Neako “Zebra Gang”

[ahh_audio src=/2-7-12/Neako-ZebraGang.mp3]

  • Nonrevvv34

    Loose the hat homeboy and the dramatic deep satanic beat is over kill? Zebra gang? so this is a gang full of mix people? BROTHA PLEASE! Horrible! He needs to eat more food and stop looking all half dead and what not- I had to stop the track in order to type – song wise it’s not a real song I counted 2 -8’s and a hum, you need 2- 16’s and a hook- BIG MAN

    • no idea how i got here but heres my 2 cents nonrevvv34 you shit talking asshole…

      1. hating on someone else’s style on the internet…is a bitch move.
      2. beats are just beats, the lyrics may shape them slightly but EVERYONE interprets ALL of it different (its no more satanic than it is bluegrass or techno)
      3.     a. maybe it sounds that way because your life sucks
              b. maybe it sounds that way because your ears are broken
      4. i dont necessarily know the ethnicity of the gang but im fairly positive its called ZEBRA because of their ability to blend into their surroundings while being so different and staying safe (i bet you dont get the OVOXO logo either)
      5. song wise, its alot more “real” than anything ive ever heard by you (mainly due to the fact that you are a nameless hating shit talking donkey)
      6. your opinion of what constitutes a “real song” might be slightly mixed up with your ability to count (if you think hip-hop is 2-16’s and a hook, you died in 1999 you lame)

      so in closing Neako still isnt sorry your not his biggest fan, and if you ever need someone to talk to…kill yourself.

  • Nonrevvv34

    I forgot about this page and 80am woke up a giant with his personal address toward daddy! #1 I never hated on anybody I gave an opinion if you can’t take someone asking you to get better then why do this hip hop thing?  See the older heads like myself say hip hop is dead cause of clowns like you- I demand that my MC’s are more than gimmick and bullshit- I demand that my lyrics are deep and my delivery is as sharp -I demand rap be better! It’s the same thing!!! Dudes are scared to be themselves people are impersonating fake drug dealers, when was that ever cool? 1 producer runs the game and there is no growth as far as I see MC’s in the game- (that’s a take 80am) Now this is a dis – you got a name that makes no sense- that’s not a military time or standard pacific- and my life is good B- I work for myself you work for somebody (checkmate) plus rule #1 NEVER go to war for a dude you don’t know- #2. You gay you gave me a 2 page essay about why Zebra gang isn’t that bad, no reference to the song at all but it’s all about me?
    #3. You need to get your parents permission for you get on this site again some of these songs have bad words, well I know that won’t matter anyway because your an orphan! #4 GET OFF MY BOZACK! I get more cats firing shots back at the king because they little homeboys got lit up
    so I’ve become bigger than their flimsy music- BALL GAME