LL Cool J Prod. By Z-Trip “Super Baller”

[ahh_audio src=/2-6-12/llSuperBaller.mp3]

  • illymac

    This was the boringest super bowl in the history of super bowls..
    the Madonna half time show was more exciting then the game..

    • you suck lol

    • Tony G.

      ur sick..if anything it was the weakest halftime show ever

  • Tony G.

    hope he got clearance for this

  • Christopher Degannes

    This sounds like it was put together in like 5 minutes lol…click here for some real >>>>> musichttp://soundcloud.com/beetboxx/beet-boxx-murda-boyz-produced 

  • LLStill got it

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    dope !!

  • Hot $hyt! ( Never sleep on LL Cool J )

  • Nonrevvv34

    I’m happy for the GIANTS just as much as the next native New Yorker but please L.L. you went out and GOT a dude who looks just like ELI to do an NFL beat? in the words of the NFL Prime time crew- COME ON MANNNNNNNN