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Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Offered $500 Million to Judge X-Factor?

If the rumors are true, Beyonce and Jay-Z may be set to be worth a BILLION dollars combined sooner than we all expected! Sources are saying that “X-Factor” creator Simon Cowell has offered Beyonce $500 MILLION to be a judge on the hit TV series.

Originally, reports were saying that Simon Cowell was interested in hiring Mariah Carey as the judge, but he has now moved on to Beyonce to ensure the shows success. Peep the insiders comment below:

“He wants a big name female star on the panel. Mariah [Carey] is good, but she’s not that hot today. He wants Beyonce because that would immediately give him the bounce needed to beat American Idol.”  And Simon is willing to PAY to land Beyonce.

The deal he is reportedly ready to offer Beyonce is a five-season deal worth $100M per year.  Beyonce needs to jump on that quick!!!!  Knowing the work-a-holic that Beyonce is, she can still churn out an album a year, tour and be a great mommy in addition to her judging duties.

Beyonce was a mentor on last season’s American Idol and she did great! Check out the video below:

If this is a true offer, do you think Beyonce should take it?

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  • Jeremy Jones

    Half a Billion for 5 years of “work”, huh?  What is wrong with this country…..

    • Papi Peligro

      And for people to not think that it doesn’t affect the little guy. Advertising cost go up which gets sent to the customer and also the workers. So the marketing department has obscene budget that dwarfs the worker salary. 

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    I don’t believe the rumor at all!!! I have heard Simon diss Beyonce a million times!



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    • rep87

      NOTHING HAS TO DO WITH THE OTHER ! Wale is MAKING MONEY ! At times you make good sense but now you starting to sound real DUMB. Comon SON!

  • Sdot Jones

    makes sense, they’re not just hiring her, they are hiring her name, fanbase and marketing appeal. if this is true im sure they’ll be making more than 500 mill in 5 years off of her, so everybody wins. 

  • WashingtonDre

     Wow..Isn’t great to be favored? GOD LOVES Beyonce!!! but the real winner is Jay-Z… AND blue Ivy is set for life..Now look at your life and ask yourself How can I get some of that favor? ( Congrats to them!! Now let’s do a 2 day recap for black history month in 2012 so far..Don Corneilus shoots himself in the head, Nicki Minaj gets banned from BET because of “stupid Hoe” (great song title i can see that at the Grammys next year lol) Tracy Morgan refused to help his unemployed mother with her mortgage, and Beyonce is offered $500million to host a show..i think i’ll take a nap now.

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  • Name me King

    of course shes gonna take it if its real .. her and jay-z are both sell outs. Thats just What sell outs do. 

  • BoldSpice

    People starving in the fugging streets and they offering this bitch half a billion because she can shake her ass and half way sing. SMDH.

  • EQ

    got damn

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  • I think i jus threw up i my mouth! this is sickening, smh its a got damn shame an if this true they need to all fall off the face of the earth. This broad already has enough money, an got even more when she married the richest nigga in music damn there. They tellin me they cant help poor ppl, we cant have free healthcare an money to give ppl who cant find a job; but we got money to give this lace front wearing, no talkin,country bumpkin, ditsy airhead hoe 500 million to judge some no singin muthafuckas on a tv show?!! IF its true they need to shoot themselves in the head for being such  irresponsible money grubbin assholes. ITs good for her, hell if I was her I’d take an then make sure noone in my family or friend circle ever has to work again. Do some real charity like go to the hood an put $10 stacks in every mailbox or something. But no she will jus buy more bad wigs an berkin bags.

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  • rep87

    I dont believe the figures are correct and yes this not a rumor its a lie

  • H_D_Swagger

     There is no way they would give her that much money people.  They’d never make anything like that back.

  • The Future

    $500M? GTFOH.

  • Raheem Classick

    When are you Niggas gonna learn to scan & read the whole article, Look who the sources are, Media-takeout < need I say more, Yes I do, All you M F's are complaining about money that has nothing to do with you, You Fu*king fake ass Pseudo Intellectual dumb ass hating ass fools, Jay & Bey money has nothing to do with you, If you don't like them that's your biz, But don't try to get me to hate them like you do, UGH!!!! no wonder we fu*ked up now, Our priorities are twisted. (But I'll Let You Tell IT)