Ja Rule Producer Explains Failed Rick Ross Collabo, 50 Cent’s Karma and Coldplay

Ja Rule may deliver his best work behind bars. AllHipHop.com sat in an exclusive listening session for Ja Rules new album, Pain Is Love 2, the dark sequel. 

“It absolutely matters. It’s a karma thing. It’s an energy thing. That resistance is no longer strong enough (to hold Ja Rule back).”

7 Aurelius (also known as  Seven) explains. And it’s a lot. 

Right now, towards the end of this session, he’s discussing whether or not 50 Cent’s decline in musical dominance matters to Ja Rule’s latest push.

The artsy, muscular
producer sits in a dimly lit studio in the outermost section of the legendary Quad Studios in Manhattan. His normally eccentric garb is replaced by a Yankee fitted and normal clothing as he talks his friend Ja Rule. 

He’s conversing with a small, but influential cadre of journalists and bloggers that have come out on a listening session for Ja, who is presently serving two years on gun charges. 

 It’s a lot.

The pair have worked together in the past, but have deepened their relationship for the release of Ja’s new album, PIL2 (Pain Is Love 2). The album is a conceptual work that explains the downside of Fame, which is depicted as a woman on the inner album art. “F**k fame,” is a reoccurring, jagged theme. 

The album is probably Ja’s most cohesive work to date, and it was recorded up until the day before he was transported to Mid-State Correctional Facility in upstate Oneida, N.Y. 

It has not been easy for them to get PIL2 ready for the masses on February 28.

For one, there’s the Rick Ross debacle. 

Leveling, Seven says, “A lot of the [artists of note] were not f**king with us. Rick Ross was the only artist that said, “Yeah.” 

While Ja and Ross share a profound distaste for 50 Cent, the Miami rapper’s health took a turn for the worst with a pair of back-to-back seizures last year. Otherwise, he would have been the only recognizable name on the album.

“This album is [about] a man that is going to prison, and he’s opening up his soul,” Seven says, making eye contact with all of the writers. And his assessment of PIL2 is dead on. Ja Rule seems to regurgitate just about every emotion he’s felt since his decline in popularity stateside. (Seven makes it clear Rule is still poppin’ in the rest of the world, attributing the downslide to fickle American audiences.)

In the United States, it has been hard to change perception. Swizz Beatz, T.I. Weird Al Yankovic, and even 50 Cent have sampled Coldplay. But, the alternative rockers would not approve a sample for Ja’s “Spun A Web,” a song on PIL2 that tried to sample “Trouble.” “They turned us down so many times, we stopped asking, “ Seven laments. 

“It’s hard to explain the mental state of someone going to jail for two years that’s been a star for 10 years.”

And Seven takes a moment to call out the sheepish masses.

“They can’t wait for [an authority] to say, ‘Its OK to like Ja again.’”

Until then, they believe that Pain Is Love 2 will be received as their most creative offering to date and a springboard for Ja’s post-jail career.

“I’m expecting this album to do very well,” Seven utters confidently. “This album is going to help [Ja] come out with the right perception [from fans] when he gets out of jail.”

Ja Rule expects to come home in February of 2013. 

“I’m back where I started / A prisoner of my own success but hardly / Caring enough to know I’m dead without it / No cribs, no cars, no champagne / No bright lights, no bitches, no big stage / But f*ck it, I’m in a better place.” 

Ja Rule on “They Spun A Web”

  • Big up to “Jigzaw” for this piece. Nice. PIL2 will definitely make people feel.

  • Looking forward to the album, hope there’ll be a review out soon because i’ve heard good things.

  • Great article, Ja is definitely making a comeback with this project! Good work Sev and Ja!

  • Good read. Really lookin forward to this album, from wat iv heard it sounds like Ja Rule’s best work

  • Reallly feeling the momentum building up for this project, the concept is enthralling cant wait to get my hands on the cd

    • $18592567

      The CD? You still got a cd player??? That’s what’s up…



  • I never really gave Ja Rule a chance, due to all that beef nonsense. However, when it’s becoming clear that 50 Cent nowadays is using Hip-Hop more as a business tool than anything else, I want to see how lyrically honest Ja Rule is on this upcoming album.

  • Giga Lopez


  • rep87

    Ja career was snuffed out by 50 ,and to much time has passed. ja   was doing the duet thang with Ashanti and it worked for him but it was going to fade regardless ,while Irv gotti over there playing mafia boss when he really  didnt help Ja switch his style up and its over Ja .Ross one of the hottest in the game i just dont think he could salvage this dude career .Ja your older now hopefully wiser produce music Seven need Ja album to do well money drying up fast . why the devil image in the photo above

    • Micheal

      how many f*ck%n social account ar u using fag? & let me elaborate why you gay, ja rule once made a statement about not being pro gay people and since than every body know that the people go out of the way to say crap like sayn are either ??? or 50, so go nibble on a sock or something

  • On the strength of the article, I’ll give PIL2 a chance!

  • 8ty9

    i believe he stands a chance …and hey keep the past aside and dont be biased 

  • JCalli

    his single for the album is pretty dope!!! cant wait for the album, i never gave up on him…

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  • Eli Pinilla

    im sorry, but these nggz is delusional. 50’s karma?? yea, in alot of things, but not when it comes to murder inc. remember, ja was on top during those days, and constantly acted like 50 wasnt shit and was an irrelevant no name rapper. just check out the beef dvd. and it was also murder inc that black balled 50 from  the industry. so when 50 got down with the right people and smashed on murder inc, now its 50’s karma and they cant hold ja rule back no more hahaha nggz is crazy man. if your talkin bout jadakiss, rick ross, camron, then i understand the karma thing, but not murder inc and ja rule.murder inc falling off the map was they’re karma!!! which is why hes in the position hes in now. they thought they ran shit and they got smashed and whipped out. now they making this ngga look like the underdog or like 50’s power has been holding him back…negro please.

  • wow dude is crazy….reason rick ross wanted to get on a track wit u cuz he wqanted to diss 50 and the reason niggaz aint fuckin wit u ja cuz u straight wack now….50’s karma tho…wowsers…only way this nigga comin back is if he never comes back…106 and park should start askin the people wat the think bout the videos again cuz that video they played wit ja was straight ass, u can tel nobody wasnt payin attention cuz they went straight to the next video

  • TimeWillTellu1

    No cribs, no cars, no champagne / No bright lights, no bitches, no big stage / But f*ck it, I’m in a better place.”  

    A lot of people these days can relate to this verse….IMO yo

  • $18592567

    This dude is buggin’ and stuck in the past… 50 karma??? Negro Please. Ja was on his way to gettin’ dissed by somebody, but he had politics in his favor (Irv Gotti). Jay-Z couldn’t diss Ja, because it would’ve affected Irv and Irv helped Jay get his deal. DMX went crazy subliminal, but never said Ja’s name early on, because of Irv. Ja went pop and that’s cool, but on the b-side he still was trying to be a gangster rapper and he wasn’t very believable. 50 did what the rest of NYC wanted to do to Ja and that’s it… Hopefully this bid will make Ja come out on truthful stuff instead of fake Pac’n. AHH betta stop blocking comments too…

    • Micheal

      Last time i commented to some1 like you they where either 14 years old or gay..& i can proove it!

  • illymac

    I got to see what Ja new album hitting for..
    dude music is actually decent..

    I like some of the duets with Ashanti sexy ass,

    I remember the one joint where he said,

    I got a fetish for fuckin U with ya skirt on
    on a back street in the back seat of the yukon..

    all I could think about was lifting up Ashanti skirt and smashing her from the back..

    I use to have it bad for that girl..

  • BoldSpice

    You can go back right now and bump all of Ja old shit and it’s still cool. 50 cent’s no rapping ass been straight garbage since the massacre. These fake ass “hip hop fans” don’t think for themselves they jump on bandwagons and shit on dudes that get hated on by the current flavor of the month “hot rapper” like 50 USED to be.

  • DrPrepper

    Sorry if you can’t hide a $700 burner in a $250,000 Maybach then maybe you deserve to be watching the Knicks in the can with corrupt politicians and rogue greedy former CEOs. Still wish the brother well, tho. Lessen to be learned.

  • hiphoprnb

    Ja Rule is a multi-platinum artist who has made some amazing music/songs! Looking forward to the album coming out in February 28!

  • overlooked

    ja is one of the best hip hop artist ever and PIL2 will be classic, free rule

  • free ja rule #1 fan we love you hang in there

  • I have every album and this one is by far the hottest. Ja is the only artist i can listen to every song on ever album wish ja the best of luck!. 50 cent was dead 5 years ago!! 

  • Micheal

    Personally if i could pretend like the was a rapper greater than Ja rule, i couldn’t so ill stick to the facts Ja is the greatest, & this is something most americans dont want to here but even if 2pac was alive, he wouldn’t stand a chance…just unfortunate that only me God & a few others know this…& know fegg response ok nyiggers..