Alley Boy “I Want In” [Young Jezzy and T.I. Diss]

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  • NorthDollasTX

    on mama’s this shyt KINDAH interesting … i know ALLEY BOY useta be on GRAND HUSTLE
    INDAY was bigging that niggah up for exposing Yung LA – and i know for sure they got MUTUAL friendships – so this either some JACK THE RAPPER “trying to get my buzz up” or its some real live shyt – i say its interesting cuz Jeezy really bout that shyt to … and i dont see that niggah sitting quiet – i think TI smarting then the both them niggahs – as far as KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THE GAME

    • Yeah you right, TIP gonna play it smart he dont want jail again….that beef might spill over into the streets.

  • jerod kirkland

    don’t sound like he was dissin nobody in particular. dope track! BITCH I WANT IN!!

  • Capbussa

    Shit make my head hurt with all that screaming, fake azz pastor troy

  • rep87

    this dude will never get in taking on heavy weights that have talent/ you got the right name lame azz buster allyboy should be ally girl fill with all that HATING

  • Chevy_Rida

    He did diss Tip. TI latest mixtape is F@*k Tha City Up. Alley Boy was never on Grand Hustle.He’s signed to Duct Tape Ent. Thats why he went at Yung LA because he tattooed the Duct Tape logo duck on his face. Alley Boy wanted it off of his face. Thats the fact.

  • This shit could turn into suttin serious…Ya’ll know Jeezy rep dat blue flag, and dem Duck Tape niggaz all bloods…this could spill off in the street cause war…All I can say to Alley is be careful what u ask for cause u just might get it!!!

    • MadVillain

      LOL jeezy as real as rick false. im more than certain alley has NOTHIN to worry about

      • 42GoGetta

        I know rick ross a hoe, but what u got on Jeezy? Far as I know dat nigga solid!

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  • atle fjeldstad

    So Jeezy crippin now? I thought he was black flaggin? Oh my bad, he didn`t want a part of that when Meech and em got jammed up.. Remember what Pimp said..

  • Naim Brixx Quaterman


  • Robert Douglass

    T.I. and Trouble did a song together on f*ck the city up and Trouble is Alley’s right hand man, so i dont understand why he would diss T.I. so soon after his best friend did a collabo with him

  • This nigga is straight garbage. He has no rhyme skills at all. Who would sign this clown. 

  • NorthDollasTX

    this some flwaed azz shyt right here … this niggah got old GRAND HUSTLE affiliates working for Duct Tape AND AT ONE POINT HE WAS NEGOTIATING WITH GRAND HUSTLE before crossing over to Duct Tape- the niggah was just on Jeezy’s mixtape – Inday gv the niggah shots for jumping yung la … on top of that NIGGAH YOU AINT ADDRESS THEM WACK ASS G4BOYZ AND ALL THEY ALLEGATIONS ABOUT YOU NOT WANTING THAT FADE – he wanted to stand ten toes down on YUNG LA but faded to black when them AFRICAN niggahs was on yo helmet … thang is i was just out there and the niggah gets no spins on the radio … i heard PHUCK DA CITY UP damn near in its entirety over the radio lol – i like the movement DUCT TAPE got going on – but niggah you reaching.  Jeezy put you on his mixtape and you been phucking with TIP for a minute …

    unless its something he seen in both them niggahs (jeezy/ti) that he can expose
    i still aint convinced … this shyt turning into WWF

    “niggah you just act ALLEY”
    -t.i.p.  “reallly living like that”

  • Sounds like a jealous fool he mad cause he wasn’t on the Record

  • Sounds like a jealous fool mad because he wasn’t on the record and really he lame cause I don’t remember him calling out any names. But maybe if he get his skills up he can GET IN.

  • kenpin

    Why its always broke muthafuckas tryna diss a nigga,………….I want in……… what is he seriuos.aint no real nigga gonna let yo lame ass in on shit dissin em an shit. this shit is a biz he rappin for the fame Jeezy& Tip do it for the streets and money…………………This nigga a real clown for this hatin as shit.

  • baby nuts

    u die by youself