Slavery is Back in Effect: Rap, Race and Republicans

“Racism was here but they didn’t take it seriously, and they said that I was crazy.” – Final Solution, Sister Souljah

The auditorium was packed with reporters as the Republicans held their recently televised “Hip-Hop debate,” where they gathered to decide what to do with poor Black and Latino youth. Some of the suggestions were putting African Americans back on plantations and deporting all Latinos to Mexico. It was the most highly rated show of the week but since Nicki Minaj was scheduled to make a guest appearance on “Love & Hip Hop” that night, most of the ‘hood missed it….

While most of Hip-Hop has been focused on the beef between Common and Drake, or the birth of Jay and Beyonce’s baby girl, the Republican presidential candidates have been waging their traditional war against the poor. Let’s keep it real. No matter who wins the 2012 election, Blue Ivy Carter is gonna be good. However, chances are you won’t be. There are plans being made to have you back pickin’ cotton while rappin’ “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

Although, the Republicans may go in on each other in debates, what they have in common is their hatred of the ‘hood. Recently, news sources have reported on Ron Paul’s newsletters that contained articles that dissed Black people. How Rick Santorum, allegedly, said that Black folks were down with OPM (spending Other People’s Money.) Not to mention the OG “angry white man” himself, Newt “Gangsta” Gingrich, suggesting that poor kids should pick up brooms and become school janitors. (Picture Lil Tyrone and Lakesha walking around the high school gym with a mop and bucket singin’ “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”)

But when you try to put Newt and the boys on blast, they start braggin’ about how they are the “party of Lincoln” and are really our homies.


Because they think that most of us can’t read, they are able to con the people into believing half truths and straight up lies. But as The DOC said back in the day, “I am not illiterate, no , not even a little bit.” So it’s time to pull the sheets off of ’em.

In reality, Abraham Lincoln never freed anybody, as he only gave lip service to the problem by “freeing” slaves during the Civil War in areas where he had no control. He was also no friend of Black people. According to Lerone Bennet in his work, Forced into Glory, Lincoln said repeatedly that he was a White supremacist, and that he wanted to deny Blacks equal rights because of their race.” Not quite the Honest Abe you read about in history books, huh?

Also, it must be noted that it was a Republican that sold Black folks out and ended Reconstruction. The Reconstruction Era ended when, in 1877, President Rutherford B. Hayes made a deal to remove troops from the Southern States so that he could become president (The Hayes-Tildan Compromise). Thus, unleashing an era of terror on the recently emancipated Black folks.

It is a historical fact that African Americans did not start gravitating towards the Democratic Party until the 1930’s, with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” which, according to Dr. John Hope Franklin in From Slavery to Freedom, “gave many a sense of belonging that they had never experienced before.” And even after that, the southern Dixiecrats were notorious for being anti-Black.

However, the biggest sham the Right Wingers pull off is the play-on-words. The real enemy of poor and oppressed communities is a “conservative political ideology” (not a specific political party) that has been bounced around between both parties but is now in the hands of the Republicans. Since, according to Webster’s dictionary,  “conservative” means “tending to preserve established institutions,” they are trying to keep the balance of power in this country in the hands of old rich, White men who do nothing but play golf all day and tell Negro jokes. They have been determined to conserve power by any means necessary and those means have been ugly, especially in recent history.

According to Cleveland Sellars in The River of No Return, in 1968, Republican Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon “ran for the presidency on a barely disguised ‘repress n**** and other malcontents platform’ and the streets ran red with blood immediately after he took office.” 

Beginning with the era of Reaganomics,  Hip-Hop ran head on with the Right Wing. As early as 1984, Melle Mel rapped on “Jesse” that, “They want a stronger nation at any cost/Even if it means everything will soon be lost.” The run-in that  Tupac Shakur had with Conservatives in the early ’90s is a part of Hip-Hop history. What is interesting is that one of the architects of the Right Wing Rap Attack, Bill Bennett was quoted years later suggesting that one way to lower the crime rate would be to “abort every Black baby.”

Also, while most of the Hip-Hop Nation was focused on the East Coast/West Coast beef during the mid-’90s, Newt Gingrich and the Right Wing were staging a Republican Revolution to “take back America.”

One of the tools that the Conservatives have successfully used are the scare tactics where they either tried to convince Molly in Iowa that a big, Black boogie man was waiting in the bushes to get her (the Willie Horton ads). Or convince 8th grade drop out,  Billy Bob in Alabama that the reason he couldn’t get a job was because some lazy “minority” took it (Jesse Helm’s “white hands ad”).

So, in 2012, we see history repeating itself. Same dirty tricks; different day.

While the feasibility of voting really helping the ‘hood is debatable, being ignorant of current events isn’t.

Like KRS said on “The Mind,” “Whether you know it or not/ You’re deep in politics/ All inside of it/ In fact, you’re the issue…”

“Don’t let this government, diss you.”

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly “This Ain’t Hip Hop” is a column for intelligent Hip Hop Headz. His website is  Reach him at or on Twitter (@truthminista).

  • So in one line the writer says “Abraham Lincoln never freed anybody,” then he goes on to say, “recently emancipated Black folks.” So which one is it? Did Lincoln free the slaves or not? If we weren’t freed, why are we not on plantations right now? Maybe the truth is Lincoln was a complicated white man with a variety of views. Or he could have just been an opportunist who said what ever was most advantageous to his political aspirations at the time. *kanye shrug*

    • The slaves were emancipated, but it was not because of the emancipation proclamation it was the 13th amendment. Lincoln only put the proclamation as a threat. He stated that if he could keep slavery and hold the nation together that he would. Also he suggested that blacks should colonize Latin America because we would always be discriminated against here.

      • You are partially right, slavery was not OUTLAWED in the US until passage of the 13th amendment in 1865. But the emancipation did free slaves in rebel states. Lincoln said he would issue a formal emancipation of all slaves in the Confederate States of America if rebel states did not return to the union by Jan. 1st 1863 (there is the threat). No rebel states returned, so the emancipation was signed and issued on Jan. 1st 1863 (Threat implemented), and had took effect in southern locations EXCEPT for those already in union control. Big the bigger point is, the truth about Lincoln is he is neither him being a total 100% racist bigot, nor is he an angelic abolitionist. As it often happens, the truth is somewhere in between.

      • I can understand where you’re coming from but only a few slaves were freed upon its signature. He was just a man trying to do his job. He is celebrated more than he should be. Like in the article the writer mentions how they use the slogan ” Party of Lincoln” like we should care.Lincoln did what all Presidents do and that whatever they feel is necessary at the time being. There is no reason why that bit of history should have ever influenced the black vote.

      • John G. White

        Keep in mind the root meaning of the word “emancipate” is “transfer of ownership.” Transfer of what? From an English model of slavery to a Roman model of slavery. Why? Well, at the height of the Roman Empire over 90% of the populace were “slaves,” (mind you, ‘slavery’ then is quite different from what many consider ‘slavery’ now)  in some shape, form or fashion. The distinction, however, was how one could still obtain, virtually, whatever social title (professor, doctor, etc) one wanted to obtain…but nevertheless, you still remained enslaved. The emancipation proclamation only “outlawed’ certain degrees of economic servitude. No document can render a slave “free.” Especially if the ideology, customs and rituals of a given society remain in tact.

      • Keep in mind the root meaning of the word “emancipate” is “transfer of ownership.” Transfer of what? 

        From private ownership , to national ownership / 14th amendment citizens. ( Glad you caught that though! Damn good question. )

      • Whole vote = lesser of two evils , which still equals evil.

      • He might have issued the order but, this emancipated no one.  Had real efforts, like the Second Confiscation Act been implemented, instead of struck down, by Lincoln, ALL slavery would have been outlawed in this country, not just in states that weren’t loyal to the Union.  Lincoln had first hoped to see slavery carry on at least until the mid-20th century and, later, foresaw a compromise where black people would be deported to Africa and slaveowners given reparations for the loss of their “property”.  Lincoln was, at best, a political opportunist who was forced, kicking and screaming, into an anti-slavery position.

      • I agree that ” Lincoln was, at best, a political opportunist who was forced, kicking and screaming, into an anti-slavery position.”
        But I don’t agree that some slaves weren’t free, its just not historically accurate. The proclamation freed about 50,000 slaves and, and about 3 million by advancing union soldiers, now does this mean they had rights and were treated fairly?? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  There was a mountain struggle that had to fought by black people to gain basic human rights. But whatever abolitionist legislations that was being pushed in Lincolns day was NEVER gonna get passed, as racist as that society was. Emancipation Proclamation is the best your gonna get. Kinda like how liberals complain today about how Obama didn’t pass universal healthcare, when the realties of the situation are much more complicated. Lincoln was as racist as the average northerner back then, and that should be expected. That doesn’t mean didn’t believe in basic human freedoms. Lincoln has so many contrasting quotes, we can sit here in cherry pick them all day like, ” If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it.” Thats about as bi-polar as you can get. But confederate spy John Wilkes Booth sure thought he did something wrong to put a bullet in his head….

      • The proclamation freed all the slaves…and the 14th amendment placed them into bondage, along with every other citizen, bondage to the government, as a voluntary servant.

      • Reconstruction era , reconstruction amendments , reconstructed the country ( 14th ) into a new slave state.

        Do you feel free now? Or do you need permission / permit to do every thing? Marry? Build House? Protect Yourself / Carry a gun? Work? Drive? Travel? Eat / hunt / fish?

      • Too bad the rebel states were in armed rebellion & thought little of any proclamation. 

      • 13th allowed for new slavery…”VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE”, 1TH DEFINED “vOLUNTEERING” , as being born on US soil / citizenship, the 15th gave Black people the right to vote on it….after it was too late.

      • jgraves58

        Republicans congressmen crafted and passed the 13, 14 & 15th amendments. These amendments primarily benefitted blacks.

      • rep87

        YOU are right only problem later on they back peddle blacks were republicans later on but switch parties during the 50s and 60s REPublicans became the party to very wealthy and they spew racism to the poor whites they use them every election

      • jgraves58

        I’ve heard the theory of racist Democrats becoming Republicans, but I find that completely illogical. Democrats, the racist ones, are only documented to have left the Democrat party to create the Dixiecrat Party. When that folded I find it illogical that those very same racist will join the very party that caused them to leave the Democrats because of the dissention caused in not having a strong enough race-based opposition to the Republicans. The only logical choice would be for them to re-join the Democrats and work their way into the party leadership. There’s more evidence of that taking place by the further creation of racist Jim Crow laws in the years after the fold of the Dixiecrats by the Democrats. Those racist would not have been the leading majority vote in the voting rights act, which is what the Republicans were. The theory and the reality just don’t add up. Thanks for responding, have a good day. Peace.

    • Q.

      I respect all you brothas’ comments, but the bottom line here is…this society has NEVER been about the betterment of human rights or fairness and equality amongst humanity. This America concept is a blood-sucking BUSINESS first and foremost, and any decisions made politically have been in the interests of preserving or expanding said business, including the so-called “emancipation” of the Negro slave. No need to debate the past, really… It’s 2012, and the BUSINESS is officially BANKRUPT–let’s celebrate that and build on the future (NOW) and how we’re going to transition into a new improved world! Never do what they do. F*ck fear.

    • We are on plantations. %72 of all fed long term prisoners , are non violent , drug & gun offenders, with no victim. Income tax = 1/3 pay, so instead of blacks being full time slaves, every one is now a 1/3 slave , via income tax.

      Unless being forced to work 4mnths of the yr ( 33 & 1/3% ) for free ( Income tax ) is called something else.

  • Ron Paul 2012..fuck the bullshit and propaganda trying to get puppet Obama 4 more years to kill arabs/africans and shit on the constitution/your rights.

    • Boy I was just about to get crazy ignorant on your ass, I’m good now.

      Obama 2012

      • please, don’t be ‘crazy ignorant..’ that’s what has you talking about ‘obama 2012’ in the first on color instead of being a thinking human being..this statement says it all

        “Give the brother a chance. We been give these white boys a chance
        forever. Do give up on the brother yet, just because shit looks bad.”

        Can’t argue politics and policy..when you start looking at facts and what’s really been going on, it’s damn near impossible to support Obama or any of these other clowns..much easier to just say ‘hey vote for the black least he’s not white!”

        Do some research so you at least know what the man you’re supporting is all about..and by research i don’t mean listening to his speeches and propaganda (unless its to point out how many of his campaign promises have been thrown out the window)..I mean looking at what he has voted for before becoming president as well at what he has signed/proposed to sign in to law while in office..then look at how many arabs/africans (yea..blacks and browns) we’ve killed under his watch with these drone strikes and illegal wars..then explain to me why we’re about to go to war with Iran under his watch..its cuz they hate us for our freedoms, so we need to blow them up, right..?

        Then go look at Ron Paul’s voting record, and research his stance on issues that actually specifically affect the black/brown community, such as the ridiculously biased drug laws, instead of eating up the ‘someone (NOT Paul himself) wrote some racist shit in a Paul himself must be a racist’ that you’re being fed by mainstream media.. and then you tell me which of the two actually gives a shit about minorities and the poor.

        Crazy ignorant, indeed.

      • Obama = Bush….on steroids.
        Different Color, same policy.

        We would have been better off dipping a grapefruit in chocolate & voting for it , based on color.

      • Hate is contagious….

      • Put the Pom Poms down for a second , remove race from the issue & actually look at the policies…then debate on them alone.

        Be skeptical of all of them , until their actions mandate otherwise.

      • Why?

    • rep87


      • why don’t you read/research the reasons he voted the way he did, instead of just reading the headline “ron paul votes against MLK day, civil rights legislation; hates black people.” The man is a Libertarian..but im not going to continue arguing with the close-minded..its like trying to explain color to a blind man..but for all of you STILL supporting puppet Obama, let me ask you do you justify him signing NDAA into law? How do you justify extending the Patriot Act? simple questions..please don’t deflect talking about ‘well ron paul is a racist cracker’ or whatever other ignorant bullshit you’re getting from sites like AHH, just answer the questions.

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  • rep87

    Newt gingrich is a fat nasty racist cracker who spill LIES every time he open his mouth and its SAD this type of wortless piece of trash who should be in the federal pen for what he did during his years as a congressman/ in order for him to appeal to his base he must spew racist remarks ron paul this card carrying klans man is way to old and out of touch with anything / santorium is no better and THE RUBLICAN PARTY IS ONE BIG CIRCUS THEY ALL FOOLISH AZZ CLOWNS

    • Well you sure sound intelligent. I love how you people cry racism at the drop of a hat, yet spew racial remarks every chance you get. You know why you’re stuck where you are? Because you’re too lazy to make your own decisions. You’re too lazy to work for anything, and that is exactly what obama and his liberal pals bank on. Wake up, stupid.

      • rep87

        SORRY you are so mistaken I work and recieve no hand outs if you think newt is not a RACIST you are the DUMBEST person on EARTH /WHITES recieve more hand outs than any race on earth do your home work/ out side they benifited more from the thieves who came to america and stole every GOT DAMN THING THAT WASNT NAIL DOWN AND LIED MURDERED THER WAY TO THE TOP BUT YOUR TIME IS UP ? TRYING TO TELL US WHO DISCOVORED AMERICA WHEN THE NATIVE INDIANS WAS ALL READY HERE/ TO HELL WITH ANY NO GOOD RACIST DONT GET MAD AT ME OR ANY OTHER RACE WHEN THE TRUTH IS ALL THEM TEA BAGGERS AND THE REPUBLICANS RUNNING FOR OFFICE ARE A BUNCH IGNORANT RACIST !

  • Paul Scott, this article is a little extreme, too bias to turn independent voters or open minded people on the right path. That being said, I do agree with 80% what you have stated. One thing that I would say is that it’s some bullshit,that the republican party actually will hold a ‘Hip-hop’ televised debate. Only 4 debates have gone on within the past 2weeks that I know of and it has all been news media networks. I could be interpreting what you meant the wrong way or you probably was being sarcastic.They don’t give 2 shits about the poor, middle class, minorities (race), let alone a damn hip-hop base form debate. So everything you said regarding that Hip-Hop debate is false.

    Anyway, I’m diggin your mind set. Your overall view is on point. Don’t add falsehood to try to strengthen the truth in your words. You are saying some real shit overall.

    • BuckFuddy

      PLEASE read up on what the author says. None of it is false. Do your your research before righting something off.

      • Read my statement about the republican party holding a hip-hop form type of debate, and you tell me that they did. Look it up.The shit didn’t happen. They don’t give a shit about our culture.
         I’m not writing off homie’s message, it’s the delivery that’s a little too much.Hell I’m glad that the man, is speaking/writing on some real shit. Nothing but love for my brother.

  • Who What Why When

    No matter who the president is, they will have to play “the game”. The niggas that made “the game” have an agenda and whoever they give us to follow will play by the rules of it or get whacked. Period. Even though thats the case, all games come to an end at some point. Get right inside and with your peoples because like Pac once said, I think when ish fall apart(and it will) its gonna be hard to smile. Prepare and invest in the survival of you and yours.

    • Obama 2012.

      I’m not trying to hear that shit until he gets his second term and no do anything. Give the brother a chance. We been give these white boys a chance forever. Dont give up on the brother yet, just because shit looks bad. It could be worse with one of them Republicans in the house.

      • Did you even read what Brandon said?  He only does what he’s ALLOWED to do, if you really think the Pres. is top dog you’re trippin.  He does what the lobbyists and corporate interests say and that’s it, ain’t no room for thinkin outside the box or havin your own agenda unless it benefits them.  JFK thought it’d be a good idea to think outside the box for the good of the people, and we all know how THAT turned out…and he was a white boy, what you think they’re gonna do to the brotha if he tries to get slick??

      • Yeah homie, I read what the dude said. And I refuse to believe the shit until Obama gets his 2 terms. I feel like he had to walk on egg shells because of hopes of being re-elected. Tho he did do some things that the “corporate/lobbyist” heads didn’t want, mainly going for healthcare reform. He took a hit for that.
        Bottom line, if he doesn’t tough’n up during his second term then I’ll concede to your and any other nigga point that he or any other president ain’t shit.But until then, I’m not giving up on him.
         He is the FIRST black president getting scrutinize from ever angle, mainly from the racists, the uninformed, and republicans.  
        Louis Farrakhan hated that we aided in the attack on Libya. But if you ask him who he is for, he’ll tell you Obama. Because he realize what Obama is up against. And Farrakhan is blacker than a muthafucka!
        Tavis Smiley & Cornel West is extremely disappointed in Obama at the moment over a lack of a focus on a black agenda regarding poverty, but they know that he is 100x better than the republicans that are running. I know a lot of young niggas don’t like Al Sharpton (because of what Lil’ Wayne says) but he and Jesse Jackson know that Obama is trying. Look at Politic Nation on MSNBC.

         Don’t give up on the brother just yet, my dude.

        If we don’t stand by us, then who will?

      • Ok, so support him because of his race?  Or for bombing Africa & having a great excuse for why he hasn’t helped Black people? Oh, cuz he’s black???? Wait, he isn’t Black, he is “AFRICAN” – AMERICAN.

        Not the same , shyt, he ain’t even eligible to be president , because his father is a Kenyan Citizen , making him a dual citizen, instead of the constitutionally required “Natural Born”…..but he has a skin tan, so floks will take it in the @$$ from him, faster & deeper , cuz he’s not white?


        Focus on independence / Land , not one of our oppressors puppets.

      • You sound suspect homie.

        BTW, Romney’s father was born in Mexico. But he’s white so it’s ok 🙂

      • If I sound suspect , then you need your hearing checked.

        Still, you will get your precious 2nd term… I just hope it isn’t too late after that , but do you expect him to do with it?

        Make weed legal? Compensate Blacks for slavery? At best , he’ll pacify the citizenry with excess , all sizzle & no steak.

        Matthew 7:16
        “By their fruits , Ye’ shall know them!”

        Bailouts? Bombings? BoolChet?

      • I see you are going out of your way to discredit Obama. Not a word said about Romney, Paul, Santorum or Gingrich. 

        When a black man steps up, sadly (sooner or later) another will pull him down.

        “Somethings will never change…”

      • They all no good , but you already know that!

      • This is true! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • In Fuggin’ DEED!

  • Casor_Greener

    Lot of ignorance and race baiting in this post and the comments.  Most of you all are clearly uninformed.  The article is a stretch. Long story short “Do for Self”.  No political party is a “friend” to any race more than the other (except white of course).  Make the system work for you and stop looking for a handout.

    • Co Siggity 

      But we need our own, more than their system.


  • Q.

    Hey, it’s 2012. We’re in the 4th quarter, well past the 2 minute warning, no timeouts…

    If you’re Black and still worried about what the white man is doing at this very late date, you’re already LOSING. It’s a wrap for this illusionary game. Politics is basically irrelevant now–but it’s up to YOU to stop investing thought into this bullshit system. Let it die off already and get on with WINNING!

    • Exactly…all this racism talk in 2012 (even though racism IS still very alive) just perpetuates a lil theory I’ve had for a hot minute now about how those in power are just usin the classic divide and conquer technique.  The masses are a lot easier to keep in pocket when you can keep every everyone at each other’s throats…White vs.Black, White vs. Mexican, Black vs.Mexican, middle class vs. lower class, etc.  It’s Willie Lynch in full effect, just on a much larger scale…they saw it worked with Black folks so they decided to see just how far they could push the shit.  They don’t care about the middle class White soccer mom any more than they do anyone else, she’s just as expendable to em as we are.

      • You need to write a column.
        Sydney Lace writing about Iphones that have sex????

        Kick it Man!

      • Haha what’s good with ya E, how ya livin fam?

    • Yuppers!
      Prep & prepare for when $hyt Hit The Fan ( If you are one of those who don’t think it has hit already.

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  • Obama: ‘We’ve come too far to turn back’

    • lol , hahahahahaahaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA HAAAa

  • This is the most retarded, pathetic, horribly-written piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. Go ahead and pander to your “savior” obama and his liberal pals. That seems to have worked so far for you guys now hasn’t it? ha.

    • This is true, except the article was on point , waiting on Obama is stupidity at it’s best.

  • BuckFuddy

    I think some of you need to do some research before posting. Everything the author says in this article is based on history and facts. Republicans have always used middle class and poor whites as pawns for their political purposes. They cater to the fears of this group by using racist retoric to scare ‘swing’ voters into voting for their party. When we turn on Fox News we see black faces blasted all over the T.V but Fox news tends to ignore white crimes. Then a white racist politician gets on T.V. and screams that something must be done to these blacks that are destroying America. Whites out of fear of what they just saw on Fox news agree that something should be done and vote for that candidate. This a dumbed down explanation but this is what they have done for decades now to get the white vote. Middle class and poor whites should know that the rich white elite care less about you than they do about us black people. You are nothing more than a vote for a member who will cater to the needs of the rich white elite and not you. Anytime black and poor white unity has occured, rich white elite have acted to end it. Hiphop music has become a target of these people because it is seen as a bridge to black and white unity. More white kids listen to Hiphop music than ever before and this scares the heck out of rich white elite. But anyway I challenge everyone to research the claims that the author has made. I guarentee you will not find a single falsehood in any of it.

  • Like KRS said on “The Mind,” “Whether you know it or not/ You’re deep in politics/ All inside of it/ In fact, you’re the issue…”
    “Don’t let this government, diss you.”

    I know this fugged up somebody’s head!

  • jgraves58

    It’s pretty obvious that Paul Scott has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the democrat party. He never mentioned the constitutional amendments, written by republicans to free blacks, were opposed by democrats. He never mentioned that all the southern Jim Crow laws were written by democrats. Nor did he mention that the majority vote for the voting rights act was republican and that the Ku Klux Klan is a organization created by democrats. He also took many events out of context by not telling the whole truth. The Democrat party is the party of slavery, it was once their party slogan, of course, the indoctrinated Mr. Scott won’t tell you that.

    • Those amendments did more damage than you think.

  • Democrats = Republicans

    It’s not two parties , it’s one party with 2 factions.

  • Reblogged this on The Main Source.

  • i been saying this since i was in high school … Lincoln only freed the slaves because the SOUTH had a firm foot in the North’s azz … and it was all a rush to see who was gonna reach THE GOLD RUSH westward 1st …

  • WhiteGuilt

    Maybe you should do a little more research. Some facts for you to ponder. My facts come from the Library of Congress.
    §  1850-Fugitive Slave Law & 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, motivated decent men to form the REPUBLICAN PARTY to fight for Civil Rights.
    §  1857-A Democratic controlled Supreme Court delivered the Dred Scott decision, declaring blacks were not persons/citizens but property and had no rights. Creating platform that resulted in election of Abraham Lincoln (REPUBLICAN).
    §  1865-13th Amendment (to end slavery) Congress-final vote: 118 Republicans and 19 Democrats.
    §  1868-14th Amendment (guaranteeing black citizenship and civil rights) Congress-final vote: not one Democrat voted for this legislation.
    §  1870-15th Amendment (guaranteeing blacks the right to vote) Congress-final vote: not one Democrat voted for this legislation.
    §  1875 Civil Rights Act (guaranteeing equal rights for blacks) Congress-final vote: not one Democrat voted for this legislation.
    §  1876-Democrats gained control of the House, ended Reconstruction and removed the federal troops that were protecting Blacks and their Civil Rights.
    §  1882-1964 total lynching’s: 4,743 of which 3,446 were Blacks and 1,297 were White people.
    §  1880 Southern Redemption – Democrats implemented laws/tactics to prevent blacks from voting: Poll Tax, Literacy Tests, Grandfather Clause, Multiple Ballots, Hide-and-Seek Polling Places, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, Gerrymandering, White-Only Primaries, just to name a few.
    §  1900-Democrats sought to repeal the 14th and 15th Amendment.
    §  1953-Dwight E. Eisenhower (Republican) pushed for Civil Rights, creating the Civil Rights Division within the US Justice Department.
    §  1964 Civil Rights Act & 1965 Voting Rights Act: with 315 Democrats in Congress, Lyndon Johnson only needed 269 votes to pass these bills. Final vote: 198 Democrats. Thank G-d for Republicans – AGAIN!

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