Alley Boy Denies Beef with T.I. and Young Jeezy

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Alley Boy of Duct Tape Entertainment denied any beef with fellow Atlanta rappers Young Jeezy and T.I. at a listening session for his most recent project “Nigganati.”

Late last week, Alley Boy set the internet on fire with his song “I Want In.”

Many Hip-Hop fans thought Alley Boy was taking shots on the track, which showcases Alley letting Jeezy and T.I. know that he “wants in” on all the hit making thats going on between Jeezy and T.I..

“All that street sh*t? It’s over, game over/I’m the new king of the streets, no motivation, game over,” he spits. “F**k that snow sh*t/This hot sh*t/ In the A-town/This my sh*t,” Alley Boy says.

While the previous two lines suggest Alley Boy is not happy with Jeezy and T.I., Alley Boy told AllHipHop.com that there was no beef or rift between him and his famous counterparts.

“I did the ‘We Want In’ record,’ a lot of folks say its a shot at a ni**a man, but I don’t take shots man, when I take shots at a ni**a they gon’ be bleedin,'” Alley Boy told AllHipHop.com. “But at the end of the day, I say respect the way I feel about sh*t. I feel like f**k a ni**a, it’s my city, know what I’m saying?”

Many listeners questioned the beef, since Alley Boy was a guest feature on Young Jeezy’s ‘The Real is Back’ mixtape hosted by DJ Drama.

But Alley Boy didn’t mince his words and was clear that if the shoe fit, either rapper could wear it.

“Ain’t no bullsh*t in it, once I peep a ni**a character and I feel the ni**a aint real, I just go in on a ni**a, I dont give a f**k, its whatever, ni**as know what it is around the A,” Alley Boy explained to AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview during a listening session for “Nigganatti.”

Alley Boy made it clear that some of the more established acts refuse to work with artists like himself, who are garnering a street based following.

“You know man, it wasn’t no disrespect to none of the independent ni**as, you know what I’m saying, when I say what I say, its just for these bitch ass ni**as that be coming out here that don’t f**k with no street ni**as, they don’t f**k with no real ni**as, that was just my thing like, ni**a you needa f**k with a real nigga, or it is what it is, you get caught with the wrong person, you might get caught with the green light on you, so that was just me saying that,” Alley Boy concluded.

Young Jeezy and T.I. were not available for comment at press time.

  • mike4282

    Was he denying, or confirming, or talking about just being real or red light, green light? WTF?

  • baby nuts

    ally better chill wit all dat debo shit see where the homie suge at …………not on top like he use 2 b

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Damn this dude is ignorant as hell.

  • chippc

    So in other words, the more talented “established” rappers don’t have time for his funky ass, and he feel some kinda way about it. Damn we need more fathers in the household! These cats is redefining bitch shit and labeling it street shit.

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  • ! I love jeezy and ti, let me put a little wisdom in ya ear..Jeezy and Ti are real they so real that they came from where you are,..and now they have elevated their lives and their businesses and their pockets.. Dont hate because they wont stay on the same level they started…they cant cause thats not where their blessings are and everyone dont have the calling they have on their life so you may never get to their status..what god has for you is fa you, so dont say they not dealing wit real niggas, cause look at your real and compare it to their real..and I will take they real anyday.Jeezy dont eva let people make u feel like you have to stay in da trap to be real because God created us to elevate and we were not designed to stay in the place where we started, we should neva forget where we came from,and we should neva stay at the same level, we change and whoevea aint trying to elevate just get left behind..Now dats real shit! *******JEEZYS FUTURE WIFEY**** 

    • YupImOnWorldstar

      Bitch STFU please!!!

      • udontnome

        bitch you stfu and dats sum real shit to u.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      true true however Alley is most likely looking @ it from his
      perspective. and like you said alley is where ti, jeezy and etc used
      to be . so from alleys perspective those should be the first guys to
      look out. because they should know and understand his struggle. it
      aint like he aint got a buzz or nothing big going on. so why not mess  with alley ?? especially when Alley sees guys like TI looking
      out for dudes like B.o.B who are like totally different kind of artist
      …. however that might be the thing that alley is missing …. in a
      sense alley is stepping on toes cause he pretty much is selling the same
      kind of brand of music TI and Jeezy are sellling ? its
      becoming so saturated with that style of music it can become an issue
      … maybe …. maybe not …. shit honestly the tension between ross n
      jeezy is pretty much for the same reasons …. its never been an issue
      in hip hop … but i think its starting to become one

    • Bigg King

      cheezy don’t u, he apart of the gay community

      • rep87

        Never heard that one only haters say shit like that

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  • Bigg King

    lol it sounds like he denying it was a diss while tryna diss them in the process? wtf bi polar ass nigga

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  • Can’t stand these sorry ass niggas hate’n on the next man success. Crab in the bucket ass niggas.

  • This wack ass nigga is obviously jealous and mad that T.I. and Jeezy really ain’t doing no work with his and are with all the other young cats, example Future. He being a lame ass and only thing thats going happen is he lose fans and his career e a short. He lost my support for being a lame ass nigga.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah dude is sounding like a down south mysonne … see how far that stuff got him … but its just thier ambition i dont blame dudes … all in all they just wanna flourish in this hip hop game … it comes @ a time when your so close u can just taste it and your starting to run out of patience //////////////////

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  • rep87

    Just the name of his cd tell me this dude is the most IGNORANT rapper around and i woulddnt listen to this GARBAGE FOR  FREE its so sad this type stupity is allowed to release garbage to the youth and AHH should have drop this clown from your blog

  • Casor_Greener

    My people, My people….

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  • Now THIS is “The Definition of F*ck Shit”…

  • Trauma562

    Wtf where did he deny beef??? He said its not towards the independent artists lol. The sublimianls in the song were enough lol

  • Alley Boy got some good music.Just was just a promo stunt.Jeezy got a song w/ him.Alley could be a problem in the ATL scene.I see him grinding

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  • Doefraizer

    I usually dont hate on other people but I pray to God this fool dont make it in life. Gettin tired of his dissin campaign. Trouble>>Alley Boy

  • AlleyBoy We don’t need more seperatism in our community. Find a reason to be Happy and start doing interviews on that. Stop with the shinanigans. It’s like we won’t be satisfied until we’re all dead….

  • This nigga can’t get no press unless he dissing T.I. or my nigga Jeezy….Dudes music is garbage!!!  Every nigga think they tough now days talking about green lightning niggas…Don’t really dig this cat at all but Trouble that’s my nigga HE’s gone be a problem out here

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  • illymac

    he a HATER…
    period point blank..
    and honestly I’m tired of hearing dudes say stuff like they gon’
    give somebody the green light to rob somebody or some shet…
    Tip and Jeezy got long money,
    If they wanted to they can give somebody the green light to off this clown..
    but it aint that serious..

    • One of his own homies would smoke him for a mil..maybe even $100k..probably wouldnt even hesitate..and that aint shit to TI or Jeezy if it really became an issue

      • illymac


  • CaliTransplant

    The real propensity for violence in hip hop music these days is getting scary… I hope these dudes can keep it on wax. Too many supposed gang ties involved and can really turn into people dying in the streets of ATL.

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  • coon66

    AHH needs to be shut down for even allowing that video with him air!!!!!! God why did I press play???? SMH

  • coon66

    anyone notice how rappers from the south try to exaggerate their accents????

    •  Nah that nigga really sound like that

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  • kapeech

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your real or not, If your music isn’t reaching people its just not reaching people. Its just like in baskeball, if your good enough you will get recognized, and if your special you may be able to make it to the pros. Everyone is not going to make it. Be a man about it, and find something else to pursue. Everyone wants to be so real, but couldn’t pay these guys to join a Army. Sure they would say why would I fight a white man’s war, but will turn around and have war with your own people. Like Hov. Say” Shoot at you actors like a movie director. Don’t nobody owe you nothing. Get out and grind like until you make it. If you don’t , then it wasn’t mean to be. Atlanta you do not own Atlanta, its going to be still standing when your no longer here. Get a grip!



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • honestly what are you saying. i really didnt understand dude. like your not taking shots at the underground rappers from the A and you said it wasnt for Jeezy and TI but your talking about sumbody and they need to fook wit da real rappers from da streets of the A. FOH yo. and on sum g shit, i kinda like dat nicca too. but dude is on dat lost. 

  • AlbertoRipRon

    so he ain’t dissing, he’s dry dissin?
    wtf has the game to?…man broads who operate like dey hard but really frauds?

  • Southcidal

    Niggaz need to chill with this “hard” shit. They didn’t stop making guns after they made yours.

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  • Rest in peace to the late great Don Corneilius!!!!!

  • I still have a hard time comprehending how guns and running squad deep make you hard; Anyone can go out and buy a gun and use it and if you need other people to fight your battles for you, you’re not a real man


    #SALUTE to DA TAPE!!!!    #HoodHardGang

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