Meek Mill

Meek Mill “Audemar”

[ahh_audio src=/2-6-12/MeekMill-Audemar.mp3]

  • Nonrevvv34

    I thought this was a UNICEF song …he look 3rd world in that snap shot but this track is a garbage! and its a shame cause the south has lyrics but this dude is horrible 

    • Toneluckyluciano Lasley

      he’s not from the south dickhead

    • your garbage

  • Nonrevvv34

    His music is typical drum patterns of Manny Fresh and Baby Early Cash money and (Where are they from)?? not to mention , how are you gonna take up for dude? He’s crap! If it was hot I’d respect it, as you can see most of my comments but it’s not….You must have produced the track? is that it? or you are his hype man? maybe you drive the van with his face plastered all over it? why do you care this much? 

  • meek is a problem if you dont like it then dont listen to it and hop off

  • Nonrevvv34

    This is silly fellas,don’t you think? I want him to explain what the title of the track means? First it was Tone now it is Mikey? Mikey, I hope its the dumb dude who made this track! I spit a verse it’s like a point, I do a show that like a joint!…Listen step ya game up big bra if you trying to be a problem get a real song 16 bars a hook and “STICK TO THE SCRIP” address what Audemar means… nowhere in that song did he say what that meant? If I’m an A&R hitting this site up for the next underground dude to blow- IT’S NOT YOU… explain what you mean? Music is global so just cause ya hood feels you doesn’t mean people somewhere else will- GET BETTER