Machine Gun Kelly

Hip-Hop Rumors: Machine Gun Kelly Arrested???!!

Machine Gun Kelly pushed his “Wild Boy” ways to the limit this weekend and ended up in the slammer. The 21-year-old Bad Boy artist spent four hours in a Florida jail and was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct/brawling.

TMZ is reporting that the arrest occurred on Sunday at 4:12 a.m. following his show in St. Petersburg. He was released a few hours later after posting $100 bond.

MGK took to Twitter to address the situation. “Just spent my entire night in a fucking Florida jail…sh*t escaladed way to quick last night, it always does with us though,” he tweeted. “The weirdest part of it was how many inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement. It was some trippy sh*t. Lace the F*CK up.”

He added, “Anyways, thank you Florida for ragin this week. Lookin forward to seeing every state during this spring/summer tour (no more handcuffs tho!)”

MGK looks so sad in his mugshot. Hope he stays out of trouble!

Source: TMZ

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  • (Yawn)

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  • might be grounds for a lawsuit.. did they drag him by that one sticking out ear??

    • Hahahahaa! You dead wrong for that ear comment!

  • Who What Why When

    man yall know M.G.K. is gangsta! whats wrong with yall?! got to buy anything he put out because of this sh_t!!! he hardbody! he thuggin it! he’s so real because he a whiteboy about that life while all the brothas wanna be skateboarders! they want to be us and like a good neighbor statefarm is there…*sarcasm*

    • Tril Beats


  • CaliTransplant

    this is definitely not the business…

  • Wow! That’s sad! They had him rotting in that jail for a whole 4 hours , with a $100 bail!
    Free MGK! ( OooOOps! He’s already out! )

    • for real yo… i would be embarrassed to share that type of information. i have never even heard of bail so small…. dude couldve got out for ten dollars…..

  • Roberto Ciamora

    How can anybody take one look at that kid and not wanna backslap him??

  • TruthNoLieB

    I been locked up in Pinellas county jail before. Those sh*t heads make you wait 12 hours to get processed and you gotta sit still all that time. 

    • Roberto Ciamora

      Same way in hillsborough county in orient road jail, they make you wait in processing for like 8 hours before they even move you to a pod

  • 12hrs? Wow! That is horrible! LOL

    Um, try waiting 3 days , in a bullpen , with dudes spitting razors out of their mouths & pulling swords out of their pants , ready to spill all of your blood for a cigarette butt , then you have issues.

    Solution : Don’t engage in activities that will end up in your incarceration.

    I bet if he would have went to Riker’s Island for 1hr , his a$$ would be scared str8 , if he survived it.

  • WHY IS EVERY RUMOR HEADLINE A DAMN QUESTION???!!!!!!:?????????????????!!!

  • MadVillain

    lol that left ear is crazy, why is it so dominant?

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  • illymac

    I just cant get into this guys music..
    Maybe I’m wrong for this but,
    most of these white rappers seem like a gimmick..
    I just cant relate to the context..

  • Blacks can’t own a damn thing. I agree. Listen just go and listen to this artist on Itunes. His new release is Had to do what I had to do, by NewCharles Entertainment recording artist Johnnie Newkirk Jr He uses his real name, not some made up stage name. And, yes, if you listen to his other material, the dude can sing!



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  • MGK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see him again!

  • rep87

    Leave it to beaver goes to jail

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