Rapper K’Naan Lashes Out At Mitt Romney For Using “Waving Flag”

(AllHipHop News) Somali born/Canadian raised rapper K’Naan is lashing out at presidential candidate Mitt Romney, for using one of his best known songs without permission.

Mitt Romney used K’Naan’s hit single “Waving Flag,” as the music in his speech last night during the Florida Republican primary.

K’Naan told AllHipHop.com in a statement that Mitt Romney had not received the proper permission to use the song.

Furthermore, K’Naan said that he is not endorsing Mitt Romney.

“I have not been asked for permission by Mitt Romney’s campaign for the use of my song. If I had been asked, I would certainly not have granted it. I would happily grant the Obama campaign use of my song without prejudice.”

According to K’Naan, he is exploring all of his legal options, to prevent Mitt Romney from continuing to use “Waving Flag.”

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34 Responses to “Rapper K’Naan Lashes Out At Mitt Romney For Using “Waving Flag””

    • rodstewart

      The English language. I’m assuming that you’re American.
      Learn it before you criticize others of not being able to speak it.
      OK, dude?

  1. Keith Brickz

    rapper who? stfu u nobody…mitt romney is a fag so are you…fuck outta here…and then to top it all off he supports obama? kill urself

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      So who do you support then? Gingrich? Of course he would support Obama over Romney. If you black and support Mitt Romney you lose. Romney is a Mormon, mormons believe that black people have no souls, and that we’re cursed, that’s why our skin is dark.

      All yall out here bad mouthing Obama really don’t have a clue about how this society works.

      • Tenchi Brown

        and the ONLY reason you’re supporting Obama is because he’s
        “black”…fuck Newt, Romney, and Obama..all 3 of them are on
        the same team at the end of the day..and if you can’t see that, then you
        really don’t have a clue about how this corporatocracy works.

      • Maxwell Smart

         President Obama is what he is no different than any other president and yes i am voting for him because he is black i hate everyone else.

      • Darrell

        Well at-least your ignorant ass is voting for Obama. Good pick. Better than the alternative.(republican) 

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        No, actually one of the main reasons I voted for Obama because he promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while John Mccain was saying we should be prepared to fight a 100 year war. BTW, I fought in BOTH of those wars…what have you done for this country besides cry and jump on the bandwagon of Obama bashing?

        P.S. if u don’t vote your voice won’t get heard. Obama is a politician at the end of the day, but our parents and Grandparents fought for us to have the right to choose the lesser evil. Exercise your right or sit down and shut up.

      • Tenchi Brown

        Sorry, you get no points for fighting imperialistic wars, following orders like a mindless drone killing Arabs..please, tell me what that’s done for this country (other than bleed our economy dry and line the pockets of the military-industrial complex and private contractors), since you brought it up..and while you’re cheering the ‘end’ of the Iraq occupation, we’re getting ready to occupy Iran now, so I guess Mccain was right, this shit is nowhere near over..and being in the military, surely you’re aware of what’s still going on in Afghanistan RIGHT NOW under your savior Obama’s watch/orders..

        and really, how long are we going to continue choosing the LESSER evil? How ridiculous does it sound to support ANY evil? The system is broken and beyond corrupt, but as long as people like yourself keep voting for who appears to be the ‘lesser’ evil (and picking up arms to kill your fellow man, supplying them with an army to perpetuate that evil), shit will continue to get worse. Wake up..

        it’s not about ‘bashing’ Obama or Bush or Republicans or Democracts, it’s about acknowledging that their all on the same side, which is in direct opposition to the common man.. then speaking out against them so we can strive for REAL change, instead of continuing to fall for their empty promises year after decade after century.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        First off Obama IS NOT my savior, second, its easy for crybabies such as yourself to sit back and judge those that wear the uniform of the armed services because you are afforded those rights through the sacrifices that we have made. If you’ve never been over there then how can you tell me anything about what goes on in the desert? True, there are many innocent people who want nothing to do with the fighting, but there are also those that strap bombs to the backs of women and small children in an effort to kill us. They rejoiced at 9/11 and would do it all again if they could. They dont care about you, me or anyone else in America and would shed our blood on our own streets in a heartbeat.

        You have so many complaints, what are you doing to change it? Maybe you should run for office? Oh, its probably not that serious right? You’re pretty comfortable, chillin on the couch, typing on ALLHIPHOP, exercising you’re right to free speech on your wifi connection, right? Exactly. You’re welcome.

      • Tenchi Brown

        again..how does you killing Arabs provide me with rights? and OF COURSE they want to kill Americans who are there occupying their country..what would you do in the same situation? let’s not even get into 9/11 cuz i’m sure you have your brainwashed view of what happened and how that justifies us occupying a bunch of middle eastern countries, but that’s neither here nor there..

        why should I care that “They dont care about you, me or anyone else in America and would shed our blood on our own streets in a heartbeat..”? the point is that “they” (and by the way, who exactly are ‘they?’ That’s a CRITICAL point) HAVEN’T shed our blood on our streets, but we’re shedding theirs daily anyway, and ALL for profit..you’re so indoctrinated with that military and political brainwashing, it’s sad..haha “You’re welcome..” please get over yourself..you killed some poor people so that a few rich men could become even richer, that’s the bottom line, yet you’re too blind to see it

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Let me guess…you”re a 9/11 conspiracy theorist right? None of this would be taking place had we not been attacked in the first place. THEY are al qeada, the taliban and all those who like to throw rocks yet hide their hands. THEY havent shed ANY MORE blood here because we haven’t allowed them to.

      • Tenchi Brown

        hahaha..my god, man..you sound like you could work for Fox news, or any MSM outlet..pointless argument, facts and logic are foreign to you..just readin straight out the propaganda handbook..PEACE

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I deal in nothing but facts fam. 

        Fact: WWII 1945 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor killing thousands of sailors, in return we blow up Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively ending the war. 

        Fact: Al Qaeda hijacked commercial airliners on 9/11/01 killing thousands of civilians. Prior to that the USS Cole was also bombed by Al Qaeda.

        How many active duty servicemembers died on 9/11/01? I’ll tell you: 55.

        Al-Qaeda killed damn near 3000 CIVILIANS. 

        2400 Servicemembers were killed at Pearl Harbor.

        So whats worse?

        9/11 obviously, yet our response was nothing like Pearl Harbor.

        The Japanese didn’t attack innocent civilians, but AL QAEDA did…you want me to feel sympathy for them?

        Well I don’t. And you’ve stated zero facts.

        How do I sound like Fox News. They HATE Obama. 

        I support him.

  2. rep87

    Do your thang dude dont let this robot use your shit for free because if the shoe was on the other foot he would sue you. and to all you ron paul fans he on his way to the nursing home and the rest of the republican party back to the circus, I BET ON BLACK YOU HATING AZZ BITCHES !

      • Who What Why When

        what face available, u think WONT be about good ol’ fashioned American imperialism and greed? all roads end at the same train wreck area. troubles we got arent just here but global, so that let u know this shit is about the wicked of the world and their system not just a president. gonna be a bumpy ride

  3. slumlord_vinny

    For the record Im Black, so Im not coming from a prejudice angle but Black people should keep their political views private. AHH is not the forum for it, not all Black people have to pull for Obama. It is a persons constitutional right to vote for who ever they want to, whether white or black. Me myself, I am going to vote based off the issues and who ever I believe will improve my quality of life. If you are a tax paying citizen, the president works for you! Now for Kanaan, if dude don’t support Romney, I feel him on that. 

  4. incognegro

    i aint knocking DUDE for who he supports … but MITT ROMNEY owes you a check and a BIG check at that … you need to get yo litigation game together and put the wolves on his azz –

  5. David Cook

    To the ignorant slime who said Mormons think black people have no souls, you need to quit spewing things you heard on the corner. Mormons are Christians who have many black members of their churches. Of which I attended in Harlem, Bronx, Yonkers. They love all people as Jesus did. They dont sit around hating like half you people do. People deserve more support and less hate and the world will be better,

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Ignorant slime? I learned it on the corner? You don’t know me friend, don’t assume that we’re all as ignorant or that our intelligence is stunted as your beliefs have taught you. 

      I learned of the Curse of Cain from a good friend of mine I met in the military, a white man and former Mormon from Utah. He broke away from the church for this reason and a bunch of others. So no, I didn’t hear it on the corner. The information is readily available online for anyone who cares enough to do the research. What’s also there is people like you who in recent years have tried to deny the fact that this is the true nature of the church you hold so dearly to your heart.

  6. Jeremy Jones

    Not a good look Mitt, you already outsourcing your campaign soundtrack to african/canadian artists and not paying them when there’s good american rappers/artist who could have done a track for you.  Shame on you, Mitt……..




    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

    • churchboy2

      K’Naan had one of the biggest songs in the world in 2010 and you’re saying that his career is lame???

      “Wavin’ Flag” was the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup theme song for crying out loud. It went #1 in several countries on multiple continents, and has 20 different internationally recorded versions.

      We’re not talking about an industry rookie here…

      Some people prove how stupid they are when they comment on what they know nothing about.

      (The wikipedia page for the song is longer than most albums’ pages…)

      Do your homework; apparently Mitt Romney knows more hip-hop than you do!

    • rodstewart

      I really hope that you’re not American, with the poor grasp of the English language and your loose use of generalizations… You make us look bad, dude. 
      Just shut up and disappear, OK? You have no idea what you’re talking about and it shows.

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