And the chances you’re Cain’s nephew is slim. Get me?

      • EL_BARK

        Fool raise you hand before you adress me.

        Now since we got somebody who, think there semi smart.
        I will ether your whole post. With these very few lines.

        One if you going to say the Recession started with regan your wrong.
        Shool miss me with all that reganomics mobo jobo,
        Use democrats always use.

        First of all, one of the best things repubilicans did, was get rid of all those welfare,
        And economics programs that has cause people to relied on the government.
        And over the years made people lazy. Welfare reformed was need greatly in the 90’s.

        Also if you want to talk about the destruction of middle class, it goes furthe back then regan.
        Try the 60’s & 70’s.

        The pro college movement in the late 80′ & early 90’s.
        Help substain these same problems….

        The middle class is fuk up or struglling, because thats the way the democrats want it & designed it. & most fools like yourself are to narrow minded & blind to see it.

        Just like you response to me was i am hermain cain nephew.

        Why out of all republicans, i could be related to. U pick hermain cain.????
        What is it unheard of for a black man, to think like this.????

        Listen fool. If all the middle class became wealthy,
        You wouldnt vote democrat.

        So the democrats, try their best to appear their for you, which they are.

        The democrats are for u staying suck in a middle class cycle.

        I bet your favorite rapper is a republican, espically if he is in the highest tax bracket.
        I fuking guranteed it…

        Its little blind fool like you that love the democrats, cause they lack the wherewithal
        To see whats happening..

        Buy the way, the 90 was a recession at all.
        What are you talking a bout.

        The country as a whole seem plenty of economic growth,
        During his tenure….

        And notice i said as a whole… As long as you fool buy into the american dream,
        You will always be a pawn for the government.

        You wont be rich, working for someone else………..
        Repubilicains no this…..

        Its the democrats, that know it to. You know those same democrats worth,
        But at like they lobby for me and you. Lol

        Hillary = rich
        Barack= rich
        Bill clinton = rich
        Your local governor & senator = rich

        You keep screaming democrats equal winning.
        While those democrats stomachs are full….

        Now ask yourself, how did they become rich.

        I bet most of them have or had a lucrative side hustle……..

        Unlike your middle class 9-5 ass, that working for a system to
        Keep you slaved….

      • Tuesday27

        Raise my hand??? For what?? A black republican?? No, not ever.
        Did you ever hear of corporate welfare? Did you ever hear of the DARE program, and other local initiatives that get federal funds to help the poor and working class, that just goes into the pockets of gov’t officials and their relatives? Granted, democrats do this to. But what they don’t do, which you just did, is assign the federal gov’t waste to a black face (i. e. Reagan’s welfare queen, etc…). So you use their line of thinking to put a black face on welfare and gov’t waste, just like massa told you.

         You must be from the south, because up north blacks know a dixie-crate/segregationist/white supremist when we see one. And all I see with the Tea party, republican presidential candidates, and other repub condidates  are racist crackers spewing racially charged retoric. Got me, Herman. You’re not smater than my father or grandfather, or me. We have voted democratic since the New Deal. You’re aligned with the really old deal. You’re not special or smart. Just  self hating. Newt over Obama????? Get real fool. Class dismissed, sucker self hater.

      • EL_BARK

        I didnt assigned welfare to any race,
        But i did grow up in the hood, so of course all i seen,
        Were blacks on welfare.

        Clears throat: Where in my post did i say blacks were the poster child for welfare.

        I wait so you can find it.

        Um their are just as many white folks on welfare,
        If not more. Why?????

        Also i not from the south, Just because i think critically,
        And not like an zombie, stuck in the matrix.

        You ASSUMED, i was a republican. Because i criticize,

        No that nots the case, although if you were as smart as you think you are.

        You will know thats BLACKS, are inclined to have a republican mind frame.

        No not so much as conseratives as the republicans, are today.

        But the spirit or traits of being independant. Free minded thinkers.
        Why i say this. Because blacks are inventors, and before be bought into this american dream,
        Were were self efficient in our own communities. We had are own business & trades…

        This is something you dont see no more why,
        Cause you govetnments ( democrats,) make it easier for a foreigner to come to the hood,
        And start a business. With federal loans, grants and free money,
        Then it does it own citizens.

        Its better to be a por foreigner and come to the US,
        Then to be a poor native born.????????

        But what do i know. U look a hermain cain as a sell out because he a black republican.

        I look at him as a genius, for making millions off pizza.

        Your to blind to even see or realize my point.

        So i guess jay-z & nas are losers to because their black republicans.

        If barack wasnt a politician, he would be a republician.

        Niggah you sound like you from the south.

        Talking my daddy & grand daddy are democrats.

        You do know white slave owners in the south were democrats too.

        Which now explains, you density level to me.

        You cant even decide what party fits you. You lack independent thinking.

        So all you know is my pappy was a democrats, so and I.

        If My dad was a stone cold killers, should i also be ones too????

        You cant be serious….. Are you???

      • Tuesday27

        So, Jay Z is a republican that campaigns for Obama? Kinda puts all kinds of holes in everything you say, don’t you think.

      • EL_BARK

        So jay-z supporting supporting obama, cause he blacks.

        Doesnt make him an democrat….

        Just like me criticizing a democrat, doesnt make me an repubilican.

        That why i said your so dumb, and blind, to can recongnize, the game.
        Nor do you know how its played……

        Now if jay is in the highest tax bracket.
        Why would he be an democrat. When democrats are for raising taxes, for the rich??????

        So jay-z is going support a party, that wants to take even more money away from him,
        When he is already taxed at 50 %….

        Yeah right. Why would anybody support, a tax hike against themselves.!!!!!

        That like a democrat, wanting his taxes raises.

        Jay can support obama, that one person.
        Just like i sure there were a lot of republicans thst voted for obama.
        Dumb ass, how do you think he won????

        He had to turn red states blue…

        So of course republicans voted for him. What your fail to see, and my point that went over your head numerous times was.

        Voting should be on the best candidate, despite their or your political party.
        Voting one way, just because your a democrats. Does no good for you or others.
        Just like you said, my grandparents wete democrats.
        So i am democrats. Its thinking like this, thats will always have democrats not cater to you.
        They dont have to do nothing to help you, because your going to vote democratic any way.
        So while cater to you…… And to your surprise, the democrats will cater to the upper class, more instead of you. So do the republicans.

        Thats why bush won 2 years in a row, he got upper class democrats to vote for him…

        So keep voting democrat. And you stay humble and satisified with being middle class.
        Thats the way democrats, want it.

      • Tuesday27

        Maybe super rich (you must be super rich, over $250k annually) people who vote democratic, like Warren Buffett, don’t pray to the same God that you and your republican buddies pray to. Which is the almighty dollar, human morality be damned. And I swear, you are a republican Tom for say that Jay Z only voted toe BO because he’s black. Just like massa told you. Sucker.

        And be clear, roughly 43% of whites voted for BO. That means 58% of whites, of which the vast majority is not rich enough to get republican tax breaks, prefered the economy crashing and selling apples on the street to voting for that N*gger. Get it, dummy.

      • Tuesday27

        “Also if you want to talk about the destruction of middle class, it goes furthe back then regan.Try the 60’s & 70’s.”

        This is your quote. Anyone over the age of 12 could tell you that the 60’s & 70’s saw the greatest expansion of the middle class in American history. Factory jobs were plentiful, and blacks joined the American middle class/American dream like no time in history. See, you don’t know this because like you said, you grew up in the hood, so your parents didn’t take advantage of that shift. Now you want to blame democrats for the failures of your family, meanwhile the largely republican policy assult that has been in effect since Reagan has rendered you and your parents assent to middle class status a non-starter.

        Now, your rhetoric will discourage blacks likely to vote democratic to stay home in November. You and the other idiots that don’t know that the republican/Tea party/segregationist/racist folks that you won’t disavow could win and set you back to the 1940’s. Enough of this “Party of Lincoln” stuff that you take right from the devil’s talking points. The modern republicans are yesterdays dixicrats. You should know this, but you obviously don’t. Me, my father, and his father (who, incidently defected from the Republican party with the New Deal) are smarter politically than you’ll be if you live to be 500yrs old, with that non-sense you talk. Get out the mustard and ketchup so you understand.
        Futher, just so you and any black people who don’t know this will know. When President Truman (democrat) was thinking of integrating our military after WWII, he commissioned a study to find out what the troops thought of serving side by side with black soldiers. They overwhelming refused. He did it by executive order. Those that refused back then are now all in the Republican party. And you’re in bed with them, with the way you talk.

        “Truman faced many challenges in domestic affairs. The disorderly postwar reconversion of the economy of the United States was marked by severe shortages, numerous strikes, and the passage of the Taft–Hartley Act over his veto. He confounded all predictions to win election in 1948, helped by his famous Whistle Stop Tour of rural America. After his election, he passed only one of the proposals in his liberal Fair Deal program. He used executive orders to end racial discrimination in the armed forces and created loyalty checks that dismissed thousands of communist supporters from office.” Wikipedia.

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah please……

        I grew up in the hood, that dont mean. I was lower class.

        For starter, my got a master degree, she graduated from high school.
        When she was 15. Yeah moms was bright and got skip.
        She also went to a trade school, which at the time.
        In the 60’s was one of the best schools in the city. Graduating from a trade school,
        She enroll in college, and became a nurse by time she was 18. An RN by the way.
        She graduated her school, with enough nursing credit, to enroll in an advance nursing school.
        Finish nursing school, and then went back to get her bachelors, then her master….

        Father Started a business in the 60’s in which was unheard of at the time for most black folks,
        In a section of the city was controll by the white mafia.

        The same business, is still where he began at, 50 years later almost and still going strong.
        In fact, its one of last black owned business, in that section of the city.

        Fool my parents did quite well, and my mom eventually started her own business,
        As well.

        I dont blame no democrats, lol fool who said i came up poor.???
        You have to go to wikipedia, for an response.

        A SITE, that amybody with an computer can post information, without it being factual,
        Or proven.

        U talking bout the 60 & 70. Was a time when the middle class boom.???
        And then you had to go to wikipedia, and get a speech from truman.

        One of the most rascist president ever. Lol

        Now i dont get paid to argrue with fools on here,
        But i will finish schooling you if need be.

        That post you posted prove nothing. For several reasons..

        Do you really want me to break it down????

        First of all it was the 60’s that should give you a hint????

        Smart dumb niggah.

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah what does the fuk, truman signing an executive order to join black in the military,
        Has to do with this topic.

        Also dumb smart niggah,
        Truman had no choice but to end segregation in the military.

        They wouldnt have won WW2 if it wasnt for them finally realizing they were getting they ass kick,
        And needed black troops to fight in the main battles, as well fly fighter piolts.

        Go see a movie, u can learn e alot….. ie red tails.

        After WW2, if was so clear u couldnt no longer keep ur armed service divided in combat.
        Try again.

      • Tuesday27

        OK Doggie, I’ll tone down the confrontational talk, but I need to clear up a few things with you 1st. The reason I brought up the Truman executive order was to highlight that he did it despite the overwhelming rejection of intergration of the armed forces by the white troops, and how the democrats spearheaded this, and the troops against it are now republican. You can’t legitimately deny this. Not the actual troops, most of whom are dead now, but those like minded people.
        Second, the military was segregated for the entire WWII, so you must learn basic history if you thought that Truman had integrated the military during the war. Third, Truman being the most racist president, I don’t think so. You need proof, but I think you pulled it out of your a**, just like you said Truman needed the integrate the military during the war becausing we were losing.

        Let’s end this on a positive note. Did you see the State of the Union last night?
        The contrast between the parties has never been so stark. You can’t deny this either. Or, maybe you can, but it wouldn’t be factual.

        But one question. If your parents were as accomplished as you say, why did you grow up in the hood. Not that it’s such a bad thing, but just wondering. I know my parents moved out of Jersey City when I was born (the 1st born). That was in 1963, and the hood has certainly gotten worse since then.

      • EL_BARK


        One i typing on a mobile, so i at an disadvatages, cause i cant type as fast as my words come to me.

        On truman, and the troops, being segregated.
        You should look up
        The tuskegee air men, as well as the other black regiments, that fought in WW2.

        What i should had said, or meant too say.

        Was it was after seeing the blacks troops and platoons fight in WW2.

        Truman had no choice but to end segregation.

        At one time, blacks troops, either got sent on sucide mission,
        Meaning first ones on the lines, to get killed.

        Or sent on dummy mission.. A lot of times when blacks platoons were sent on these sucide missions, they actually fought, a lot better and then what the white commanders thought…

        One blacks, fought so well in combat during WW2,
        And after we one it. Truman had no choice but to intergrate them.

        Also its just because its was seperate platoons, dont be nieave and thinks,
        Blacks & whites different fight in the same battles…. At the same time…..

        Different plattons, but when we invaded france on d-day. Its was only white solider.

        You had black soliders fighting in france & germany…

        Whites dont like to admit it, but ask anybody who serve,
        And they will tell you…

        2. Point on me be from the hood. Lol
        Hood is short for neghiborhood. I say hood, and again you been programmed to think,
        Poor, ghetto projects, and low income.

        Let me ask you something. Since your from jersey city.
        Queens at one point was a middle class section in NY.

        Even today if you visit there, you can be on a quiet nice block.
        And then walk around the corner and get your head blown off.
        Cause you might be on the main ave…

        Well to answer your question, hood doesnt me poor.

        You can live in a middle class/ or upper class section of the city,
        And its still the hood. It might not be as bad as other parts of the city,
        It might be a lot better then, lower class parts of the city.

        But its still the hood,
        meaning you not living in the suburbs, in a million dollar home,
        With an olympic size swimming pool.

        To answer you specific question.
        When my bought her house in the Early 70.
        The section she bought the house was, upper middle class.

        She was the only black person, and the neghibors was all white.
        Same with my father, when he bought his house in tge 60,
        His house was in an middle upper class section.

        By time the 80’s came crack and drugs hit the middle class section,
        Just like it did, all across the country.

        The white people eventually moved by the early late 80’s & early 90’s.

        And when things got to crazy, we moved to.

        You must have forgot about that little thing call drugs,
        And the alledeged war on it.

        Are next house was still an upper class section of the city,
        And the drugs & violence that took over our old neghiborhood,
        Reach, that section of the city, about 10-15 years ago.

        Its still an upper-middle class neghiborhood.
        But i live in philly, and everywhere you go its still the hood.

        Just some sections are better, then others.
        And some our worst then others…

        Some sections have more shootings, some sections,
        Shootings occur less…

        But its still the hood.

      • EL_BARK

        I saw bout five mintues of his dpeech.

        And after that i turned it off. You hear one, you heard them all.

        Bunch of promises, that he cant or wont keep.

        Pretty much it was an promo speech, for his re-election.

        I turn it off, cause i prolly not going to vote,

        Not for him, or anybody. In fact, i have never voted in my life.
        Dont know how, i dont even know what the inside of a voting booth look like.

        Truth is all policiticans lie. All of them have skeletons.

        And i have never came across a candidate, yet that is worth my vote…

        I did a lot of research on barack, and what i found out lead me to believe he no differernt then any other politician. Mason, he on the CFR commitee, bunch of stuff.

        Not to mention the president is just a pawn….

        The higher powers select the candidates…. And out of who they select.

        We elect one of the two…….

        And if we pick the wrong one…..

        They just steal it like bush did…. Lol

      • Tuesday27

        What’s up El Bark. I’m replying here so we can have an easier read.

        It seems we’re from similar circumstances. I know Queens pretty good, used to spend my summers with family near Baisley Pond park when I was a child. And when I said my parents moved from JC when they started a family in 1963 and things only got worse from there, I was refering to drugs. Let’s not forget that there was a major herion problem back in the 60’s and early 70’s, made worse by the crack epidemic. So our neigborhoods got hit hard during that 30 yr. stretch. I can not, in good conscience raise my son in such neighborhoods and schools. That’s why I wondered why you said you live in the hood, thinking you meant the real “hood.”

        So, I see you’re not going to vote. I get a similar vibe from black people that I talk to and that comment on these sites. I see a false equivilence in the comparison between. the difference is stark. Did you see that Arizona govenor put her finger in the face of the President yesterday. Let’s be clear, 80% of whites will not vote for BO this november. If we don’t come out in the same numbers as 2008, he will lose. Then, all the gov’t protections against discrimination will disappear. We will go back to the “that ni**er has a white man’s job” days of the depression. No more protection against red-lining, housing discrimination, educational opportunity, police brutality, etc….. The gov’t was the only entity that forced equility upon the people of the US. Because if the white people had their way, it would be 1930 all over again. Especially in hard economic times such as these.

        I really wish you would reconsider voting.
        We all know the system is not geared to our success. But at least support the devil that smiles at you rather than the one that kills you then urinates on you. You see their attitude. It’s alright to piss on muslims, but if a muslim/Iranian pissed on a white US troop, we would nuke them. They think they’re god, with the right to exploit, de-humanize then kill non-whites. Please believe this.

      • EL_BARK

        We will go back to the “that ni**er has a white man’s job” days of the depression. No more protection against red-lining, housing discrimination, educational opportunity, police brutality, etc….. The gov’t was the only entity that forced equility upon the people of the US. Because if the white people had their way, it would be 1930 all over again. Especially in hard economic times such as these.

        I see your point. But the things you mention above,
        Has been going on for years. No matter what president was in office,
        No matter, what party is in office. All the things, you stated happen on democrats watch, as well as republicans. When people say ” pick the lesser of the two evils”
        I thinks thatsca silly way to look at it.

        Why must i pick any “evil” ?????
        Look at this way. Cause you said you had a son.

        If your son said dad, i got to friends. (hypothectically)
        One is a drug dealers, & one is a armed robber.
        Which one do you want to be friends with. & you got pick one.

        Would you as a father, want to pick any one of them.????
        Hell no. Lol

        Your son might argrue,
        Well dad, atleast the drug dealer friend, doesnt steal and use violence.
        He is the lesser of the two evils. By that reasoning, i should atleast chose the drug dealer,
        Cause he less of an threat.

        Then a armed robber, with a gun?? Lets say, the armed robber is the republicans, & the drug dealers is the democrats.

        Both criminals / parties are destructive in their own way.

        So choosing the devil, that atleast smiles at me, might seem plausible,

        But what about that addict, that break in my house, and try to hurt me for money,
        Because he needs his drugs?????…

        See where i am going….

        Yeah the drug dealers is friendly, & mind his own business,
        Yet by them both being involved in the same elements. Which is crime.

        They both are equally, a threat to my well being….
        In one way or another.

        Its like picking between two con artist, who are really in cohoots together.

        One con-artist is up front about it.
        One con-artist is more subtle about his con.

        But never the less, they both have one thing in common.

        They both tell you what you want to hear, to get what they want.

        It terms of politics its your vote,…..

        Barack has kept a promise or two. Yes i will say that,
        Health care, ending the war.

        But has he kept every promise he made why campaigning.
        Hell no. And we didnt or shouldnt expect him to.
        Its parts of the game…..

        All them thing you mention, if i dont vote for obama, will still be a problem if he re-elected.

        To me….

        I would like to see, the cost of college reduced greatly.

        The minuimn wage, increasead.

        Gas prices down.

        Auto insurance laws, pretty soon driving a car is giing to be a thing of luxury,
        Between gas & insurance…

        None of these things, has happen during barack terms.

        And these are the things the middle class really need.

        All that talk about, raising the tax on the rich okay,
        And taxing companies that send jobs oversees, to save money is good.
        But that doesnt help me or you… Directly…

        All the oil in iraq, why is gas still 350 a gallon.

        If we went over there and pull a jack move for oil,
        Atleast break bread and hook the People up with it.

        But instead of bringing gas prices down. The gov is over there controlling it,
        And still selling it at 3.50 a gallon. See this is why i say the politician are in cohoots and crooked. It aint a secret we controlling their oil,
        But the powers that be, that approved the war.

        Wont let the price drop, because its so lucrative.


      • Tuesday27

        Oh. Another thing. Unless you rap/sing/play ball, you will be a worker. Just like 99.99999% of human existence. You’ll never be rich in america, especially fuc*in with those republicans. You don’t realize this? Mitt Romney will buy your company/store/business and sell it to your competitor after he fires all your employees. Including yourself and family. You too stupid to see that the deck is stacked against you and 99.999% of americans due to republican policy.

    • Romia Blue

      Say that shit to your representatives who keep stallin the progress…
      I think you need to read the article “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb” written by a conserative once-republican (he very well still may be) Andrew Sullivan. Don’t read nothing else on the guy until you read the article first. Be a victim of your circumstance or a victor over your situation…either way, stop complaining and so something

    • James Peach

      y’all retards expect a miracle for obama to fix the economy in one term get realistic it’s gonna take two terms plus the next president is gonna have to pick up from where obama left off to get the economy straight the george bush & dick cheney 8 year project jacked up the economy

      • 4-12

        THANK YOU!!!

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  • Well, at least Herman Cain is out the presidential running..that dude would be singing whole albums on stage if you let him

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Because that is what matters, that Barry can sing. Never mind that it is what his speech writers wrote for him to do. He Obama even said ” They didn’t think that I was going to do it.” This is nothing more than a planned press op for the prez. And we fall for it like the saps that we are. “He is alright with me! He can sing a song that I know, he MUST be a good guy.” Black folks are so gullible. 

    • Tuesday27

      I really don’t understand what you black folks are talking about. Do you prefer Newt Gingrich? Or any other republican? The division has never been clearer. Either you’re with Barack Obama, or you’re down with complete white supremacy. You choose.

  • Q.

    How cool is that…the Black President letting off a smooth soul riff, and at the Apollo?

    It’s all GAME. The Obama team are great strategists, and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to rekindle the N!gga Vote for November, right?

    …I voted for Obama too, but I had to come to accept the fact that he’s one of THEM. He nor any other elite capitalist politico can nor will fix this ratchet ass economic system that has been shamming the world for the past 150 years. This sh!t is a WRAP. Black folk gotta look past the emotion of having a Black Prez and see the bigger picture for what it is. Barack is just a SYMBOL. #getoverit

  • Can’t a person just sing Al Green for the hell of it, without having politics swarm over it?

    • garyjudahgayfaggot

      no coons aint suppose to know who to read or write let along sing negro spirituals!!!!

  • BibatheDiva

    I was SO in love… #Barack2012

  • PsSjMg

    wow u mindless sheep,barack is going to imprison you all he signed the documents dec 31 way to kick in the new year ,you americans are so brainwashed 

  • garyjudahgayfaggot

    he is such a coon, I wish he die. I wish death to ALL successful blacks because they are now leaving the slame trap and joining the demonic illumanti.. like Martin Luther Coon . Barak is a 2/3rd egg and cheese soup bart .

    i hate successful blacks…

    neggers . i wish the grand dragon was president .

  • garyjudahgayfaggot

    lmao!!! at 2/3rd neggers arguing over COONS and none black isrealite that the government killed . smh!

  • this is what i’m talking about!!!

  • KingRell25

    Just run the country and shut up….fix the economy

  • King Cold

    Still aint gettin my vote. So much stuff goin on in our country and he’s singin some al green? Aint a hater but cmon son.

    • Tuesday27

      You too. White supremacy boy.


    NO MORE 4 YEARS?????

    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • Tuesday27

    To all the “smarter than all your forefathers” black people. Listen up. The modern republican party are the dixie-crats. Segregationist racist that don’t want blacks to have a dime or freedom. If you see things differently, you’re not looking, or are down with the white supremacy agenda. Period.