Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West’s Absurd Rider Requests!

We all know Kanye West can be a diva, but some of the items on his rider are way over the top! If you want to book Yeezy for a show, be prepared to have $378 Versace towels shipped in.  On top of that, you will need to hire a tailor so that they can cut the towels into customized squares.  Yeezy needs these so that he can wipe off his sweat while he’s on stage in style!

Also, Kanye demands no man-made fibers be worn by the minions who are serving him. So make sure that driver who you hire to pick Kanye up from the airport, is not wearing polyester or Yeezy may not get into the car. Mr.West prefers his servants be dressed in “100 percent cotton” only.

I guess when you’re Kanye West, you can demand these types of things.  At least he’s not asking for an all white room like J.Lo, or the removal of all the brown M&M’s like Van Halen famously requested.  Do you think Yeezy’s demands are over the top?

Source: Perez Hilton.com

  • As someone that works in the music industry I’m quite used to see crazy, over the top, things on riders.  Its pretty normal.  Most of the things on riders are there just to see if someone will actually get it for you.  But this is Kanye, so who knows.

  • “When stressed out over cash flow/hip hop used to console my soul now its a bunch of assholes”

  • Tony G.

    What have the Rumors come to?

  • #BOSS

    David Sentongo
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  • illymac

    He probably doing that to see what he can get away with..

  • You do small ignorant stuff like that to make sure the big things are taken care of. If you put a few things wild in the middle of your checklist and they’re not taken care of, you can be sure something big hasn’t been taken care of either.

  • rep87

    this dude is a real QUEEN enjoy it while you got it because when its gone its gone

    • Yeah , but doing stuff like that , will make it go quicker , especially when drunk off the liquor!

      No need to waste a fortune , goal should be to perpetuate / increase it , expand new ways of making it.

      Spend it to make $$$ , instead of looking like you have more money than you really do.

      Money = Labor ( A promise of human labor , broken down into a universal unit of trade.)

      What does one do with his or her labor?
      Improve the community or strut around like a PeaCock?

      Personal decision , so can’t judge either way!


  • $18916246

    What you want? He’s enjoying his wealth…who knows what each of us would do if we were Kanye? Guess what,  we’re not. This article gets a BIG BIG BIG…..SOOOOOOO WHAT!

  • Sydney, do a little more research. The reason why Van Halen requested to have all brown M&Ms removed is because the actual request was stated deep in their contract. Chances were, if they received M&Ms with brown in them, it gave them proof that the rest of the contract was never read thoroughly. Celebrities today, however, took this incident in the most dumbass way possible, and composed these stupid contracts with extreme requests. Van Halen was smart. Kanye and others are stupid.

    • Indeed , but then again , if it was a 1/4 lb of some good instead, it would be an issue.

      Versace towels?
      “C’Mon Son!”

      Proof that dudes lost touch!

    • pluginhoney

      Glad someone pointed that out. The entire point of contract riders were to prove the producers and promoters actually read the contract and followed the critical security and safety guidelines that the artist required to do a show. Just like you said, if the M&M thing wasn’t followed, then they’d be sure the safety and security requirements weren’t either, so they didn’t do a show.

      No idea who started the bullshit concept riders were specifically meant to invent the dumbest possible ways to waste money, waste time, and force everyone else to jump through ridiculous hoops so they can show up and do one set (wow!), but I do know whoever does things like that are complete assholes devoid from reality.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Why does he give a shit about the materials his driver wears? I don’t get it.

  • Papi Peligro

    I have never seen Kanye wipe his sweat with a Versace towel let alone do a show other than an award show. So this right here sounds mad bogus.

  • Weedras

    Sydney Lace this is the rumours section yet you write your articles as if they’re factual news…. c’mon!?!?!



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