Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Says Common Was After Publicity, Backtracks on Vanessa Bryant Line!

It looks like Drake has taken another dig at Common in an interview he recently did from the set of his video for “The Zone” with The Weeknd. Drake said that he will not be responding to Common because he feels like Common targeted him as a  “a ploy for attention” around the release of his new album, The Dreamer, The Believer.  Check out what he said below:

“No (he will not respond to Common). Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.”

Drake also addressed the line from the “Stay Schemin” verse about Kobe’s soon to be ex-wife, Vanessa. Check out Drake’s comment on that:

“That line came from a conversation about being this young and making this much money and the fear of losing it all. I just used his potential situation to address my own life. I never intended to offend Vanessa or anyone else. That line had everything to do with me and what goes on in my head as a 25 year old man with this much income flowing in. Kobe is and always will be a friend and an icon to me.”

Drake is straight copping pleas on that Vanessa line. He knows darn well that was aimed at homegirl!  Anyway, I’m not so sure this Common and Drake beef is completely over with, and I really don’t want it to be. The lyrical back and forth between these two has been very entertaining, even if it is over a chick.

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Stop back tracking, punk azz boy. Like I said before, you don’t get to ignore Common. You dont have enough stripes.

    • Casor_Greener

      Man this dude a coward. Throwing rocks and hiding his hands.  He knows he is just scared. It’s funny how rappers always take shots at random “haters” and talk in major braggadocio, but when someone on they level gets at them they start copping deuces and explanations.

      Music is so fake

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Oh yeah, cuz its easy to shine on the average man who can’t stand on their wallet to be secure bout his manhood.

    • Andrew Neal

      Common+ Electric Circus+ his whole career up until this point= soft azz niqqa. Kill the noise. It’s all about publicity.

      • then why did Drizzy ask for a call out? Im sure youve been listeing to rap since 2003 but Common spits bars. Put drake’s best verse up. Bar for Bar Common will shit on him. 

      • Celz

        Please I’m not even going to argue about Common bein soft cuz you don’t know shyt.. Electric circus wasn’t his first albulm.. Try going back farther.. And what battle isn’t partly about getting attention? LL vs. Canibus, Jay vs. Nas, Pac vs. Biggie, 50 vs. Ja.. Be real if a nicca makes money off of a life he doesn’t lead the nicca who calls him out should make money off checkin his ass.. “Pimpin so cold all these bitches wanna chill” – Drake LMFAO Pimpin GTFOH!!!

  • Jdilla26

    Drake fans this ur HERO lol smh

  • So, Drake can speak on Lil’ Kim and Kobe’s wife. But, he’s above Common and his “publicity stunts”. SMH.

  • This is fuckin news not rumors and its on everyother hip hop website as of yesterday… people may hate on illseed but at least what he did could be considered rumors

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      what happened to illseed?

      • The Truth

        He passed away. RIP Illseed. The best to ever do it.

      • HahahahaaaAAAA Hah HaAA!

        ILLSEED is most definitely the best!

      • Kingpin “Im Known” @ youtube – chk it out E

  • Drizzy is right about everything in this situation 

        The Vanessa line was stated as such  “bitch u wasn’t with ME shooting in the gym” , not “bitch u wasn’t with HIM shooting in the gym”. 
       As a man who’s making any kind of money, how big or small can relate to that. 
      Because i fill like , i worked my ass off for that shyt.. and here come some bitch who probably wouldn’t even be with me, had I not had the money, but fills obligated of half, because she was. 
       And it’s no coincidence that Common waited to started shyt talking about Drake until the album came out.. Common felled for the okey doke, the label heads @ Warner Brothers gassed him up .. Drizzy played the move smart by leaving  Common hanging to look stupid, and out of character. 

    • Dude Common responded to the fly stuff he said in Stay Schemin’. Quit covering for that dude. Of course he would back away because he doesn’t want anything with Common. Though Vanessa is suspect, Kobe should’ve know better and should’ve gotten a prenup. He failed to do that. Joke is on him. She use to dance in Hip-Hop videos. I don’t feel bad for his poor choice. In inteviews prior to it all, Common has said that he was not dissing Drake (The media wants this to happen for some reason) but. if the shoe fits wear it. Drake took it that way and got sensitive. Dumb it down now to be safe. Kind of like that tatto situation.

      • agree with you 100%, ppl taken Drake’s soft ass throw stones than duck an dodge tactic, as a truth an its not. He’s a sensitive, emotional coward, his braggadocious one minute an annoying watered down tunes about hoes lovin him an leaving him the next min proves it. The proof is all in the soft ass pudding lol. HE’s a lame, an felt “sweet” was a direct attack on his lameness an committed hiphop suicide. I dont give a damn how many records he sells, from this point ppl who might have thought for a second he was a real hiphop dude wont anymore. How Jay said ‘” I keep my enemies close  I give him enuff rope, they put themselves in the air, I jus kick away the chair” lmao Dig a hole, go head bury yourself lol

  • 4-12

    This nigga here.

  • SharksBreath

    Why are you surprised. This is what Canadians do. They get punched in the mouth then turn the other cheek. Or there ass to run.

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  • Well Nicki Minaj does it, so it seems like Young Money is fully aware of the concept.

  • David Sentongo

    can’t lie, i think drake retired common with that response. real smart move in my opinion. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

    • Fromantic

      Really…that’s what you got from that. WOW!!!!!

    • Q.

      And the Dumbest Comment Of The Day Award goes to…

    • Are u retarded

    • ima need you to go sit yo ass down homeboy

    • lmaoooo!! um, you got jokes, I see. funny.

  • NorthDollasTX

    1ST … “like the finish line you cant wait to run into’em”  <<< which was kindah clever
    2nd … "tell UNCLE LUKE that im out in MIAMI too"

    drake looking even more like a drippin' wet puzzy … Chicago should run yo shyt just becuz

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      LMAO I know right? Like Luke supposed to nut up like “Oh sh*t Drake out here too? Let me be quiet for this bath and body works ass n*gga slap fire outta me!”

      Somebody should’ve BEEN laid hands on this simp ass n*gga Drake

      • slap fire or slap “FLAMMING” out tha boy lol
        they banned my NDTX acct … ITS ME BYTCHES (in my swizz voice)

      • The hell they ban you for fam??  That’s that bullshit right there.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Oh they banning folks now? WTF for?

  • illymac

    Yo I’m 2 steps ahead of U Sydney,
    I posted this earlier in the comments for the 2 chainz signing to Def Jam story..
    AHH sucks..
    Now yall stealing rumors from the comments sections…

    • Ah man this ain’t shit, for awhile there the comment sections were damn near their ONLY source of rumors back before the site change…

    • now you know you running outta ideas when you start biting comments to write up rumors

  • I’m tellin you…somebody let Aubrey hear “The Bitch in You”…that’s what did it!

  • Drake is a soft ass nigga who bit off more than he can chew an now he back tracking. IF you gon talk shit, be direct (dont throw subliminals) an when a muthafucka call u on that shit grab ya nuts an say yea i said “and what?!” But he is a punk ass mama’s boy who never learned those rules, so in his case jus keep ya mouth shut an keep makin ya auto tune love songs for ya nickelodeon fan base. You are not a real rapper an u will never be respected as such, an this common shit jus further cemented your fate lmao. common won by a landslide, he wouldve slaughtered dude anyway cuz the stay schemin diss already did the boy in but drake couldve at least taken it like a man. Smh half nigga aint got the heart for hiphop, he’s a pop star.

    • Q.

      POW!!   Jimmy got shot!! LMAO

    • Andrew Neal

      They both soft pu$$y a55 nigguz

  • 2ShitsNot4You

    Unfortunately drake is probably right, it seems the only time we ever get a hip hop beef is wen one of the artists album is droppin. and im of the small precentage that will admit that i LOVE hip hop beef……AND?! LOL  imma record a diss song at everybody like 50 did. somebody gotta bring that feelin back.

  • LOL… So 50’s formula is no good anymore?? Every 50 cent release had some beef surrounding it to create a buzz build up for the album…. and at that time nobody was saying shit… now this guy is using it to run away… SMH!!!!! 

  • Roberto Ciamora

    I hate Drake with a passion but he has a point…….. Drake is a sweet, made for 12 year old girls rapper but Com has no room to talk, he’s dropped some of the softest hip hop known to man

    I havent forgotten about Electric Circus, lol

    But with that said…….

    Common>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Drake

    By miles

    • Morty

      common soft you dreamin he from the south side of chicago.was martin luther king soft? ghandi? jesus? conscience dont mean you soft tuff guys die just like gangsta rap did….common survive that ….with west connection taken an L

      • Roberto Ciamora

        I dont care if he’s from the 7th circle of hell, he’s made alot of SOFT MUSIC, I never said he was soft as a person, he could be the Black Jeffrey Dahmer cutting up bodies and eating them, I dont care, he’s made alot of SOFT MUSIC and has no room to criticise anybody

      • Morty

        all you did was reiterate your using homoerotic hyperboles. 
        name a “soft” common song?

      • Andrew Neal

        The Electric Circus Album.

      • was he crying over strippers on Electric Circus?I must’ve missed those songs.

  • Regardless of the reasoning behind the track being released, if you’re better, you’re better.  Everybody that’s been in the studio knows that inspiration comes when it wants to.  I heard the beats on The Dreamer/The Believer and they make ME want to rap and I KNOW I would suck at it, but it makes me want to be creative.  That doesn’t matter!  Be prepared for something from Common.  I’ve been to the Chi!  You say somebody from the Chi is acting like a broad and it’s not forgotten.  Cop all your pleas.  Get all of your bodyguards.  Call Minister Farrakhan.  Beg his momma for forgiveness.  Appeal to him about being a bigger person.  It doesn’t matter.  You made a response.  Go back to Canada and start using your real name again.  Try to get back on Degrassi.  Hip Hop is over.  It took 3 days for the Stay Schemin’ remix.  Jesus rose in 3 days!  Give it a rest.  Maybe he’ll start a new career under his Degrassi name.  MC Wheelchair Jimmy!

  • those statements were Canada Dry lol

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  • $20956822

    It would sound better if he’d admit if he lost rather backing down like the girl he is!!

  • Q.

    LOL  Wheelchair Jimmy threw that scooter in reverse, didn’t he?  #b!tchassnigga

    • Morty

      too funny bahahahaha!


    Seriously some of you think Common did this for publicity.  Common came out and publicly said that he was not dissing Drake and that he was making a statement about the music being made and “if the shoe fits wear it” like someone else said Drake got emotional and thought he could drop a line or two and then when Common came back Drake looked in the mirror and had a Ja Rule moment and realized sitting where he is at his career could be ended and “Baby” probably said “ay baby (Drake) leave that sh!t alone you fuccin wit my money”   I mean seriously a publicity stunt from Common that ni99a is used to not selling records…..lol,  however that doesn’t mean hes not nice though!  That battle could have been career ending for Drake if Common would have lost it wouldn’t have mattered but if Drake would have lost?????????????  

    • MrMarvlss

      “…that ni99a is used to not selling records…” Hilarious!!!…and true. You can tell Drake is getting good advice from his PR folks and label head.

  • dopebroddi

    DDrake is a bitch


    I just thought of something else this nigga talking about a publicity stunt that fake nigga lil wayne did the same thing he claiming Common did Wayne through a rock at Jay before his album came out I mean Wayne through the rock and then closed his eyes and hoped that it didn’t hit Jay and Jay just sat back and said what was that?  and I dont want to hear that shit about Jay wont battle let the right person “convincingly” say the right thing and I think,  I think……..lol it would be on!

  • 7yoyo7

    DUMBEST Rumors from Sydney Lace 2012 : 
    – An iPad You Can Have Sex With???!!!
    – Is Drake Spending 45K a Month in Rent??!!
    – Olivia was “Puff Puff Passed” Around G-Unit???!!!
    – Church Claims Baby Blue Ivy is Satan?!
    – Little Willow Smith on a Stripper Pole?!!!

    What has AHH become???

  • “Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense”-Jay-Z.

    • outguerra

      you know he meant nas

  • rep87

    what a waste of time to be beefing and for what he said she said bullshit

  • realhiphop365

    This ninja is faker than 3 dollar bill. You ask for a man to say your name and when he does you back off.  Then you go at a ninja wife,like that makes you hard, because his dumb arse didnt sign a prenup.  SMH….This is why Drake will never be true hip hop. He is a good artist who thinks he harder when he raps with other people.  Stay in your lane and cry in your mirror about your chick being smashed by someone else. You are the rap version of Eddie Winslow… But you got the heart to try and check a tattoo artist.

    • Morty

      “cry in the mirror” 😲😂😂😂

  • David Daniel

    Drake doesn’t understand the culture of hiphop.

    • RedBlack

      I agree 100%.  And if he does understand it, he acts like he doesn’t.  And like homeboy below said, Drake hollered to say his name and Common did.  What’s your next move, Aubrey?  You wanted to play, where you at?  He doesn’t want it, and this was just at the starting stage too. 

  • Common doesn’t need publicity! Did you dudes check out the new release by recording artist Johnnie Newkirk Jr, Had to do what I had to do, which is now on Itunes?

    • Benzo Fleming

      drake is better 

      • Tony G.

        Drake is better than what??? I hope ur not implying he’s better than Com in any way?

  • Zino

    common needs to just say fuckit  and knock aubrey out then verablly annhilate him one more time after flooring the kid just for the sake of the fruity vegetarians in hiphop that drake reps for…

    • Ummmm, unfortunately ,I’m gonna have to co-sign this!

  • Drake better go somewheres and sit his ass down

    • Morty


  • Om3ga_Blaq

    Publicity stunt? Common BEEN underground since his career started, he never cared about pop sales or he would have been makin pop music all these years. Plus, bro makin movies. What he need a publicity stunt for? Drake just heard that verse and decided not to take the bait cause he was scared to hear that full track that was comin if he woulda responded.

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    Don’t even know what to say bout this one…whatever

    Oh yall deleting comments n shit now?  lol…how did image look like?

  • AfricanSoul

    Drake is right about Common’s intentions. Plus, how come Common didn’t go after the rappers that dumb down hip hop? That would have been more on his lane..being a “conscious” mc and all. I can understand a gangsta rapper feeling like Hip Hop has gone “soft” but Common? Really?

    • Tony G.

      what point would it have made to go at a rapper who dumbs it down…yall keep wanting to label him as a conscious mc..but gotta realize dude spits fire…yall killing me with that

      • AfricanSoul

        There is a good reason why he is labeled as “conscious” mc. Go read most of his lyrics, he always talks about “uplifting” the people and what not. That is an attribute usually associated with conscious mc and who says conscious mcs don’t spit fire? lol And you askd “what point it would have made to go at a rapper who dumbs it down”, well what does he accomplish by going at a “soft” rapper? Sh*t doesn’t make sense..especially when dude’s memoir contains 55% love stories (his experiences with women) and went through the experiences of having to fight off critics who said he turned into a hippie (Erykah Badu era). Dude is a hypocrite and I say this as a fan. Addressing “soft” is not his lane, addressing “dumb sh*t” should be but then again, damn near 75% of his songs in “Dreamer/Believer” have dumb sh*t in them that even disappointed Maya Angelou, who lent his voice in good faith to this idiot. He made her look bad.

        Finally, what the f*ck does going “soft” mean? Hip hop is an expression, if a negro wants to sing, let him f*cking sing! He wants to sing and rap, fu*k it, let him do it! There are BIGGER sh*t to address!

      • You still don’t get it.

  • Tony G.

    Drake u take the L for this…if ur dumb enuff to think for one moment that Com did this for publicity or to try to increase record sales..ur as dumb as the last song u dropped…The problem was u were called out by a real hip hop head…u werent sure so u told the brother to say ur name and he did…then u did a whack verse and he flipped it on u and smashed it…u heard those rumors about him having a full song on deck and u know that would dead ur already dwindling career…so u paused…smart move..but this makes u even less hip hop…smmfh at u Aubrey…u proved what most have been saying all along..ur weak..then u wanna come hard on ur records..and send ur boys at tatoo artists…clown

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  • StlrNtn81

    Sounds like a lot of hatin on Drake in here. The nigga make hot music. Ain’t my favorite or nothing. As far as Common, at one point, he made hot music too. But not anymore. He’s been moved on to making movies and reading poetry. Just sayin.

    Don’t get me wrong, Drake is far from hard. And ain’t claiming to be either. But when somebody go at you, you gotta come back. So he took an L on this one.



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • David Daniel

    Okay clearly the Common hatters slash Drake fans have a lot to say about Common. Directly or indirectly. Lets be clear, Common has never done hiphop for the money. Money isn’t the issue, hiphop is the issue and if you can’t see that then your not into the hiphop culture. In which point I rather not get into a depate with you because you lack real knowledge of the hiphop culture and you clearly wont understand any of it.. Yes Common is labeled at times a conscious MC but what that really means is he uplifts his people and the culture and also protects it from people who damage it or act fake. A conscious MC talks about political, social, uplifting messages, and speaks from the heart and for the people. Yes Drake sold a lot of albums but his fan base is young kids and women. Which isn’t a bad thing but it doesn’t make what he has done worth respecting. Yes, he sold a lot of albums but they were based on pop hiphop and r&b. 

    Do you really think he’s real hiphop? Can he freestyle? Does he have what it takes to battle rap? Do real hiphop artist respect his movement? Does the culture of hiphop respect him? The answer to all of those questions is a clear no. He isn’t built for the hiphop culture, he’s built for pop hiphop. Like Ja Rule and Nelly before him. They all sold a lot of money, had a lot of radio play, and became the “rapper of the moment” but they were moved aside when that trend was over.

    Bottom line is, enjoy him while you can. I have a feeling he wont be around in 4 years.

    ps: His next move is to record all hiphop tracks so he gets his street cred back but its too late. People know he’s a corny dude.    

    • blackie_chan

      Comm never did hip hop for the money??? are u kidding? ANYTIME u have r&b guests singing and makin r&b tracks to rap over, u ARE doing it for the money. Only difference between he and Drake is Drake may sing himself, Comm hired singers!

      • Opps I liked your dumb comment by accident. The issue isn’t money but PUBLICITY STUNTS. Can you read? Drake said this was a publicity stunt. So answer this: When has Common in his long ass career as an emcee been about publicity stunts?  Yeah, I’ll wait……the answer is he’s never been about that, so why would he start now when he’s at the point where he’s making a lot of money (more than Drake to be exact). That’s bullshit.

        Drake caught feelings when he shouldn’t have, jumped up like he was gonna do something and then ran off when Common called his bluff. Let’s be real lol

      • blackie_chan

        No dummy…you like my response because you had a moment of clarity between your stupidy…which makes you potentially smart. 

        You typed, ”
        Okay clearly the Common hatters{sic= Should Include Check on spelling} slash Drake fans have a lot to say about Common. Directly or indirectly. Lets be clear, Common has never done hiphop for the money.”

        Can you comprehend?

      • blackie_chan

        No dummy…you like my response because you had a moment of clarity between your stupidy…which makes you potentially smart. 
        “Okay clearly the Common hatters slash Drake fans have a lot to say about Common. Directly or indirectly. Lets be clear, Common has never done hiphop for the money.”

        Can you comprehend?

  • Bessss

    I think his two are both great in their own ways, and should stop this bull. They need to stay true to who they are and keep making real music for the fans (no need for diss track)       I was very inspired by all your comments and before i knew
    it i came up with this:

    All this Drake and Common debate,
    is consuming the worldwide web

    What people don’t understand,
    is that being a rapper, has changed

    It aint like the old school gang,
    where niggas were ready to bang

    Where the hard life inspired the lyrics,
    now we rap about rims, chains and bitches

    These two rappers are both really strong,
    one wiser, one still maturing on its own

    The fame, the hype, its just part of the game,
    you listen to their lyrics, and don’t even realize, you came

    One trying to keep alive an old trend,
    the other, perfectly ridding the laws of supply and demand

    Being in the “young” hype is real,
    and it even helps to have some sex appeal

    While the lone wolf still on his quest to the top,
    with most in the world expecting him to just drop

    Truth is, no one pays for their success,
    as an artist, you get paid, for being, the best,

    And even tho it might not seem fair and not always the best solution,
    is not up to logic, but the masses in the Room of Resolution (Drake ;)

    This two are great, but different in almost everything,
    it’s up to us, who we shoot down, and who we crown King

    So let your voices be heard, support, don’t pretend,
    so that everyone can know, that in the end,
    the highest title in this game is, FAN


  • drake is for women and men with feminine tendencies. common is a veteran and I got respect for  dat man. common gonna take this.

  • A ploy for attention? TARGETING you for telling your story? LLS what story? Targeting you? shouldnt you take that up with the media? Last I heard the MEDIA assumed “sweet” was about you…and it was over serena…thats the media actin like that… if it was such a ploy and or you were a “target” Com woulda said your name, he would have let it be known he was gonna be dissing somebody big to build up the album and he would have been talkin shit about it every chance he got, never mind the fact that he’s not known for that bullshit…..last I heard from Com he was speaking about the essence of being an MC, never mind the off the head very public freestyles where he doesnt mention your name in ANY fashion, not even a minute sneak diss….so you sure you wanna use one of those generic sounding commercial rapper responses?
    cause now you sound like a chicken shit…if you scared just say u scared…
    And you back peddling on the kobe line…oh you blaming it on your age now? LLS wow…problem is drake get in the booth & grow heart then his so called fans act like nobody should be allowed to check him…with your “dont beef, get money” excuses THEY BOTH GETTIN MONEY!! What next? GTFOH!! NIggas actin like niggas bout to grip up its some MC shit and drake dont got it in him…period all that get money, he young, he on the charts yadyadyada bullshit is a cop out…

  • Of course Common’s diss was a ploy for attention.  If Drake had never responded to him on ‘Stay Schemin'” no one will even be talking about Common right now.  Even the so-called Common fans didn’t even buy his new album, so that should tell you something. 

    • Common never sold a lot of records so why would he be concerned with
      that after all these years?? lmao Some 20 years in at 39 he wants to be a
      top seller? Try again and do better.  I mean he’s millionaire now. If
      he was gonna be a publicity whore he would’ve shown those traits back
      when he was just a starving, hungry emcee.

      Face the facts: Drake ran his mouth too much and had to eat his words
      after he got checked. That’s the long and short of it. Drake can try to
      spin it all he wants but he got served.

      • Millionaires aren’t publicity whores?  I guess Kanye West & Kim Kardashian aren’t millionaires.  Besides, no one was thinking about Common until he made a subliminal aimed at Drake.  Sweet was probably about alot of people, but he was mainly talking about Drake; you know it, I know it, Drake knows it, & Common knows it very well.  
        If someone made a blatant sub-diss towards me I’d respond to them also, which is what Drake did on Stay Schemin’  I wanted to see them battle like everyone else, but to act like Common is the victim who isn’t looking for any attention right now is far from the truth

  • drake just trying to spin his way out of a lose-lose situation.  he lost by running scared and he would’ve lost in a war of words anyway.  he just needs to keep his mouth shut and make that soft hoe music.