Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Spending 45K a Month in Rent??!!

Life must be really good for Drake!! He has several 5 l-star chicks (insert name here — Serena, Nebby, Dollicia, etc.), he’s been consistently at the top of the charts, and now he has an amazing mega mansion match. The YMCMB rappa/singa is reportedly renting out a mega mansion in Los Angeles for a staggering $45,000 a month!!! Check out some photos of the crib below:

Drizzy’s new $9 million house is located in the swanky Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles and is enormous at 7500 square feet. The crib is fit for a king and has several tennis courts for those days when Serena wants to come over, a movie theater, massage room, several outside cabanas, an indoor swimming pool, and it even has its own waterfall and grotto!

I wonder how many “playboy mansion” style parties Drake will be indulging in at his new home. But I have to wonder, is all that worth $45,000 a month in rent??!!!

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  • I don’t care how rich you are..to spend that type of money on something like rent, knowing damn well you don’t have any ownership interest in the property, is just plain stupid.

    • ayo_ayo

      I absolutely agree with you

    • mademan3000

      I agree but a couple things my dude it’s his chips so he can drop them however he pleases…second AHH, stay getting shit twisted so this shit can quite highly be inaccurate!!!

  • Guest

    he’ll b broke soon

  • I highly doubt that this is going to cause the man financial turmoil. Why pay $1,500 a night for a presidential at a swanky hotel when you can just rent a property for 8-10 months at $45,000k/mo.? That sounds like what MC Hammer should have been doing. Astronomical maintenance fees are non-existent, astronomical property taxes are non-existent, and copping extra hotel rooms at $1.5k a pop for the entourage? Non-existent. Not to mention the privacy factor involved. Very good idea for a man who’s certainly going to be grossing $5-10 milli a year for atleast the next 2, and who is undoubtedly sitting on atleast $15-30 million. And lets be real, these people have no idea what the financial arrangement is for this man to pay the rent at this location. He could actually buy a $10 million estate, but at 20 something??? That’s a heavy burden of an investment that involves loss of opportunity. It figures that if he did this for 10 years, it would still only cost him a comparative $5 million to enjoy this $15+ million estate… And do so without half the administrative baggage involved in running a property. That is actually one helluva business decision….

    • ayo_ayo

      WHy pay 45k a month for a mega mansion to begin with. I would have said that i wouldnt be suprise if he cries broke like owens in the future but he is half jewish so i am pretty sure his jewish side of the family are forcing him to buy stocks, bonds T Bills etc. i trust jewish people, they don’t play with investments

  • rep87

    First LIE he hooked up with women this butt pirate loves poles not holes / and aint no way baby letting no artist over there get that kind of money wayne dont run shit before you dick riders start talking check out a interview ex cash money member Manny Fresh did this dude is renting this place like all them other fake mtv crib pads / when Drake wake up he will be broke he better jump ship now while he still got his little 15 min of fame

  • Trauma562

    LOL that’s when you know youre rich, when niggaz you don’t know, never met and probably never will meet take the time out of their day to post up how much money you pay for rent LOL

  • armylove0221

    Anyone else notice that those pictures look like oil paintings? Especially the third one careers don’t last forever people need to invest in the future instead of living in the present this is how dumb niggas go broke in the end

    • CooL_KiD_305

      Shutup stop worrying bout the next man money, worry bout your own.

      • ayo_ayo

        but i thought you are suppose to come on  rumor websites like Allhiphop and bossip to drop comments on rumors ?  isnt that what we all do on these site ?

    • I agree %100 , I hope Drake has a long term plan / solution. 

  • uuhhh…. 7500 sq ft isn’t enormous, especially for 9 million. Must’ve been a typo.

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  • King Cold

    And its in LA? Betta watch out drizzy. Cali is hungry and won’t think twice and pullin a kick door. And I’m only 60 miles away. Might be worth a drive to fill my pockets up

    • nastinupe

      That would have been gangster had you not announced it on the internet… ithug FAIL 

      • Donald Willis


  • nastinupe

    Hot crib.  

  • If this is accurate, Congratulations!!!   What the f*&k you think he in it for?

  • Renting is like eating with a hole in your back…..you will never get full. With that being said , the crib is spectacular.

  • $20956822

    Dusty ass drake his face always looks like it needs to be washed!!!! It’s called soap drake use it!!! Lol



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  • Royal_Chiefa

    Rent…not own..but rent..45k..he out his mind straight up. For that kinda paper you can build ya own mansion or just go buy one. He gonna be missin that 45k/month years from now..

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  • buy a house u moran