Hip-Hop Rumors: Did G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid Almost Get Stabbed Over a 50 Cent Record???!!!


G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid recently revealed how Suge Knight set him up to get poked for putting an unreleased 2Pac verse onto 50 Cent’s track “The Realest Killaz”. Apparently, Suge set up a fake DJ’ing gig at a Los Angeles club so he could get the 34th street gang to put hands on the DJ.

Check out some exerps from DJ Whoo Kid’s interview with

“Suge Knight took it upon himself to ‘find me’ that day — the promoter got tricked, too. The promoter gave me the five G’s and once I got to the stage, of course, at the time ‘In Da Club’ was the biggest record, so of course the first record I played was ‘In Da Club.’ So as soon as I played ‘In Da Club,’ the whole club turned and looked at me…[then] the promoter came up to me and was like, ‘We gotta get you out of here — Suge Knight’s in the front.

“We’re trying to call the cops so he don’t come in, but he wants to come in’ [Then] we started running out the back, I’m jumping in the van, and then for some reason – I don’t know where, but [affiliate] C-Lo got the dirtiest looking gun I ever seen in my life, so I’m looking up and I see the 34th Street Gang running up to us with knives, so I’m like, ‘Holy sh*t, I’m about to get stabbed for some 50 sh*t!’ I’m like, ‘Yo, get the gun!’ By the time [C-Lo] grabs it…the police come — [C-Lo] throws the gun all the way to the back of the van. The cops grab the 34th Street Gang, and we peel off.”

Check out the video below:

Wow, he said Sha Money XL fainted!!! Suge was a scary dude back in the day. I think I would have fainted, too!!!

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