French Montana Talks Diddy “Payoff”, Future of DVDs & Max B., His Love & His Hip-Hop Crush

French Montana sat down with AllHipHop affiliate  Ms. Drama to talk about his recent signing to Bad Boy and why Diddy’s “duffle bag” payoff helped his decision. In the interview, Montana continues about his Cocaine City imprint and the future of DVDs for artists. He explains his current relationship with Max B and why his upcoming release will be epic for hip-hop. He even explains his love of Emily B from reality show “Love & Hip-Hop.” And his thoughts on lyricism are sure to make purist cringe.

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    I don’t care what anyone says, French Montana included. He talking about not signing over his publishing but I still feel like if Diddy is affiliated with you he will get something off in the backend. I think that guys like Diddy can still afford to throw between 500k to 1 million on a guy they know will have a least 2 platinum albums in him/her. I don’t believe French has even 1 more album left him. I think he will still be decent with the mixtapes but he will never release a record. So he won’t make in money in publishing. If anything he will make most of his money doing shows and making club appearances. Just being honest.. Congrats though. 😉

  • rep87


  • AlbertoRipRon

    what do you call a steamed glad bag of an emcee in the trash bin?  HOT GARBARGE

  • illymac

    this f-ing guy..
    he is great at making a whole song about nothing..
    actually he may be the best to ever do it..
    him and 2chainz are hands down the worst rappers in the game right now..

    • Dun Tha Cloudster Smith

      lil b hands down is the worst rapper ever 

      • illymac

        lil B isnt in the game..
        he’s on the outside looking in..
        he’s a youtube and worldstar video rapper..
        French and 2chains are signed to major record labels..

      • Apollo Showtime

        Lil’ B is doing like 6-8k a show right now, I don’t know man.

  • Ronlg1

    Come on, French…you talking greasy about “when you see people”, but I guess it REALLY does matter WHO it is, cause when that lil fight went down with your boy Waka you can be seen afterwards, but for some reason not seen fighting when the ish hit the fan……


    You asked some GR8 Questions!! LoL  #HoodHardGang