Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Jada and Will Smith Splitting Up the Kids?

Star Magazine scored an exclusive interview with several of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s family members who are spilling the beans regarding the super-star couple’s alleged upcoming divorce. The magazine is claiming that Will and Jada have split up the kids and are living on opposite sides of the country and according to the source, ‘the kids are devastated.”

Will and their son Jaden, 13, are living in Philadelphia, where they will be filming After Earth, while Jada and Willow, 11, are living in L.A. before Willow starts touring in May. ”The kids are really suffering,” a source says. The family has been torn apart for a while now.

“They haven’t spent any time as a whole family in months,” explains the source. “And it’s not going to happen anytime soon — if ever again.”

The magazine goes on to say that Willow and Jaden are aware of what’s going on with their parents.

“The kids hear everything that Will and Jada say about each other,” an insider shares. “They’ve shed tears over it. It’s a hard time for them.”

I’m sure [their parents] take it into consideration, the psychological impact on the kids and what they could do to make it minimal,” Jada’s former stepdad Warren Brown tells Star. “[But] it would surprise me if they stayed together.”

“It’s always a shame when divorce splits up families,” Estelle Pinkett, Jada’s great-aunt, agrees.

Wow, Jada’s great Auntie and Stepdad came out of the wood-works and sold Jada and Will out! If this is true, it seems as if Will and Jada are closer to getting a divorce than ever before.  I hope they keep their kids together, though, it would be a shame to separate the siblings.

Source: Hollywood Life.com

  • This happens in “regular” families everyday. Who cares?




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  • Jozay Masson

    damn that’s kinda of fucked up, hopefully it’s not as speculated…

    and to the lames “who don’t care” what was the point of even clicking of this article if u didn’t care????

    then on top of that, you lames leave comments, like, why waste time???

    i forgot ya’ll living useless lives 

    • So, our lives are “useless” because we would rather read about HIP-HOP news on a HIP-HOP site instead of meaningless Hollywood drivel???? This is AllHipHop, not MediaTakeOut. Real talk, you’re not getting any awards or kudos, and Will and Jada are definitely NOT cutting you any checks for defending their honor. Cut it out. SMH.

      • will smith is a rapper…

      • WAS a rapper.

      • is a rapper he is working on a new project

      • Jozay Masson

            Your lives are useless, because you sit here and click on things u don’t care about, read it, then to top it off,  leave a comment…  if you were leading useful lives then u would of never click on it to begin with, due 2 it being a waste of time.
        Ppl who lead useful lives don’t really waste time, especially on things they don’t care about

  • Good Luck Will & Jada & to the kids too!

  • YO willow got a shaved head.. why black girls doing this all a sudden. WHAC!k!!

    • Who What Why When

      stars and the media influence people to pick up on new trends and ideals. been goin on forever. thats why u got the black woman/white man thing now. Just watch, if they make a big deal out of this divorce(if they get one), watch all of a sudden a bunch of black women will chase after latin guys. It happens with all races and genders. What happens in that square box(TV) programs the mind to try to create what was seen in reality. Pay close attention to the way certain races are depicted, how the news adds lil statements to influence your decisions, who hangs out with who in commercials, the demeanor of this or that person, etc. it aint called “programming” for nothing. turn that shit off and create your reality based on what you really want. not on what you are being “given” to re-create.

    • They are tired of hair!

  • rep87

    these hollywood fam who knows whats going on

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  • Who What Why When

    the media gonna love this! they been doin so much work to make black men appear undesirable and happy black families impossible they will have a field day with this. they know people were happy to see a successful black family. watch whatever made things go wrong gonna be Will’s fault. smh

    • D_Ably

      One black family hits abit of trouble and all of a sudden its a big black-hating conspiracy? Puuulleeez. You tellin me the media don’t relish in any broken marriage unless their black? People are the cancer of this planet, not black people, not white people, not asians, everybody. They always gonna be hatin on each other. The sooner all our ignorant asses are dead, the better.

    • If true what did they do to break up their own marriage… life styles of the rich and shameless… someone was bound to grow tired!

  • johnblacksad

    I first thought to myself… “what a dumb title”… before remembering Sydney Lace work for AHH now… nevermind

    • how come the banned my NDTX account from making comments … had to run in thru the back door

      • MD42

        “had to run in thru the back door”…. Pause.

  • Tony G.

    the only issue i have is that unfortunately this divorce will be played out in the media of the world..and their family needs to stay out of it for real..best of luck to will, jada and the kids regardless of how this ends

  • Romia Blue

    her great aunt and her step dad…when was the last time you’ve seen or heard of Jada associating with them? notice how you said their relatives who have spilled the dirt. How much do you think they were paid? Could they be living on separate coasts because they’re doing different things? will just wrapped up MIB3…I’m sure Willow is trying to finish up that first album…

    If I see it on Wendy Williams today maybe I’ll give it merit…
    then again, no i won’t.

    • Jozay Masson

      c/s this shit is propaganda. 

  • I have been deep in thought about alot of things… Saw this article on checkout alleging splitville for Will and Jada….Alot of rumors were swirling since Hwtorn scene with Marc A.. and sex scene. To add open mixing partners and such does nothing for a marriage.  Someone please tell Michael Baisden it doesn/t work. preoccupation with satisfying primal needs will never work for a marriage. Only Hollywood types could believe this to be.  That/s why scientology is so popular…..

  • Furthermore, anyone whom’s been on Ophrahs couch professing how happpy and glee they were says alot.

  • Also, White couple’s have an even worst statistic on staying committed. If anything I have learned in my own 47 yrs of living on this earth is to choose your role models carefully.. They should reflect your own liftstyle and personal beliefs.. Believe or not Hollywood stars are all about selling the average mo joe a pipe dream. I am soooo tired of smoking from a pipe. Special shout out to my parents whom to this very day have been successfully married for 50 yrs… Happy Anniversary Mom/Dad, my true role models.///

  • RayRay_lover

    like they said rumor and i hope its not true because they made a very good family and they should really think of the kids point of view and as i hear the kids are devistated so they should stay together they made an awesome family