Exclusive: Rock City Explains Split From Akon; Name Change To Planet VI

(AllHipHop News) Rock City has officially changed their name to Planet VI, in addition to splitting with Akon’s Konvict Music.

The group, which included brothers Theron a.k.a Da Spokesman and Timothy a.k.a Don’t Talk Much, have created a sound that blends Caribbean twangs of consciousness is currently celebrating the success of their most recent project American Dream, which has garnered over 30,000 views in less than a month.

“We are working on everyone’s album from Justin Beiber to T.I. to B.o.B. We are on the writing scene in Atlanta,” Da Spokesman told of the release under the new alias “Planet VI.” “We dropped on December 30th we are at about 30,000 downloads in less than thirty days, so we are proud of that

Whiile many fans may remember Rock City from their signing to Akon’s Konvict Music, the group sees a different direction in terms of the kind of music they look to put out in the new year.

“A lot of our old fans might have known us as Rock City, we were songwriters on Rhianna’s ‘Man Down’ and Justin Beiber’s ‘Run Away Love,’ and bunch of stuff like that and we were artists trying to find our place and everyone wanted us to write songs like that for ourselves,” Da Spokesman explained. “We wrote songs for Rhianna becuase thats what she represents, but that doesn’t mean we represent what she represents. So with this project we felt it was time for a change, we didn’t put our picture on it and we just put it out, we just put it out and wanted to people who heard it for the first time, to hear it and just nothing else.”

When asked about the transition from going from Akon’s Konvict Music to an independent, route the group alluded to the politics of the music business as the reason for their fallout with Akon.

“I would say the transition of going through music business politics and us being non political people, we just didn’t fit in and now that we are able to go create our own world, our own vibe, our own language, our own slang, and our own sh*t. This is the sh*t we been preaching since we came into the business.”

In addition Planet VI’s production for some of the biggest acts on the planet, the group is working on their own material.

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    • u prolly dont know one piece of work that these dudes have done and u call them clowns..if that aint the pot callign the kettle

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  • Q.

    Funny they never explained the name change…

    Let’s see…Planet VI = Planet 6 = Saturn…which corresponds to Saturnalia/Satanism. Wow.

    …These slave-ass niggas will do ANYTHING for a buck, huh?  SMH LOL

    • Jahmal Thomas

      Damn nigga you thinking to hard. I am sure the VI stands for Virgin Islands and not 6. These two niggas worst than diddy with the name changes tho.

      • Q.

        Good explanation. Though I don’t believe in coincidences, especially when you recognize all the subliminals thrown in TV, music, and film. #mindcontrolisreal

        R.I.P. Don Cornelius

      • iRep340

        Is 4 V.I. (Virgin Islands), like Jahmal said, the place they were born and represent.. yall love this illuminati sh*t way too much. People like you always got some conspiracy, and though some stuff is worth questioning, people like you are just so damn annoying. So b4 you start calling people slave ass niggas, do ur research. dumb ass nigga

    • Sir

      lol u dumb shit  vi stands for virgin islands rock city also stands for the virgin islands know ur shit before u talk shit 

    • Kaleshe Alleyne-Vassel

      Lol ya fool