Exclusive: Songwriter Sues Over B.o.B’s Hit Single “Airplanes”

(AllHipHop News) A songwriter has filed a lawsuit against a production duo who claimed sole responsibility for producing B.o.B.’s hit single “Airplanes.”

Christine Dominguez filed a lawsuit against Jeremy Dussolliet (Kinetics) and Tim Sommers (One Love), who produce under the name Kinetics & One Love.

The lawsuit, which was filed January 23 in United States District Court of New York, claims that Dominguez co-wrote the smash single, but received no credit and was cut out of all royalties.

According to the lawsuit, in September of 2008, Kinetics & One Love asked Dominguez to create a melody and other musical contributions for two unfinished recordings called “Airplanes.”

Dominguez claims that Kinetics & One Love e-mailed her an unfinished version of the track and she recorded her contributions to the sound recordings.

The lawsuit claims that Dominguez created the melody and the chorus for “Airplanes,” including background vocals, countermelodies and other contributions.

“In a transparent effort to keep all the credit and earnings for themselves despite Dominguez’ substantial contribution to the joint work, defendants omitted her from the listing as the author of “Airplanes” on the 2010 release and elsewhere. Nor have defendants accounted to Dominguez for revenues derived, either from the 2010 release, or any other source.”

Dominguez claims that the pair thanked her and gave her credit for her contribution to the song on an obscure, 2009 CD Kinetics & One Love: Fading Back to Normal, which contained an alternate version of the song.

In 2010, the producers authorized the release of two versions of “Airplanes,” which was on B.o.B.’s hit album B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

A remixed version of the track also featured superstar rapper Eminem.

The lawsuit claims that the Dominguez and Kinetics & One Love could not reach an agreement regarding her appropriate share of the revenues, as joint authors of the song.

Dominguez is suing for unfair competition, unjust enrichment, copyright infringement, and failure to account for revenues derived from sampling or other use of the song.

Dominguez is seeking revenues derived from CDs, digital sales, ringtones, ringbacks and other sources of potential income from “Airplanes.”

B.o.B. is not named in the lawsuit, just the producers.

Check out the lawsuit below:

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    YALL NO WHAT IT IS??????

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  • Black Exodus

    Enough money for everybody. Greed kills.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” on youtube

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  • Naim Brixx Quaterman

    Evertime someone has a hit, someone always come out the blue for some money… smh

    • Celz

      shut the hell up this sounds legit.. How u get a shout out for making a song on a local mixtape but when the song gets picked up by a major artist you had nothin to do with it.. Did u even read the article?

      • Naim Brixx Quaterman

        U shut the hell up. Nothing I said was a false… Eat a fat one…

    • danielle rizzo

      I know her. I was not in the room when the song was written, and neither were you. So save your shit until you know the facts. Plus, She is amazing. You would want her one your track too. 

      • Naim Brixx Quaterman

        U don’t know shit shut up….

      • Naim Brixx Quaterman

        Ugly nigga MAD! HAHA!

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  • What goes around comes around. We all reap what we sow. She sowed hard work and her time on this to make it happen for this song and what? Ya’all tried to rip her off. Shame on you.. The judges saw right through them. Finally some Justice here. She is a very talented musician, singer, recording artist. You don’t get away with using people. It does catch up wit you ! Maybe they will think twice before doing this to another fine musician. ” Be sure that your sin will find you out”. The Bible.