Cash Money’s Baby to Bet $5 Million on Super Bowl

(AllHipHop News) Cash Money’s Bryan “Baby” Williams has never been one to hide the fact that he likes to gamble and that he puts money on the big games.

This year’s Super Bowl is no different than last, as Birdman is again betting on arguably the world’s biggest and most highly televised championship game in sports.

Last year he had a $1 million on the Green Bay Packers, but this year Baby is uping the anti and putting $5 million on the big game, going with his “nephew,” Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis’ team, the New England Patriots.

“I like New nephew play RB# 42.I’m Bet 5million 2 any tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit,” Birdman tweeted from his account, @BIRDMAN5STAR.

The Super Bowl Kicks off on Sunday, February 5th, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Madonna is set to headline the halftime show.

Tickets to Lucas Oil Stadium for the 2007 Super Bowl rematch between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants are currently starting at $1,500.

  • illymac

    Baby caked up..
    Making 5million dollar bets..
    his money long..

    • armylove0221

      You are dumb as hell throwing away money in times like this shows how ignorant and selfish he is he can donate that money to someone in need

      • illymac

        Damn why U calling me dumb??
        I aint bet 5mil..
        However, thats his money
        he can spend it how he want..

  • s0rethumb

    Blog entries about the “have” sure is interesting to the “have not”. With all the tax incentives the rich get; 5 million  in 2012 is the adjusted equivalent to 1 million in 2011. It will probably be 9 million next year.

    “I would be Ivy League if America played fair”- Nas

  • junioray

    Impress me and donate some of those winnings to those in need. Bragging about squandering millions isnt good in my eyes.

  • rep87

    The value of a dollar is way down a fool and his money will soon part

  • H. U. S.

    This some stupid azz monkey sh*t!!! We’re in a time period where homelessness is at an all-time high, and he’s throwing $5 Mil on a football game?

    I swear the Uncle Ruckus in my blood is boiling to the top!!

  • johnblacksad

    Only thing ninjaz wanna know is what ever happened to Bronald Oil & Gas LLC??!!!

  • yeah this stupid of baby  to bet $5 million dollars on a football game there are a lot people in need he can donate too

  • Anne Noise

    Upped the ante*.  #grammarsogangsta

  • pariots gon win baby about to be 5 mill richer HA

  • he’ll be broke in a minute hip hop money aint too good and the economy is still fucked up 

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    and he wonder why he ain’t on Forbes top millionaire moguls list. always bragging about spending & betting that YMCMB money. he the only one that let everyone know his business out in these streetz. now that’s ghetto 

    • BoldSpice

      Forbes list don’t put money in his pocket so i’m sure he don’t give a fukk. Besides he too hood for that sh!t they want pretty boy b!tches like Diddy and Gay Z.

  • He about to lose 5 million dollars

  • …yet he never bought that Excelero

  • armylove0221

    He better hope ymcmb lasts forever

  • its his money but why does the Uncle Tom have to always tell everyone he is doing it, people know he rich why he still on that shit, but these are the artist people like to help these uncle tom house niggas, that dont say shit to his people just coon shit, he is a house nigga still, he wont say shit to uplift his people,, he comes out side sometimes to let the field niggas what he bought or what he is going to buy or bet on, the master the record labels fronted him money to sell the field niggas bullshit music cause they will but cause they not smart enough to know that bullshit wayne, drake, minaj uncle tom music aint shit,  just like the field nigga who use to try to escape would tell the house nigga lets go the house nigga would be like what for i love this house and my master they feed me good and dress me good i got all i want, same shit now why give ur people some good shit when he eating well,,,

  • Smashit

    I bet this fool sits back & laughs his azz off at how many people pay attention to his childish ways – nobody paying attention that he said he bet 5 mil to ANY NIGGA who like the Giants – he didn’t say he was betting 5 mil & if he does big shet just another idiot spending money that’s not his – everybody forget him & Diddy live off credit  LOL

  • David Sentongo

    honestly, this isn’t big news. 
    this man bets BIG money on almost every major sports event. 
    he ain’t losing money, so somethin is working for him. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • Damn,he’s going to lose all that money.Don’t bet with your heart people.Eli’s playing his ass off.I know,I know,Tom Brady.But it’s going to come down to Defense in this one.And you know the G-men got that locked.Sorry Birdman,Looks like your wallet will be a 5 mil lighter come the Mon. after the Super Bowl.Chump change right?SMH..

    souncloud.c o m/jimmyhifi

  • $21092579

    This fool is gonna bet 5 million before he pays Mannie Fresh and all of those producers and artists that he ripped off? And then he has the nerve to say to any nigga…..Oh yea? I can name 15 niggas I bet he won’t pay…Haha…A clown indeed.

  • any bozo can bet without spreads..