Rick Ross

Freeway Rick, Rick Ross Come Face to Face In Court

(AllHipHop News) The battle between former drug baron Freeway Rick Ross and Hip-Hop star Rick Ross rages on in court.

The two men appeared in a Miami court last week, to give depositions in their ongoing trademark dispute over the name Rick Ross.

“[He] treated me as if I had done something to him,” Freeway Rick Ross told The Huffington Post in a recent interview. “When he first came to me, he didn’t know what position I was going to take, if I was going to send a word out to those young cats out in L.A. or not. That put a little fear in his heart.

Freeway Rick Ross originally filed a $10 million lawsuit against Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts III in May of 2010, claiming that he is illegally profiting off of his name.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District for Southern California, was dismissed in Federal court in November of 2010, when a judge ruled that he couldn’t sue, because his past criminal acts destroyed “any possibility that he has any valid trademark rights in his name, that have been violated by defendants.”

The judge ruled that Freeway Rick could appeal in state court, which he did immediately.

In an article in the Huffington Post last week, Freeway Rick Ross said the two men came face-to-face and the rapper shot dirty looks his way.

“Now that he knows I’m not carrying it like that, he’s a little more courageous right now,” Freeway Rick Ross said adding: [He] has my name tattooed on his hand.”

The case is ongoing.

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  • mrtakeherdown

    dumb shit. might as well give that up and save money on the lawyer fees…. back for the 1st time

    • MiamiKid

      The “real” Rick Ross has no chance in court, even though I side with him. I remember Rozay saying in an interview that if the real Ross would have stepped to him and asked for a payday he would have negotiated something with him. But he chose to take it to court where he has no chance. He should have kept it street….if everyone feels Rozay is so fake then why them LA cats no extorting him. Whether you like it or not Rozay has goons on his team too….Im from Miami and I know what it is. Trust me it aint as sweet as you think

      • mrtakeherdown

        aw im siding wit rozay lol u mistook my comment…. the old ricky need to hang this shit up…

      •  i know dudes in miami too. it is that sweet. lol

      • ooog

        Nigga u dont know shit in Miami quit talkin out your ass.

      • David Gonz

         if u think ross waves red everywhere, and la cats aiont getting paid, your a sucker

      • DeathB4Dishoner

        Real B shyt jus like Wanye & Baby gotta pay to rock this flag!!

      • yeah I got fam in MIA too, T town, St pete…I be around…that shit aint gonna save how crazy rick rawse is lookin right now sorry…yeah MIA is thoro but cmon…and you dont have to even extort a nigga like rawse cause he willingly comes through niggas hood PAYING to be down! extortion? for what? Niggas “goons” is brought & paid for LMAO!!

      • ooog

        Stop talkin out your ass.

      • BTV Global, LLC

        Fake Ross said that to try to act like he’s a Boss and gangsta. Just like how he didn’t say shit when Jeezy was going at him but went at a lil white girl. Trust Fake Ross don’t want it with Freeway. You know how many people will do whatever and whenever for that dude? Ross run from real folks and send ppl to beat up small folks like DJ Vlad. Reminds me of Drake, maybe that’s why all them fools are friends.

  • illymac

    Yo I dig Ricky Rozays music..
    he the best thing out right now as far as street shit..

    BUT come on bruh, how is he really in court mean mugging the real Rick Ross..
    Thats funny as hell to me.. Rozay aint no tough dude in real life..
    He aint moving all them bricks he rap about..
    He lettin that image he portay in his music take over..

    The real Rick Ross really had bodies on his guns,
    really made millions of dollars from selling bricks of cocaine,
    and he really did federal prison time..

    Rozay on the other hand was top flight security at a prison..

    • johnblacksad

      “The real Rick Ross really had bodies on his guns,
      really made millions of dollars from selling bricks of cocaine,
      and he really did federal prison time.. ”

      Bygones be bygones…
      Ok… so where all his millions at?! Jeezy said it best : “If you ain’t got it by now, n!gga you ain’t got it”
      Rick Ross is an entertainer… ya’ll shouldn’t have bought into his gansta fairytales in the first place, but the real Freeway Rick Ross is a b!tch… old washed up ninja tryin to get $10mealz because somebody used his moniker… FOH… i’m not rooting for Rozay, but i definitely don’t support no b!tch azz move especially from someone who supposedly is a REAL G!  If you connected like that, you should get them birds upfront and re-up all the way to the top again! Talmbout “i might send a lil word to the ninjas in L.A.”… b!tch azz G making threats instead of promises! I don’t respect that… anybody can get got… It’s nothin to pay a ninja to take care of ninja… matter fact, Rozay got way more money than he has right now….

      So ninjas are outside the system and want the status that go with it, but the minute they have a problem, they run to Uncle Sam to get anotha ninja who hustled hiw way up by taking him to court and sh!t… that ain’t G… by the code, that’s almost sn!tchin… if he strong armed like that… he should be able to make Rozay pay without going to court…

      I’m done with this bullcrap…

  • kylars

    there is not a man on the planet that wouldn’t be furious at someone for taking their name and talking about stuff you did with that name pretending they were the ones doing those things… its basically like stealing someone’s identity… rozay makes good music but he used freeway ricky ross’s story to fabricate a character and modified it in a way that appeals to hip hop fans and made millions of that persona… if you ask me he owes freeway ricky big time…

  • dutch3k5

    Do i think it was wrong for rozay to steal another mans identity to make a name for himself ? Yes. But should it hold up in a court of law. No. Its not like he stole his ssn or claimed to be REALLY frr. Should 50 cent owe the real “50 cent” for borrowing his name or any of these other rappers (insert mafiosa gangsta name here) thats taken on someone elses identity. What up n.o.r.e.? Whats good escobar?

    • Yes , all the fake gangsters / identity them slouches need to pay up!

      That’s the cost of not being original!

      • DesignatedH8R

        ^It’s about who’s real enough to do a name justice.  Take note: Freeway ain’t getting sued.

      •  whe he was on slip n slide his rap name was teflon don. 50 cent the rapper didnt take his whole persona. look at william roberts and look at rick ross.

      • mademan3000

        Freeway ain’t never make any real doe either…ROSS IS PAID END OF STORY!!!

    • KolbMarley

      I bey he wasnt sayin shit when ross was on slip n slide not doin shit. Jealous nigga jus wants parts of something he didnt do any work for. The name definitely didnt make rick ross’ career in any way.

      • if thats the case he should just stop using rick ross and go by ricky rozay like hes already doing smh…And I can see if NORE was going by Manuel Noriega, same spelling and all, or there were 8 different AL capones in stead of just capone then u can use that argument…50 cent was just a stick up kid, and his nick name was 50 cent, 50 didnt use his government name! cmon man! fact is rick ross ripped off the niggas whole life to make a career, how could you possibly defend this guy…ok you like his music, but it is what it is…he gotta pay homage…only right IMO… just to keep it 100…like cmon…yall niggas serious? smh like where yall from? 

      • BTV Global, LLC

        Actually Ross called dude while in jail and he told him not to use it that it will come back to hunt him. Told him to use another name and be himself. Yes he made money but it came back to hunt him with the correctional officer thing and name. So yes he was around when Ross had the tight Lakers jersey on in Trina video.

      • KolbMarley

        Aight Im not opposed to be schooled so thank you, Im jus sayin he coulda named himself Rick James and still blee off the music he puts out.

      • yeah and Rick James would have got his money too!

  • Pablo Andres Mireles

    CB4 lol

    • lmao yo this shit got me cracking up all this nikka need is a hat with the hair attached 

    • YaheardSyndicate

      It is the exact story line of Cb4. I mean exactly

  • mikerighter29

    At the end of the day – Rick Ross the Rapper owes his entire career and current lifestyle to Freeway Rick – he claims he paid homage by taking his name, but that some bullish…when you pay homage…you also pay up my G…just give the man what he is due Rozay….u dead wrong for not respecting that legend…the streets aint’ got no love for fake G’s – u fraud ass nicca…BTW – zip that jacket up u NASTY FAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!

    • mademan3000

      Wow, what makes him a legend bcuz he destroyed so many lives! Please elaborate!

      • Ppl destroy they own lives with they own choices…dope man aint out there making folk buy crack!  White man aint getting blamed everytime a drunk driver kills someone…if we wanted to say who destroy lives…then we must turn our heads to our government..

    • BTV Global, LLC

      Don’t use Legend so freely. He destroyed lives but yes people can change and he did. He now have businesses and trucking company providing jobs etc. his own social network and all. He’s a street legend for street dudes that understand the life and the decision that pushes u into that life. So with that said wasup Freeway keep doing it!

    • Chuuuch!!

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  • BoldSpice

    As you know in America you don’t own shit. Not even your name. But anyway nobody listening to Rick Ross knew who this old nigga was until he got out of prison and started whining. Sorry ex con your not getting any money because they know what your gonna do with it. And how come I don’t see Freeway name anywhere in this?

    • illymac

      Philadelphia Free already paid dude..

    •  dudes in the street knew who he was. i actually have an article from 305 magazine wit rapper rick ross before his first album dropped and they asked did he get the name from the real rick ross. he said no me and my homie was just throwing out names and that stuck. lmao really?

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  • (ง︡’-‘︠)งDole_Chadee ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Wait a minute, Rick Ross the Rapper really steal an glamorizing the life of a real coke dealer name Freeway Rick Ross?? wow that’s some grimy shit. This dude ain’t real. damn yo. dude act like he’s a Columbia dope dealer. hes fake as hell yo

  • give that nigga his 10mill you stole his life story which you prob herd from being a fake cop 



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

    • rep87

      you got to be the gayest dude on here ! I bet you a fat bitch azz JIGGA

  • rep87

    Neither one stand for anything postive in life one peddle garbage to the people the other playing garbage thru music  and  neither one own this slave  given name ,a real waste of the public time ,

    •  The Only difference is, the fake ross’s music is entertaining.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    That must be strange to see your name tatooed on another man who is basically a strangers hand

  • why not just stop saying rick ross and go by ricky rozay? thats not that bad…I guess lls! really whats rawse trippin for, he didnt acknowledge the real ross whatsoever, not even a cameo in your videos or nothing but he shoutin out Noriega & big Meech to try and seem connected! 
    Its just not a good look to a guy who claims he keeps it 100 at the end of the day! spin it however you want too…Theres nothing anybody can say that makes this cool…we already know rawse is a liar but a thief too? cmon man…how can you sit with a straight face and ridicule the real ross for slingin drugs but defend the rapper for glorifying slingin drugs? as if your pickin the lesser of 2 evils…And really freeway rick was just a federal pawn on the chess board just like a bunch of other cats from back then who got caught up… furthermore he did more for his community than most legit niggas ever did in a lifetime…and he still is! Blaming freeway rick for the crack epedemic doesnt help anybody…for real…

  • Lou

    follow me on twitter @bussacapinyoass i follow back

  • @DJProfit1 follow me on twitter

  • Roberto Ciamora

    LOL, Fraud Ross has another mans name inked on his flesh… Stan to the 100th power


    The real rick ross is just tryin’ to get paid…he has the right to sue, but it is a bitch move.  Let it go!  If he is really done with that life, he shouldn’t give a f*ck who uses the name Rick Ross (which is associated with poisoning his own people).  I would switch to Ricky Rozay any way.  I haven’t called dude anything but “Rozay” in a hot second.  Look at Nas callin’ himself “Escobar”…Nas was never really a real drug dealer and he uses the name  of Pablo Escobar?!!?  I still like Nas as an MC though.  Capone -n- Noreaga – shit the list goes on and on!  A lot of rappers use the names of men they have never met and who did things they have never done!  So now every rapper that uses another man’s name is gonna get sued!  All you up and coming artist better take note…it’s Rozay today – it could be you gettin’ sued tomorrow!!!

    • Yeah…all those niggas are dead!  If they were alive….I’m pretty sure they WOULD have gotten paid!  And more than Ten Million…thats welfare money to white folks…


  • CanYouAllHearMe



    • johnblacksad

       Yeah, speakin of that… how you go from a life sentence, to 20 years, to getting out after 13 years?!
      (i’m not really asking for an answer, i have a pretty good idea how!)

      Not even siding with Ross, he might have been wrong to use the name Rick Ross (i’m not even convinced… ) but there’s no way he should pay up 10million$ outta of what he grinded hard to get to a salty-used-to-be-rich-ex-gangsta… F.O.H. for real

      A lot of ya’ll actin like using the name “Rick Ross” is the sole reason Rozay is where he’s at right… i really thought ya’ll were realer ninjas…

      This bothers me a lot… a washed up gangster taking somebody to court over a name asking for 10$million… c’mon son… that aint G, that ain’t street, that aint by the code… getting Uncle Sam involved in this… nah, i aint wit that

      • WazzJ2011

        Tru, but it ain’t G and is quite gay to get another  ninjas named tatted on you. Also don’t deny you had a damn J.O.B. You were a correctional officer, so what? Man be you! Thats G! There is nothing wrong with getting paid.  Real ninja spit man, he just need to break dude off some cash, not saying ten mil but givem a mil and call it a day, and keep gettin money. 

      • johnblacksad

        He could/should have broken him some bread… but after this move right there, i wouldn’t give him zip! And if he really wanna talk tough, than instead of paying him 10 million$, i’m the type of n!gga that would lay 9million$ to turn his old azz into seafood… i’m sure there’s plenty n!ggaz willing to take the job… since he wanna talk about “i might send a lil word to the homies in L.A.”… c’mon F.O.H. with this boolshet.
        Real talk, i feel what you sayin, but i wouldn’t give sh!t after that

      • DeathB4Dishoner

        So I guess the real Rick should go gangsta a knock that fake wanna be off the map then!!!

      • johnblacksad

        That’s on him… it’s just that this sh!t right here, going to Uncle Sam askin for 10million$ and sh!t, c’mon dog, let’s be serious one minute, you can hate Rozay all you want for being C.O., liar, whatever… but he don’t owe no 10million$ to ol’ boy and you should take that to the bank! If Ricky Donell Ross ain’t gon go back to birds slangin, then he needs to sit his O.G. azz somewhere and find a job like everybody else. Now he wanna be down with the system and the law and sh!t? make me laugh… 

        Ya’ll still ain’t answer, REAL TALK THOUGH!, how he went from LIFE to 20years, to out after 13? seriously?! …would he have anything to do with the B.M.F. empire collapse? jus wonderin…. i’m thru with this.

      • DeathB4Dishoner

        I aint saying 10 mil,but a lil sumthin maybe is all I’m stressing!! And Ross free b/c “THE MAN” AKA (Che Whitey) got caught in part of they conspiracy to distribute the drugs to the masses (Hood) and they had no choice b/c they were put on blast for a change!!! 

      • Nawl…they say your boy Haitian Jack got somethang to do with a lot of the BMF…Gotti…and other investigations…i just read an article by an undercover cop who Jack reported too…a lot of shit Pac was saying that ppl didnt want to give him credit is really coming out…so this cat that is locked up is telling too…but Freeway was set up by the government..


      • DeathB4Dishoner

        I wasn’t saying thats wat he should do, I was asking a question per say.

      • DeathB4Dishoner

        And washed up or not, he still more gangsta than fake ross will ever be…NEVER SOLD A DAMN BRICK!!!

      • Have you read the story on why they HAD to release Freeway…after he done already served time??  Baby its deeper than that weak ass music Rick Ross rapping!! Freeway has been trying and fighting for his life and identity way before that nigga shaved his head and grew a beard…Rick Ross is rapping wat these white folks want him to continue rapping…its all politics when it comes to these white folks so of course Freeway will have a much harder time in court against a ex correctional officer….

  •   No right to sue? Are you fuckin crazy? He has every right to sue, it ain’t like Freeway is still Locked up he is a Law abiding citizen now. And the fact that Rick Ross (the rapper) has took on a new nickname (Rozay) just shows you that he knew he was in trouble and wrong.He hasent called himself Rick Ross ever since this got started.

  • nastinupe

    Just stupid.  I guess Capone and Noreaga should get sued too.  Because I really thought that NORE was the “real Noreaga” SMH.  

  • JayfromtheD

    If a rapper named Big Meech signed to Young Money and he’s rapping Meech lifestyle its just homage. I think (MAYBE) a deal could been worked out as a favor to the old Gangster. But Rick Ross don’t owe him anything. He’s not copy writing his music or getting mail at his home. It’s just music! Not his I.D, not his personal info, just a street name! He even says Ross was humble when they met which to me means maybe they could have sat down like men! We need to list every rapper who does this! A rap name is an alter ego, not a way of life. Its just music. Like Jay Z ain’t my (HOVA), Diddy never smoked but his name is Puff Daddy, Nas was Escobar, AZ went through this cause the real AZ sued. But the truth can’t be denied no matter how stupid and biased rap fans may be, ITS JUST ENTERTAINMENT!! Rick Ross kids or mama don’t call him that.

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  • johnblacksad


    Somebody help me solve this equation (educated negroes only!)



  • CanYouAllHearMe

     Ross became the subject of controversy later that year when a series of articles by journalist Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News brought to light a connection between one of Ross’s cocaine sources, Danilo Blandon, and the CIA as part of the Iran-Contra scandal.[6] The decision in Ross’s case was brought to a federal court of appeals
    where his sentence was reduced to 20 years. His sentence has since been
    reduced further for being a model prisoner and he was moved to a halfway house in California in March 2009, and was released on September 29, 2009

  • scullyson

    Oh they aint square off? word? Nah but William shouldve handled this on the low. I mean have a sit down and try to make admends in some sort of creative way. Be a business man for once duke. Im sayin you leave freeway with no other choice. the way you did Special Ed on that cut Magnificent was kind of Dirty to me. Special ed had bout a sixteenth of a second cameo in that video..smh.

  • Swag22

    big ass 

  • I see we as black folks are DIVIDED…but thats they plan!!!  I think we need to start some type of true historical fact and compare it to its releveance in modern days because we depend on too much finger pointing…its to a point im like yeah there is some real ass negros in this world and there is a WHOLE bunch of these weak ass negros in this world…and it seem that the weak ass negros always try to argue why making a weak move is ok…or try to justify some weak ass shit cuz they do weak ass shit…I love yall that choose humility and speak up for what is right and not whats popular!

  • Well Your One Of The First Women Iv’e Heard In A While Speak Truth On The Way Us Blacks Are Thinkin And Actin Like Fools Instead Of Puting BS 2 The Side & Uniting Against Our Oppressors & Seperaten The Weak From Are Movement! I Speaks & Rap  About This Alot But Alot Of Us Dont Care @BABYDUNE Follow Me On Twitter

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