Kid Cudi Vows To Trash Any Stage If Set Is Cut Short

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kid Cudi took to his personal blog to reply to reports that he trashed a stage during a festival in Australia over the weekend.

Kid Cudi took responsibility for trashing the stage during the Heatwave Festival, after the sound man cut is set short by almost 30 minutes.

On his Cud Life blog, the rapper warned promoters that in the future, he would repeat the act, if his sets are cut short.

“If my set is EVER cut short at any show, im trashing the stage. Not out of anger, it takes a lot to get me furious nowadays, but out of principle,” Kid Cudi wrote on his blog. “The fans always deserve a full set at all shows, especially when they spend their hard earned money on expensive tickets. A lot of artist wouldnt do what I did in Australia, but I will.”

Kid Cudi, who has 367,864 fans on Twitter, also said that he would take it to the next level if there was any more unwanted interference with his shows.

“No matter the circumstance, cut my set short, im breaking s**t. And next time im startin a riot,” Kid Cudi promised. “Me and my fans. Cause promoters will sometime take advantage of the artists, and u gotta let em know what time it is. Cutting nobody any slack.”

Kid Cudi’s anger was a carryover from the Heatwave Music Festival, which took place in Melbourne over the weekend.

A series of operational problems left many fans enraged, while a number of headlining artists missed or canceled appearances, including D12 and Chamillionaire.

In related news, Kid Cudi and Chip Tha Ripper who together are known as The Almighty Gloryus, released their track “Gloryus.”

The track can be found on Chip Tha Ripper’s new mixtape “Tell Ya Friends.”

Check out Kid Cudi at The Heatwave Festival:

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29 Responses to “Kid Cudi Vows To Trash Any Stage If Set Is Cut Short”

  1. MrTroyMercy

    this cat right here is a true artist …he actually give a damn about the fans that made him rich ..unlike some of these artist …

    Peace out to Cudi – respect!

  2. H. U. S.

    Dude, you tipped some sh*t over…..ok, but next time promise to blow some sh*t up on stage! Do you know how many more people would come just to see if you’d do it? Just find a way to make it safe for your audience and bandmembers….

  3. junioray

    Umm, okay he knocked a couple of light over?? Thats all? I respect him for feeling that the fans were slighted and he “let out his frustration”. But lets be for real, he need to look at rock bands and how they trash a stage. Take notes cudi.

  4. Romia Blue

    just because it’s justified, don’t make it right. now the minute somebody ends up hurt or worse, they gonna sue his stupid ass because he told the venue in print he phuckin shyt up, and then they’re gonna sue the venue/promoter for booking him.

    If u an artist, take it out on those responsible for cutting your set short. Don’t involve the audience by eggin on a riot. If they wanna be idiots and do that, then fine. But from a liability stand point, that’s just dumb as phuck

  5. NYCPeruano

    Lmao he didn’t trash that stage tipping over 3 items on stage is trashing shit ! Back in the day heavy metal bands would trash stages and they weren’t even doing it on purpose lmao

  6. NorthDollasTX

    ole’ thin MINT azz niggah couldnt TRASH THE STAGE if he was in a cotdamn TRASH TRUCK

    nobody like yo music anyway niggah

      • BoldSpice

        That comeback sucked too. Comedy aint ya strong point son. But yeah i hear what u saying.!.!.!.!

      • NorthDollasTX

        you noticed that … you right B –  AINT A FUNNY BONE IN MY BODY … and i really meant that when i said your name sucked

        you was better off calling yourself GUCCI – 
        its a group of english white girls with that same name you rockin’
        but OK den …

      • BoldSpice

        There’s an OG from Cali “rockin” that name too homie. But Gucci Spice might work, thanks. And FYI  one of them girls was black.

      • NorthDollasTX

        LMBAO witta name like that  BIG OG must be one of the one’s Ray-J was gonna send to rape FAB  … the black one?!?!?!  just cause she got melanin in her skin dont make her black … SHE BRITISH and they had her carrying the mic stands and guitar cases like she was they ROADY

      • BoldSpice

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      • NorthDollasTX

        look weirdo … its common knowledge that it’s black people EVERYWHERE … but aint nothing BLACK about her except her skin
        research a BEFORE and AFTER (eddie murphy) picture of that broad and then try to convince yourself she still BLACK … niggah she about as black as SAMMY DAVIS JR was after he started hanging with the RAT PACK

        and why you recycling other people’s names … let the CALI OG live and give his namesake back … change ur shyt to GUCCIspice

      • BoldSpice

        Now you back pedaling sucka. Black is black don’t matter how you talk.
        The white man still gonna call you a black azz ni99er. I’m not recycling shyt i was going along with your stupid spice girls comment and giving another example. I know Dollas TX is original and all that, right. Chill out ni99a my name isn’t to impress you.

      • NorthDollasTX

        niggah said CHILL OUT cuz his name wasnt to impress ME … dumb shyt, my comment wasnt to impress you – so whose doing the backpeddling the niggah that commented on my comment or ME for commenting back

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      • BoldSpice

        Awww sh!t the angry black man role coming out. Go ahead playa. You don’t care what the white man think but you using they terms. No panties here baby boy just Boxers and a big black dick, since you care what’s under my jeans. Your lost playboy pick a side and stay on it. You coming of real random right now.

  7. BoldSpice

    He looking out for you dumb monkeys making sure you get your money worth and all you can do is hate. Sending the wrong message? So whats the right message? Take it up the azz?

  8. NorthDollasTX

    @ GUCCI SPICE – dayum myG you brainwashed like aMF – so im ANGRY because i could give a shyt less about how WHITE people perceive BLACK people – why care when i cant change it.  You dumb niggah and i can tell you believe everything they told you in that US HISTORY class too – im using they terms, im also using they language LIKE THE REST OF US (double standard HOW YOU SAY IM USING THEY TERMS but BLACKSPICE dont act like she wanna be WHITE)  yeah ok den

    • BoldSpice

      I here that. Believe me brotha I don’t give a fukk what the crackers think either. I actually don’t give a fukk about Blackspice far as i know they all talk like that Corrine Bailey Rae and Leona Lewis too. She was just an example. I was talking more to the way your writing came off a lil heated with the CAPS and all. I don’t consider myself dumb either cuz, so it aint gotta be all that, i’m just very opinionated.

  9. CaliTransplant

    Kid Cudi-wack and overrated…who gives a rats ass if he trashes a stage-on some real, if he put out there that he’s trashing stages on the regular, i’m not booking him! no shows, no scrilla…money gone…and he hasnt made anything hot since day n nite! dumb ass trash ass rapper..

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