Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

Hip-Hop Rumors: Blue Ivy Carter Makes Her Debut!

Jay-Z and Beyonce have gone a different route and instead of selling photos of Blue Ivy Carter to the highest bidder, they have released intimate photos of themselves and B.I.C. on a tumblr page.  The baby is absolutely adorable and Jay-Z and Beyonce are beaming with happiness in the pictures, which seem to have been taken at the hospital shortly after B.I.C’s birth.  Check out the photos below and the special note from “The Carter Family”.

Blue Ivy Carter is just gorgeous!  To me, she looks like alot like her mother Beyonce, and her Grandmother, Tina Knowles.  Look at all that hair on that baby’s head and her little hands. Just precious! If these photos are the real deal, the Carters get mad respect from me for not cashing in on the pictures and sharing them with their fans for free.

Source: Tumblr

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  2. EDOGZ818

    Good Look!

    >>>>Hates on Jay Z ….but-
    Congratz! Famz! On the Famz!
    It’s a wonderful thing!

    GOD Bless & May you all stay together in happiness!

    Ni99*s in Paris Video was cool ( Tried to hate but couldn’t , Can’t hate on Famz! >>>Thinks to self ” Am I starting to like Jay Z?” )

    Jay Z = Winning!

    >>>>>Goes back to hating on JiggaMan!

  3. SDS_Overfiend

    I don’t know man…… Most of the Time the father features takes over in Girls. Jay letting off them Weak ones…I got my 4 Girls and they all look like me.

  4. BibatheDiva

    Gosh… look at the thoughtfulness in her face. She looks just like him. But she has her mom’s beautiful eyes. It’s… well, um… it’s kind of overwhelming. Pregnancy rumors or whatever, she is here and she is beautiful. I’m so happy for them. God is good.

      • DStitt

        All yall that hated on my comment are corny son. There’s people on here sayin she’s the devil child. There’s people on here straight disrespecting this couple. And yall mad cuz I said beyonce doesn’t look like she just had a baby?! Isn’t that a good thing??? Yall offended cuz I said blue ivy doesn’t look like she was just born? Lol. Get over yourselves. You people don’t know me and to try to put me down over a silly comment is awful of you to do. “I hope your life gets better” who says ish like that?!

    • Mos High

      your straight up a clown for talkn that mess. having a child is such a blessing. i know you have none by your wack ass comment

  5. deemoney2k12

    Jay-Z and Beyonce have gone a different route and instead of selling photos of Blue Ivy Carter to the highest bidder, Wakeup people so we don’t take the negative hit on this we released intimate photos so you can forget about us branding our first kid Jay-z second we will make moe money off the clothing line then selling photos and b really wanted  to have a baby yeah right:)

    • johnblacksad

      October 11th, 1492…. Christopher Colombus ninjas!

      I didn’t even get all the bullsh!t you wrote, i just know it was filled with hate… good luck 

      • deemoney2k12

        It’s true wake the f up it’s all about money yes we can get married after you sign that big contract with Roc Nation:) yeah is crazy love people!

      • johnblacksad

        i can tell by your avi you in your teenage years, so i’m not really mad at you.
        I usually smack the back of the head of grown ninjas talkin that illuminati sh!t… it’s ok when you 12 of 13… 

      • TEE

        Maannnnn, shut ur emotional ass up. U be da pappy? You feel the need to defend these celebs like its ur fam. What you gonna do internet “smack” me? #getalifenuggah

      • johnblacksad

        Off-subject azz ninja… who gives a fugg about celebs?! I’m talkin bout grown ninjaz talkin bout devil, illuminati and whatnot… b!tch, yo illumimama!!!

  6. brian wallace

    how is dis a rumor? i remember back in like 2000-2001, ya used to have good rumors, exactly goin out and lookin for em……now all u niggaz do is go site to site and make rumors up cuz ya aint never first no more wit the rumors….jus give dis section up and make a new one dats worthy

  7. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    I was on another website and a few people said it looked fake. now that i’m seeing them again that first pic with B & bic does look Photoshoped. beys face is blurred and pixelated while the babies image is clear. the kid ain’t got one negro nap, not even a single waved out curl. there is no hate for J & B but this don’t look official……

  8. DollasTX

    cute baby … i hope her features dont change (even though is the inevitable) she gonna have her DADDY’s nose eventually
    my son had a head full of straight hair when he was born too – trust and believe
    that shyt gonna NAP up in no time LOL – Congratulations to Beyonce on becoming a
    mother and Jay on his alleged 2nd child –

    that “she has NAS’ eyes” comment was funny as hell too

  9. Sharifah S

    Ya’ll a bunch of ignorant mofo’s on here talking bout the baby hair. If you did your homework you’d know that Beyonce is creole hence the french blood would explain the babies hair being straight due to genes regardless of the dad. I am of creole heritage myself (African American is what I am proud to claim with creole roots) and am the same complexion as Beyonce and I have hazel eyes   with fine hair. My husband is a very dark man yet our daughter came out with features like Blue Ivy. My daughter caught all the features of me from my complexion to my hair. She got dads forehead and mouth and that was it…lol. The child is beautiful so sit y’all hating asses down. Hater-ism just like prostitution is the oldest thing in this world. Don’t believe me go look up the story about the descendents of Abraham trying to continue his legacy with building on land and the Ephesians throwing water on sand to run his people out. It’s in Genesis in the bible. 

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