Big Meech and T.I.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Big Meech Defends T.I., Says He Never Snitched!

Ever since T.I. got off with a very light sentence for getting caught with an army of weapons and ammunition, people have accused him of being a snitch. BMF boss Big Meech doesn’t like that very much, and he’s speaking out about it. 

In a letter to Straight from the Big Meech writes:

“There is no person in the Federal or State system that can say or saying that “T.I. Clifford Harris” snitched on them. I’m tired of people spraying his name when his plea deal and sentencing transcripts is “ONLINE.” You pay $40 to get on “Pacer” and you have access to all court documents on any person in the “UNITED STATES.”

Well, that clears that right up, doesn’t it?

  • desperation

  • rep87


    • YaheardSyndicate

      its not news its in the rumors section

  • tookes

    Man whatever..Meech looking for sumbody to put money on dem book. I dnt care who tells me..anybody get caught with that many guns and only did a year is a CI hommie…

    • Casor_Greener

      Or got money and a good lawyer, something yo broke ass might not understand

      • Yeah, but certain things ( Mandatory Minimum ) that a lawyer or judge can’t fix…without “Substantial assistance” , which doesn’t mean snitching , but usually ends up being that way.

        I think TI’s efforts ( 1-800- TIPping ) was the assistance , with community service.

        Gun laws are bs anyway.

      • harlemsown21

        EdoGz818 … plexico burress and Little wayne both did one/two year bids when the NY Mandatory Minimum for weapon possition is 5 years .. .. so my question to you is does that make them a snitch … or could it be that there money paid for there sentence…. .. Now this is just a question .. but let’s also remember that TIP put up a house worth at least 3 million 3 million in cash .. and had to sell some of his assets before he even got the deal… could this not be seen as a “Substantial Assistance”

    • Adrian Barron

      you a weirdo and prolly  one of them niggahs that STILL cant recognize game even after it knock you across yo mf face

  • Adrian Barron

    i been telling you DUMB DUMB niggahs this for the longest … affadavits are PUBLIC RECORDS … why would they put SAMMY THE BULL on the hook but take CLIFFORD HARRIS off it –

  • Meech word is law man… and besides… people being saying this but no one.. NO ONE has come out and said T.I.P. snitched on them..we all know if he snitched on someone that person would came out of the dark by now

  • Gary Emmitt

    But Once again, you people saying he is a snitch have no proof… you can say “He got caught with all those guns” but yet where im from, if we thank someone is a snitch we need ALIL evidence, like it was said before(by meech, and others) you can pull every court document up online, I kno this is true because my mother in law pulled my record when i started dating her daughter…show me proof and i will agree, but with no evidence besides “him getting a low time” it rly dont prove nothing….move on from it…

  • illymac

    Meechy must need some help paying his appeal lawyer..

    • Adrian Barron

      niggah beat yo’ own self up for that comment … i’m willing to bet my livelyhood … he still holding more money than you and he may never TOUCHDOWN again

      • illymac

        So U willing to bet ya livelyhood
        on a nigga U dont know, never met,
        never even seen in person ??
        U are officially crowned
        Dick Rider of the year..

        kick rocks CLOWN…

      • That was odd?

      • DollasTX

        nah im willing to bet that YOU still living with yo mama in Section 8 housing which would be the equivalent of me saying MEECH GOT MORE MONEY THAN YOU lol

      • In jail, street $$$$ goes fast!
        Beechez smoking up product , fugging your best friendz , who ends up wearing all your clothes & driving your benz, etc.

        Meech’s moms running music section , which means Meech doesn’t trust anyone…which means he was keeping most of the $$$$$.

        The real money….which the feds probably took.

        Legal fees eat up the rest.

        It is possible, that like Frank Lucas , he’s getting out broke….compared to what he had.

  • I’m sure if T.I. did snitch on someone , Smoking G or the dude himself would have let it be known. T.I. was the target , of a sting , he was set up , the only “OTHER” criminals involved , were working for the state….including the supplier. No one to snitch on! LOL

    Substantial assistance clause for basis of downward departure , or only way to get less than the mandatory minimum , is helping the government. For some , that translates into snitching , in T.I.’s case , it was 1-800-TIPPING ( Commercial, speaking at schools , etc. ) was basis for a downward departure.

    Justice can be bought , & I’m pretty sure it was pretty expensive in T.I.’s case , but then again, it’s different that Wayne or Prodigy in NY , T.I. is BIG in Atl. ( Although case was Fed? )

    “tookesCollapseMan whatever..Meech looking for sumbody to put money on dem book. I dnt care who tells me..anybody get caught with that many guns and only did a year is a CI hommie…”

    >>>>No Comment ^^^^^ ( Under normal circumstances , I’d agree , especially with his record , but I’m pretty sure T.I.’s community would be better served with him out , than in. Especially entrapped in. I mean, it ain’t like there was a victim , complaining about T.I. harming them in some way. What is in his record? He protects himself , makes money & gets high?
    The people locking him up for that are the ones who really need to be in jail in my eyes.

    “Publicly subsidized arsonist , masquerading as heroic firemen!”

    • this is real spit….

    • $18592567

      FEDS ain’t cuttin’ no deals wit nobody for nothin. Martha Stewart, Mike Delorean, Bernie Madoff and many other rich people have had to do their time. If I was a betting man T.I. may not have out right snitched on somebody, but he definitely C.I.’d on somebody. Meech out there selling credibility and I ain’t mad at em for that…

      • Tip in Jail vs 500 people calling in Tips?
        Tip in Jail vs 500 kids going str8?

        Ok, feds want them kids in jail, but hypothetically speaking.

        Anything is possible….CI or sweet Lindsey Lohan deal.

        Fugg a 5k1 , check his PSI!

        ( Pre Sentencing Investigation )

        I think TI’s lawyer put together a sentencing package , that was accepted.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol meech out there def getting his hustle on he intro’d gucci’s new mixtape lol … cant knock the hustle tho …. 😉

  • so because “meech” said TI aint a rat, we are to believe it…the media is slick…

  • Romia Blue

    sounds like some folk ain’t got $40 to cure their ignorance…
    enjoy it blissfully

  • No such thing as a secret snitch. 

    • Not true. The system of informants is mostly underground and not really regulated as well as it probably should be. There are no real laws that dictate informant protocol within the US. I’m not saying TI is or isn’t a snitch. But, not every informant is documented in an “Official United States Book of Snitches”. FACT.

      • This is true, only when their testimony is used at trial or for a warrant, etc, do they get documented.

  • If he snitched, someone would have paper work and would have put it out already. 

  • bigb30

    Meech is just saying that so T.I can back him with his appeal with money according to blue Jeezy never did nothing for Meech stay off the blogs Meech

  • SDS_Overfiend

    He Snitched!!!!

  • RichieRich32

    I See This Same Crap Keeps Coming Up. I Am On The Internet RIGHT NOW. I Have Access To Many Public Documents Right At My Disposal. Around My Way When Somebody Is Snitching, It Always Comes Out And Comes Out Very Quickly. The Fact That T.I. Is On Such A Huge Scale Means That This Would Have Come Out A Very Long Time Ago. You Hear Of No Other Emcees Saying This, There Hasn’t Been Any Court Documents Released, NOTHING!!! In Other High Profile Cases Shit Is Released Like Pronto!!! The National Enquirer Would Have Had His SNITCH Papers, TMZ, ALL The Hip Hop Magazines, EVERYBODY!!!  I Do Know Scarface Put Lil Troy On BLAST Many Times For Snitching. White Actors And Actresses Have Been BUYING THE CASE FOR YEARS…… IS LINDSEY LOHAN SNITCHING???? She Should Be UNDER THE JAIL!!! 


    Please big meech need moneu for his appeal.
    Niggah would say anything.

    For you dumb smart niggahs, that says aint no such thing as a secret snitch.
    You dont know what your talking about.

    Stop listening to TIP, and spreading lies. Lol
    Its called an CI = confidential informant.

    Also sammy the bull, testimony was needed in order to convict gotti.
    There situations arent the same. In gotti case, sammy HAD to testify,
    As part of his DEAL. Sammy was a hitman dumbass./ muscle.

    So in order to get a conviction, on gotti they needed his tesimony.
    Testifying and being an CI, is the same but different.

    Also martha stewart got way more money then tip,
    She went to jail. And all she did was get s tips on stock.

    Mike vick did a longer bid then tip on his first offense.
    And he had way more money then tip.
    And he actually generated money for the city.
    Selling out the georgia dome.

    Tip dont make money for atl like vick was bringing in.

    The only time feds bend the rules is snitching,
    Thats a fact, some of you lame commenting never step foot ina court room.
    & yall comments valudate that. Which aint a bad thing.

    But talk facts not with your emotions.

    If you a CI, aint nobody going to come foward and say you snitch,
    Cause your identity is a secret.

    And if it aint no such thing as a secret snitch,
    I give you cases to look up.

    Yall ever seen a search warrant.
    And affadavit of proabable cause,?
    A affadavit to wiretap a phone?

    Gtfoh, rats get treated like TI did when he looking @ 20.
    Point __________.

    • T.I was a gun collector. He didnt buy them to kill people with. The DA and judge took that into account. Mike Vick killed dogs in an inhumane way bro. his crime called for more time.

      • EL_BARK

        With all do respect.

        Do you know how much of a fool you make yoyr self look by that statement.
        A gun collector lol…. You got to be a comedian.

        So a guy who was banned from having a gun,
        Is a gun collector???? And thats “the REASON” the judge gave him a sweet deal? Huh

        Lmao where do yall get this shet from…..
        I laughing at the top of my lungs.

        A gun collector, after he was already sent to the feds,
        In 03 for having a gun under his bed.???????

        So by your reasoning is. If tip get caught with one gun.
        He gets a year, for being a felon in possession of a fire arm.

        But since he was caught with 20 guns, its okay cause he now a gun collector?
        And the judge, believe it.

        And this why he got only a year. Well silencers are illegal just to have.
        Guns collector normally dont have silencers and red beams.
        Just saying….

        But thanks for the laugh. Needed that smh.

      • So why did he have 20 guns? He was planning to use each one to shoot people or what? The gun collector statement came from tips mouth bro. watch behind the music with t.i on vhi some time. 

        btw, your welcome for the laugh. i do what i can when i can do it.

      • EL_BARK

        See that explains it. Your a comedian..

        1. Question.

        How can a person be a gun collector, when he is banned from having or being in possession of a firearm. That like a drug dealers Getting caught with 30 keys.

        And saying, i dont sell drugs, or use them.

        I just collect different strsins of cocaine from all over the world.

        I mean yeah, i got 30 keys, but i had no intention of selling them.
        And i possibly cant sniff all this coke your honor.

        Really. Um you cant collect guns, if you are a felon. The fact that you repeated what TI said,
        As if a valid excuse, leads me to believe you are. Either
        About 12 or maybe 13. Or completely shelter.

        You need to hop of the porch, or take a walk, through the city.

        That sweet suburb life you, living is blinding you. Lol

        Or you smoking some good shet.

      • Hahahahahhhaaaaaa! ( Ha! )

        You wilding El Bark! ( You speaking the truth….but still wilding! )

      • B

        El_Bark~Straight truth you just wrote.  FELON=NO GUNS. To add on to this discussion with a personal example, somebody I know is doing 5 years RIGHT NOW in federal for being a felon in possession of a firearm and the gun wasn’t even found ON him. It was found outside his apt on the ground. There’s some other stuff that led to that that didn’t even have to do with him. Nevertheless, there he is. Some old bullshit..

      • B

        Just to clear something up.  Silencers are NOT illegal to have.  Neither are fully automatic weapons  You just have to have the proper paperwork.  Plenty of REAL gun collectors have silencers. 

      • EL_BARK

        Um silencers are illegal, to have when your a felon.
        And up to about 2 years ago. Automatic weapons were illegal as well.

        There was a ten year ban, put on automatic weapons, that expired, a couple about two years ago. I think, when tip got caught? The ban was still in effect.

        Either way, for a felon, having automatics guns is usually a long sentence.

        Cut this crap he was a gun collector. A felon cant have a gun……

        And most guns collectors arent ban by a judge, like tip was.

        By the way, go to washigton DC, and have an ak in your car,
        And sees what happens.

        State laws very on them choppers.
        In the south or texas, ir hunting states, they might be cool.

        But not in most urban cities.

      • Not a ban on automatic weapons ( That was 1986 , ban on manufacturing them ) , you are referring to the ” Assault Weapons” ban , which had a 10yr sunset , that banned certain semi auto’s with specific features, folding stock , threaded muzzle , bayonet lug, etc.

        Assault weapon , by definition , is capable of select fire ( One at a time or spit mode ) , while a semi , or weapons targeted under the assault weapons ban , just had similar looking features , that had no bearing on rate of fire.

        ( Stupid law )

        Difference is like a PitBull & American Staffordshire terrier.

        One is the real deal ( Pitbull ) & one was created to “LOOK” like the real deal…Amstaff….with no consideration for functionality.

      • illymac

        Yo U stay dropping jewels..

      • B

        Damn EDOG, I didn’t realize you had typed that before I typed my manifest above. Lol.  You’re absolutely right though.

      • B

        Bark~Yeah, true that if you’re a felon.  The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban(AWB) from 1994 wasn’t a ban on automatic weapons.  It was a ban on semi-automatic weapons that had certain features that politicians didn’t like. (Military-styled, 30 round magazines, etc.)  What the news organizations and anti-gun politicians call “assault rifles” are not in the true definition of the world. The ban expired in 2004 so T.I. was caught after the fact. The AR and AK style rifles you can pick up from your local gun store with the regular background check are not assault rifles.

         Assault rifles are by definition FULLY automatic or select fire and they have been regulated for decades.  Fully automatic/machine guns in the hands of private citizens are regulated under the National Firearms Act(NFA) from 1934.  That’s why they are so expensive to obtain because of the limited availability to civilians. Newly manufactured are only available to military, law enforcement, and certain businesses  You can’t just go to the store and pick one off the shelf.  The paperwork usually takes about 3 months or more after an extensive background check.

         T.I. could have easily asked his bodyguard to snatch him up a couple of semi-auto AK’s and AR’s from the gun shop but he wanted FULLY automatic rifles.  If I remember correctly, the bodyguard had asked the owner of the gun store how he could obtain fully automatic rifles under the table and that’s why the ATF was notified.  I honestly believe T.I. didn’t get a lot of time because he wasn’t just caught hanging out with fully automatic rifles but the ATF supplied them and then arrested him.  I don’t know the details of the actual trial but it’s a possibility that his lawyers could have argued from an entrapment angle and got him the lesser sentence.  There’s no way that the ATF could just pin him with just having machine guns though because they made it possible.  They just wanted to make a case just to have a conviction.  The ATF is real dirty like that and in all honesty they shouldn’t  even exist because they can make up the rules as they go along.

        I wasn’t arguing the gun collector angle and to me if that was T.I.’s defense, it was an incredibly bad one being that he had stated that he was fearful because his homeboy got killed.  So yeah, that ‘gun collector’ bs is crazy. 

        You’re right though, when it comes to different locales having EXTREMELY different gun laws.  As a gun owner, you definitely have to know the laws of a particular state or city when you’re traveling or you could be in a world of hurt.

      • EL_BARK

        You and edog, are right. I got automatic & assualt riffles confuse.
        Cause, in philly, automatics are illegal period.
        But i still knew it was a ban on TI, wanting to get or having automatics..
        In you case of entrapment.   It wouldnt apply, in TI case for severals reasons.
        One TI, is ban from having a gun, as well as being around  a person with a gun.
        There actually a fed law, i believe that prohibits, a person from even hiring a body guard,
        Who is liscense to carry.. In other words. If you are ban for having a gun,
        You cant be around a liscensce legal gun owner period.

        This law was made eslically for celebrity i believe.
        I remember snoop, got in troue back in the day, cause his bodyguard, were strap,
        And he a felon.  This is why 50 hires off duty cops, to protect him, which is different from hiring a private bodyguard.  Remember the off-duty cop shot game homie in the ass.
        And it was justify. That why 50 aint catch a charge.
        Also tip personally sent his bodyguard to buy these weapons, which is a no-no.
        Cause he is banned, also TIP came to see the guns, and look at them himself.
        Actually i sure he got a tip from lawyer, on how to get around the gun ban.
        Had TI, gave the bodyguard money and said.
        Go buy yourself a gun, and put it in your name thats cool.

        TI fuk up because he bought all those guns, and he went down there to check, the guns himself.

        Basically what tip did was a straw purchase, which is still illegal.

        One or two guns for my bodyguards, in their name maybe, that would had fly.
        But once he came to inspect or view the  guns,  its like he given his stamp of approval.
        A smart guy would had said no, i sent you to buy the guns, they ate yours.

        Think about it, tip first fed case was cause a gun was in his house, under his bed.
        It could had been his brothers, but since he cant be no where near one.
        He had to do his first bid.
        Not to mention entrapment is.
        I am walking down the street. Minding my own business.
        An undercop walks up to me, and say.  you trying to steal a car, i got keys to this lexus.

      • B

        Yeah you right about that.  That would be considered a straw purchase which is a big no-no.  ATF don’t play with that sh*t.  But I see what you’re saying now. 

      • EL_BARK

        You and him go get in the car, Pull off.
        Then they lock you up for stealing a car. In other word,
        Entrapment means they have to entice you, and almost lead you to do it…
        What happen to TI is a sting. Which is totally legal..

        TI sent his bodyguard to buy guns. The bodyguard, tries to buy them dirty.
        Or unregistered.   The guy gives him the number to the ATF,
        The dumb ass bodyguard, set up an meeting with the agent.
        He get grab, then he tells them they were for TI.
        He then calls TI, so TI can inspect the guns.
        Which is now conspiracy.   Once TI said okay i coming to look at them.
        That Is all the  feds needed.    Once he got in the car, and gave the okay, the guns were good,
        After looking at them. He convicted himself.

      • B

        Got ya.  Thanks for clearing that up for me.  You know ya sh*t for real. LOL.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        damn!!!!! son i didnt know it went down like that … didnt know this was all a setup that started with the body guard asking the gunshop dude a dumb as question smh ………

      • That was kinda funny!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ha ha thanks for bringing me back to reality cause i was like wtf i need to move to where ever TI got caught up with them guns LOL 😉

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        damn they actually take stuff like that into consideration lol … man ti is a lucky dude … i just got out of court trying to beat a case where the police tried to accuse me of stealing my own car … i wish the dudes i was dealing with had this kind of foresight ….smh ……………………………

    • DeathB4Dishoner

      From a dude that knw..Meech dnt need money & still got ties,so talk wat u knw patna. And no this aint no dick riding, strait family biz over here!!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah meech needs that one thing money cant buy and for some reason it looks like TI has plenty of it which is why Meech is prob trying to channel ti from jail … and thats #aMIRACLE 😉

    • rep87

      You are so right , Case in point theres a man name Erenst Withers who was informant for the FBI during the civil rights era Withers was a photography who covoered Dr.Martin Luther King and it wasnt learn until 20yrs after Erenst Withers died that he was a informant and in fedral court papers he was listed only as R67 his informant number other parts of the papers were blacked out it took a act of congress to release these papers and a lawsuit under information of freedom act these papers are over 40yrs old so its very possible in a country like the United States to covor up and protect who they deem a valuable informant ,so before anyone start thinking this country is open and honest remember this country in slaved people murdered lied claimed land they stole from the Indians as theirs and taught you HIS/STORY in school !

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah i agree. Thats the second time i seen somebody compare sammy
        The bull & tip case.

        Saying why would the gov protect tip and not sammy. Lol
        One had bodies, and the only way to get at gotti, was for him to testify against gotti.

        The feds give you a plea, and you have to play by their rules.
        Cats forgets gotti was called the ” teflon don” wouldnt nobody testify or flip on him.
        He kept spanking cases, guilannini (sp) only was going to get a conviction unless, somebody took the stand.

        Tip.= Is CI # 546…. 50 know he ratted, just back off on the claim, cause he know tip is prolly an CI.

        Sigel said he rattted too, niggas dont need paper work.
        When you can add 1+ 1.

        This niggas on his 2 strike with army guns, and he onky get a year again!!!!!!
        That dont add up…..

        If he would did 5, i still would say he ratted, cause he should got atleast a
        10-20 with a good lawyer.

        But a year,???? Then he violated parole and only got 10 months.

        That niggah should had did his back time.
        Oh wait he only got a year to begin with. Lol

        But ronald isley did a 3 piece for cashing his brothers checks.????
        I got the shaq face on, while reading these comments.

        Yo i am going to look that dude up, i always heard alex haley was snitching to those boys on kings movements……

      • $18592567

        TI a rat and Meech is starving.

      • Interesting!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i know yall know alot of street legal shit but why yall keep downplaying the money fraud situations??? … thats shit a serious crime prob more serious then murder in the goverments eyes … identity theft credit card fraud frauding checks etc …. is a major crime in the systems eyes … and for the most part incriminating and alot easier to prove someone guilty of it … and i think dudes get sentenced faster for that fact …

      • EL_BARK


        I am not down playing it. I pointing out.
        Be famous doesnt help you in federal custody, or having money doesnt help you

        Ronald isley cash his dead brother checks, but didnt psy the taxes on it.
        In his case, he this was his first offense.

        He ciuld had git a slap on tge wrist, and gotva year,
        But he got 3 years for his first offense.

        Lil kim got a year for lieing about knowing her boyfriend,
        That was her first offense.

        Marths stewart first offense got a year.
        Martha stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        She is loved by white people all over, they still gave her a year.

        Tip a 2 time felon, that got caught with,
        Not one or two guns. Not 3 or 4.

        But 20 guns, and he already got a year, for his previous gun case in 03.

        So feds guidelines say tip a 2x felons get ten-20 years for having one gun.

        He got caught with 20 guns, and he onlly gets a year again????

        Now how does he get a year for 20 guns, versus lil kim getting a year for lieing.???

        I would think the guns would be a more serious, then a person lieing about knowing somebody.

        The fact old ass ronald isley got 3 years, on his first strike.
        And tip got one year on his 2 strike, when he should hsd gotten.
        20 years as a minuimn is cheesy. That nigga like cheese.
        Cause he a rat, or CI.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ok no doubt i can dig that …

      • yo fam my dude got caught with the hammer in the house and the laws they were throwing at him were different then if he was carrying the hammer on his person on the street. they gave him a year probation instead of a mandatory. we in Mass so i’m not sure but when i caught my hammer charge on the street it was a mandatory sentence. so there must be some wiggle room…

      • Now this is Real Talk!
        Some $E$ $hyt!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      man i dont know if your right but you sound like u know what your talking about … im def not as versed with the legal mumbo jumbo so imm just putting the facts together 😉




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    • rep87


    • Snitched on shooting?

      That wasn’t snitching!

  • drizzy12

    ya stupid tell me who he snitch on he the one who bought the guns and got set up by his security guard

  • siddiq ja’far

    Ok, snitching according to the feds can be all sorts of things. In certain situations snitches are consealed and omitted from documents. I’ve known people that caught fed cases & were never informed who snitched on them, just read confidential informant on the court transcript, & other documentation. Then they have snitches that are classified 5K1 status. These type are given skid bids & when released, go out into the community to snitch on people. Sometimes they are sent out to target specific people but someone T.I.P status can move and has in all hip hop circles. Not saying he a snitch but he probably didnt snitch to get his reduced bid but promised to provide information when called upon on request.

  • Jacob Jones

    That don’t mean nothing. Happened to me, I spent a piece locked up because someone snitched on me and theres was no names or court documents. i had to learn from my cousin who told. FucKED UP! n u hear things in there too. word that got to me is that ti told on some cartel bosses thats just what i heard when i was locked up. he probably but some big money on meech’s books for him to say that.

    • you must not have been snitched on bro. The snitch has to sign his name on his written testimony. You can ask the court, or you lawyer for that. 

    • That means you plead guilty , before discovery!
      ( Probably a sweet deal to prevent you from going to trial & finding out who snitched.

  • DeathB4Dishoner

    Imma say it like this to klarify since yall jive ass dudes think otherwise. Meech books good, Southwest books good, they fam good & the team still good. Money still long on this side. We learned from what happened so a low profile is kept now but shyt still moving. What we built let no man tear down!!! Locked up, dead or wateva yall gon always remember the name BMF!!! OAN: I dnt believe Tip snitched on am nigga!!!!

    • EL_BARK


      So you getting on a website, saying its still business as usual is keeoing a low profile?
      Smh, and on this site, that its a known fact, that feds montior it.????

      If meech was good. Why blue davinci, who just came home,
      Say he ask jeezy for 30,000 grand for meech appeal?
      And when he called jeezy back. Jeezy number was disconnected.???
      Or atleast thay what blue davinci claim.

      Also wahy was his moms, going to ross shows supporting, him.
      Or why did he even allow, ross to
      Make blowing money fast,????? Thats not Keeping a low profile.

      Also, sorry to tell you. There is one & only one.
      “Black Mafia” and they from philly, every body else is just a copy
      Off of something, they started. And that go for any crime / drug cartels, groups or syndicate.
      That came after them.

      Before them there were none, after them
      It was many.

      Thats go for nickki barnes, frank lucas, supreme team,
      All way to the boobi boys…

      Bmf blowing money fast. Was stolen from the philly JBM.

      The second generation of the philly black mafia.
      JBM = just blowing money.

      Its nothing orginial about yall. No shots.

      But yall can keep the name, (BMF) cause that title was put on the
      Philly group by the MEDIA as well as the name JBM.

      Unlike ya boy meech, cats always kept a very low profile, or atleast try to.

      But meech was getting money, just didnt no what to do with it.
      I give yall that.

      • DeathB4Dishoner

        I know all about those dudes & they did there thing in their time and made an impact in history, and I respect all my OG’s. But when I say we still doin it doesn’t mean that it has to do with what went on then. Alot of us took what was and opened other “legal” avenues to keep this thing going. And no Meech didnt keep a low profile which sadly is the lesson learned. BMF ENT is still alive as well & Momma Flen has a huge part in that so that’s self explanatory. And I personally know his books good b/c I kan vouch for that personally!!!!

      • Appeals >>>> Books

      • I knew you were gonna clarify that!

  • Roberto Ciamora

    People just call tip a snitch because they lookin for somebody to hate on and his arrest and sentence makes it easy

    show me proof or i dont believe it just cause a bunch of trolls o the internet think so, most of you idiots believe Jay Z sacrifices goats to the Illuminati too so your credibility is at 0%

  • That young man is not a snitch he did his time get off his dick he got less sentence because of his money 😉

  • S.G.

    do we not remember the federal investigation of philants murder that took place on a interstate highway a federal jurisdiction, the fact that he was a several time felon before he blew up, how on paper trail he talks about why he had the guns in a song he broke the law but not maliciously 20 loaded toolys in a house full of kids is not malicious i swear ni99as talkin street law to united states federal law 2 different things. feds deem him valuable an instead of label him a snitch whether 5K1 or CI say when we kall for that favor u better have somethin so he may not have snitched yet but that aint to say he aint workin on summin an wit a name like TIP i say he is a snitch an just cause meech need money for his lawyer dont mean he aint got gwap mean he kant launder or account for giving 100,000 thousand to a lawyer when he aint been free since 2000 sumthin

  • illymac

    The Feds don’t have to reveal their snitch
     unless the case goes all the way to trial..
    most people take pleas
     and never actually find out who their accuser is..

    thats why the Federal conviction rate is so high
    because most people aint tryna fight them..

    • harlemsown21

      Nigga have you lost your mind… niggas willingly going to jail cause it’s a fed charge… Now i done heard it all…

      It’s like this dumb ass.. if you want me behind bars prove it … once you show me you got enough to lock me up then i’ll take a plea….. but i’m gonna make you show everything …got damn some of you nigga dumb as shit…

      • keise25

        u right and wrong u got to know when to hold and fold go play with them people intell if u want

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    after reading all these comments and if the details are true … its like someone said “TI AINT HAVE ANYONE TO SNITCH ON” …. who could he snitch on ??????? as far as what was going on with the direct situation there was no one to snitch on … TI would have to open his mouth about someone that had nothing to do with him buying guns ….. His bodyguard initiated the whole investiggation by asking the guy @ the gun store where he can get the guns from ….. DUMB ASS MOVE #1 …. the body guard gets caught up and hes fingers TI …. if anyone is a snitch its TIs body guard ……. TI was buying the guns for himself …. the only person he could snitch on it himself …………………………. seeing that the situation was a sting …… i guess once you get all the facts you can see how he aint do major time …………… his situation really wasnt that serious ….. the fact that he was buying guns makes it SOUND SERIOUS ……. but he wasnt plannning any malicious acts …………… just protection …………. hopefully lol 😉


  • People gon talk all day. If it ain’t no document to back it up than… Just cuz everybody snitchin don’t mean Tip is. Tip is a stand up dude in my eyes. Until I see otherwise I ain’t tryna listen to the haters


    A-town , thats whats good rich nigga shit i fucks with meech 


    A-Town stand up

  • It takes for the Boss to speak for everyone to listen,see Tip got paper and all these crackers want and when u give itcases get beat,judges get bought,cops forget things and the jurors lose focous! real nigga shit! Ty-Law “The Heartbeat,Ct”

  • truthspeakerG

    My name is Demico Boothe and I am the author of the bestselling books WHY ARE SO MANY BLACK MEN IN PRISON? and GETTING OUT & STAYING OUT: A BLACK MAN’S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AFTER PRISON and I served TWO sentences (after losing two trials) in the federal system totaling 13 years and AM AN EXPERT on how the Feds work……and let me tell you all something: T.I. IS a SNITCH. Most of you guys on here are lame to the REAL GAME that is going on with these “platform” negroes like Tip…..YOU DO NOT NEED PAPERWORK TO MAKE A DEAL WIT THE FEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Feds stopped putting EVERYTHING in paperwork on their informants/snitches/cooperators that can be easily researched and found a looooooong time ago! Every REAL G knows that one. Ask yourself WHY Tip made that Crimestoppers commercial TELLING PEOPLE TO CALL IN AND SNITCH IF THEY SEE A CRIME, if he is against snitching????!!!??? (you can go to YouTube and type in TIP CRIMESTOPPERS and see it.) WHY did he go to the young man’s trial and take the stand; do you think he would have done that if he were not facing charges/sentencing on a MAJOR crime??????!!! That shit helped him. The prosecution wanted him to testify because IT WOULD HELP TO SOLIDIFY THEIR CONVICTION, and he DID IT. T.I. is not stupid; he made sure that “paperwork” would not happen with his “agreement” with the Feds. THE FEDS DO NOT CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY A PERSON HAS OR A PERSON’S CONNECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Just ask Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff and all the multimillionaires that are locked away in federal prison. They did not deviate from the MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING GUIDELINES for Tip because he has money. He did not get that light sentence because THEY LIKED HIM either; he said himself in a recent song “Feds *want* me back behind that wall, that’s the only place I can’t go.” So Big Meech, with all due respect to you, YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE HOMIE.

    • bamaboifresh

      See you a defintion of a real hater and believe me homeboi T.I. isn’t no damn snitch and how the hell you know? You must be a snitch while you trying to accuse this man of snitching. Damn shawty stop being so negative towards a positive blk man that’s doing something good with his life, you just mad cause you don’t have what he got….