Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Don Cornelius Commit Suicide to Prevent His Ex-Wife from Getting Life Insurance Money?

Oh man, this is just sad if it’s true. Insiders are saying that Don Cornelius committed suicide so that he could try to prevent his ex-wife from cashing in on his two life insurance policies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don and his ex-wife Viktoria Chapman Cornelius had a very tumultuous relationship, which ended in divorce in 2009.  Don reported that he was peppered sprayed by his wife on multiple occasions and she accused him of domestic violence, which he was eventually convicted of.

In official legal docs obtained by TMZ, Don said, “I am 72 years old. I have significant health issues. I want to finalize this divorce before I die.” Unfortunately, there was a provision in his divorce settlement that says that Don must make Viktoria the beneficiary of both of his life insurance policies – totaling around $300,000 in benefits.

Under California law, if a policyholder commits suicide within two years of the time the policy is issued, the company can deny payment. But Don had the policy for more than two years, so Viktoria, the woman he despised, will get the cash. So sad.


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  • Casor_Greener

    So the answer is “NO”. Why ask this stupid question if you already know the answer? Why would he kill himself to keep someone from getting money anyway, that is just plain stupid!

    This new rumors section has really gone downhill.

    • And we thought the OLD rumors section was bad…

      • No shyt!

        Easy to see why the old rumors won an award with ILLSEED.

      • Realist4200

        Where the f#ck is Illseed, who the f#ck is Sydney Lace, and what the f#ck has happeed to this site?


    RIP ??????

    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • What difference would it make to a dead man, if someone gets money? ….smh

    • Papi Peligro

      Depends on how much I hate my ex wife.  

  • she get that money and its gon’ be abunch of young bruvahs running SOUL TRAINS on his EXcalibur

  • Too Bad
    Don Cornelius    career  had to  end on this note ; Yet I’m not going to focus on the negative, I will focus on the positive which was giving the the black community and the WORLD Soul Train. By far Don had some of the best performers on the show which I’m sure had major influence on breakin acts and  careers when they got a chance to perform on Soul Train . 

     My most remember and favorite show was when LL COOL J performed “MY RADIO” AND “ROCK THE BELLs” between the years of 85 & 86 that soul train episode alone was a major win for HIP-HOP as far as I’m concern. After watching that performance, I no longer wanted to Break Dance. I wanted to rap because LL HAD THE CROWD JUMPING while prancing back and forth across the stage like a lion in a cage just rocking the show

    Other than that shot out to the DON OF SOUL-TRAIN for bringing us all the different genres of music over the years  and the talented acts to go along with it when it comes to SOUL,R&B, AND HIP HOP.. Other than that REST IN PEACE,  to the DON OF SOUL TRAIN

  • Ty GramZ

    this wasn’t suicide this sound like the perfect murder…and she got the guap….RIP Don


  • Q.

    Hm. Sooo you expect us to believe that Sydney Lace is smarter than Don Cornelius, I guess.

    If he/she/it can figure out that suicide wouldn’t affect the issuance of Don’s insurance policy to his wife….YOU DON’T THINK DON FIGURED THAT OUT? C’mon son!

    The people have spoken…Bring back ILLSEED!!

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    if this is true may be he should of pulled an O.J move and spent the rest of his life in jail instead of the one you hated getting to reap the benefits?

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  • Who What Why When

    they killed don and made it look like suicide because he had plans someone didnt want to see the light of day. settin off black history month with a msg. “death to soul” or u know who …wouldnt that be some shit if i was dead on? stay tuned..

    • EG

      that would be one for the masses to know…but n twenty12 they doing any and everything, u really never know. The masses still wouldn’t do anything if it was proven someone conspired against “soul”…look at 9/11=NOTHING!

    • 0ivae

      You bring up what’s been bothering me… Why would an icon of black history kill himself on the 1st day of black history month? So what kind of plans are you talking about? The coroner ruled it a suicide and so that’s that? -If Quincy were the L.A. county coroner today, maybe the case wouldn’t be closed just yet… But if it was suicide and he was sending a message on Feb. 1, was it his way of protesting Obama’s signing the NDAA act? A pox on black history that this president gives himself and future presidents the prerogative to indefinitely detain or even assassinate citizens with NO due process… We might as well say every american regardless of creed or color is 3/5ths a person. That’s the new equality? -not exactly what MLK had in mind. And I don’t think Malcolm X would liked the idea of giving military support to al KKKaeda in Libya. We really could’ve done a hell of a lot better with our first black president.

      But regardless of how he went, Don is well remembered. He influenced American culture – black and white – in myriad ways. And, while rock & roll may be dead, soul is most definitely not dead. Look at what’s on the top of the charts today -Rihanna’s “We found love in a hopeless place” -oh no, another slam against Obama’s brand of “Hopium” -watch your back Rihanna!

  • rep87

    Good for Don if he did i aint mad at you RIP Mr.Soul Train !

  • LuckyLefty82

    That’s stupid as hell! It’s possible for a person to change their beneficiary on the policy. I do them for my clients ALL THE TIME. 

  • Thats what he gets for fuckin with them white breds…..Is it me or is it that every brotha that messes with these white brawds..either die,lose massive doe or  go to jail….stick wit your own….It was all good just a week ago!!!

    • you are SO right. they get that reality check when on trial or find out the pasty ho is cheating. black men need to teach these boys who think they want or deserve barbie. at the end of the day, let them go. don’t need no kneegro who has white bread on his mind when he’s in my house.

  • Michael Jordan is next…ask Tiger Woods..

    • EG

      u wrong for that
      #hope u lyin tho…

  • he didnt have the Lord 1st of all….his mind would have been right and he would have had order in his life not mess but peace……everyone has a choice he choose to have mess in his life. its a shame what happen but only God Lord and Savior can keep you together when living right the Lords way not ours….

    • AlbertoRipRon

      You don’t know what that man had.  His relationship with God, if he had one or not, is personal.  Who are you to judge without judging yourself first?  You weak christians don’t know what yall be talking about half the time.  Quick to condemn people.  But if the devil knocked on your doorstep and sat on your couch, you wouldn’t even have the proper faith, knowledge, and wisdom to get him out your house. 

    • Bulls shame on you for believing such a story the man did not commit suicide thats retarded especially if it was over 2 years which im pretty sure he knew. And why would he despise a woman he had been with for so long. I suspect foul play dont believe everything you hear or see

    • i agree

  • There are two possibilities here:

    A man was losing his life, his health was failing him, he decided to take his own life peacefully; maybe he’s struggled with depression in the past –in any case, a lot of health problems usually bring along depression, especially when there are other issues of separation and domestic animosity. in any case, he’s lived, and now he wants out.

    why do you have to reduce it to YOUR level and try to make him seem dishonourable and mean-spirited and even stupid? if he didn’t want his ex-wife to get some insurance monies, he’d have made sure he changed the beneficiary. just as he made sure he divorced her completely while planning his own exit, which he has EVERY right to!

    You morons.

    His death is NOT suicide but arranged by his ex-wife russian mafia connection. Perhaps because she knew she was still the beneficiary.

    in either case, the writer Sydney Lace is a moron.

  • There is nothing that anyone can say to make me believe he killed himself. NOTHING!

  • this is sad he died for nothing.