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MTV Announces Their Top UK MC Picks of the Past Year

(AllHipHop News) MTV selected industry experts for the return of its UK roundtable, shining limelight on the country’s best MCs of 2011. First debuting as the “Best Of The Best: UK MCs” show in 2010, a group of industry experts in UK music gathered, discussed and compiled a list of the top 10 MCs for 2011. From 2010’s aftermath, many agreed with the list, others were infuriated, and some even made diss tracks dedicated to MTV UK’s team of panelists.

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The panelists for the 2011 roundtable debate included Charlie Sloth (DJ, BBC Radio 1Xtra / Radio 1), Posty (CEO, Grimedaily.com), Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (Editor, MTV: The Wrap Up), Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan (Music Journalist), Morgan Keyz (Music Video Director, SB.TV), and Nardene Scott (Senior Writer, RWD Magazine).

The show was to be hosted by BBC 1Xtra’s Vis. The group of hand-chosen UK urban experts chose artists based on biggest buzz, and the biggest impact on the UK scene. Panelists also reviewed who received the most attention from the media, who has the best flows and lyrics, and which MC is out there setting the trends.

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The chosen MCs from the UK were:

1. Wretch 32

2. K Koke

3. Professor Green

4. Chipmunk

5. Giggs

6. Ghetts

7. Lowkey

8. Skepta

9. Krept & Konan

10. DVS (co-ranked)

10. Blade Brown (co-ranked)

As it’s clear to see, one of the most well-known UK urban acts, Tinie Tempah, was not included in the controversial list. What are your thoughts on that? Watch the full show online at MTV’s urban destination, “The Wrap Up.”

  • Nobody in the UK respects this list. It doesn’t have Tinie Tempah in it, Lowkey isn’t high up enough and we can’t find anyone who believes that DVS can rap. 

  • All English acts…. that aint really a ‘UK’ Scene is it?
    Why not just say ‘English’…

  • ArmandoW

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    who has the best flows and lyrics, and which MC is out there setting the
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  • damn… i said “WHO?” like 10 times while reading that list….

    oh… there’s only 10 names on the list?

    well there you have it….

  • MadVillain

    being from London here are my thoughts:
    Wretch 32 – weak MC but manage to rack up a deal for pop music (sellll outttttt)
    K Koke – real street dude but he gets caught up in DUMB sh!tt
    Chipmunk – some battyboy kid that got beat up passing threw my school once
    Giggs – lyrically retarded, imo Gucci is like BIGGIE to him. HOWEVER hes got mad street cred so he always gets the crowd hype.
    Ghetto – he looks like the donkey from shrek with a good flow but a personallity of a kunt
    Lowkey – the UK equivalent to Immortal Tech, nuff said.
    Skepta – used to be 1 of the grimiest mc’s but sold out YEARS ago to make pop music.
    Krept & Konan – average i guess.
    DVS – never really heard of him…
    Blade Brown – who? lol

    tbh the UK scene was hardest from 2000-2003, thats when GRIME was at its PEAK. but now pretty much all the big names moved on to make weak ass pop music. thats when i stopped taking an intrest really.
    but if you intrested here are some names to check for if you want that durty grittyness –
    Trim – (Dont Talk, Thoughts, No Where)
    Flow Dan – (Jah War Loefah Remix, Ganja, Skeng, Warning)
    Frisco – (Man Down, We Dont Believe You, Ignorant Remix)
    P-Money – (Slang, Left The Room, If Mans Talking, Gameover, Screaming OG)
    Durty Goodz – (Upset Me)
    Voltage – (Hit em Like a Lightning Bolt)
    Wiley b4 he blew up – (Wot U Call It, Flyboy, 50/50, Out of The Game, MC Pon 141)
    Dizzee Ras b4 he blew up – (Sittin Here, GHETTO, Knock Knock, Seems 2 Be, U Cant tell me Nuffin, Respect Me)
    Killa P- (Gun In my Boxers)
    Roll Deep – (When im Ere, Poltergiest Remix, Heat Up)

    honorable mentions
    Lethal B – Pow
    Flirta D – Warpspeed

    Grime is DEAD, enjoy what it was.

  • lkboat

    im from the UK n most of em dont deserve the list.. if we looking at  skill an technique wise then hers ur list..
    1.English frank(hes the hardest out) – check sbtv warm up session>> its madd!!
    2. DVS – dvs is known in the streets, although he got robbed a few weeks ago, pple  bump his shit.. his one in a billion mixtape was definitly the mixtape of the year
    3.Giggs  well hes got a lazy kinda layed back flow.. nothing unique about his lyrics  but hes got madd street cred.
    4. Ghetts – arguably number one he has been for a few years but hes a prick, messed up personality too cocky its almost ugly.  but dude got skills,
    5.sneakbo – unsigned artists, well most of these guys are but this young dude got a buzz around im
    6.K  koke – was the hardest before he went to prison, inked that deal with jay-z, hes a street boy got street cred
    7.krept and konan  – one of the most underrated lyricists in the game..
    8. lowkey – the most underrated mc in the game, his technique, lyricism and flow is sumfin else
    9.devlin  – he can rap.. kinda got that e minem flow
    10.chipmunk – this guy for me only makes the list because he has shown that hes stil lyrical as he was 5yrs ago,, another reason why hes there is because,, every season sbtv does like a freestyle kinda thing called f64, almost every artist comes on the show and chipmunk is one of the people wo killed his f64
    honorable  mensions
    sway dasafo – i kinda regret not puttin him in the top 10 cuz hes been quiet for a while, but hes one of the few uk rappers that got that flow, its flawless.. and hes got a good sense of humour when hes spittin always says sum  funny ish
    AKALA – owh i forgot about this guy.. hes top 5 dead or alive, i swear i just cant be bothered makin changes,, hes like a krs1 type of rapper, but his flow is more flawless and his metaphores are crazy..
    wiley – godfather of grime
    Kano – been away for a while but  just dropped a new mixtape,, that boy can rap

    thts it..
    no one listens to skepta btw. not anymore



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  • Big up Wretch 32 but this is not even a proper top 10