Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton Announces National Day Of Prayer For Whitney Houston

(AllHipHop News) The Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for a national day of prayer tomorrow (February 12) to honor singer Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston was found dead earlier this afternoon in her fourth floor Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room.

The singer was in Los Angeles to attend pre-Grammy Award festivities, in addition to the actual 54th annual Grammy Awards ceremony.

“I am stunned at the passing of Whitney Houston whom I have known since the late 1980’s,” Rev. Al Sharpton told “I have known her mother, the great gospel singer Cissy, and her aunt Dionne Warwick, down through the years, and the world is saddened by this great loss.”

Tomorrow, Rev. Al Sharpton will preach at Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles, for Whitney Houston’s family and her memory.

“The morning of the Grammys, the world should pause and pray for the memory of a gifted songbird,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.

Details are below:

February 12, 2012
8:00 a.m. Service
Second Baptist Church
Griffith Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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  • lweatonnc

    He didn’t call for a National Day Of Prayer;  he said he was going to prayer at his church and suggested others do too

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Self promotion to the fullest.

  • Blacklife

    Too late he should have days and years ago when she was using all those stuff…Self promotion indeed..

  • What is this guy, his always out trying to represent famous black people why don’t he go to harlem in NY & help people who really do need help  

    • What have you done for your kind lately?…..Fall back shawty.

    • RoyalFlyness

       You can’t be serious, he lives in NY. He never stops working for people without a voice(look at the National Action Network). Do you know ANYTHING about Al Sharpton? I’m not even trying to argue, I honestly believe that you have no idea of who he is or what his intentions are.

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Since we are all here. Can we officially call down Sharpton. I forgot how he became the HNIC, but it’s 2thousand future and we can do without. Now, I can settle for Tavis if the mainstream needs a go to (’cause they do) Can we vote in Tavis?

    • RoyalFlyness

       Why? What has Travis done that Al hasn’t? It’s easy to point out what people don’t do but you’ll be hard pressed to find to find anyone who works harder in the interest of defending, improving and preserving our culture. I’m sure Tavis Smiley would agree.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Tavis Smiley is an objective voice. It’s time for an objective voice. Again, if there is a need to have a “Go To” then it’s time to open up the table. This solo thing is not covering the many issues of the many people who need to be objectively represented until we can have no need for media training wheels and been seen as People. Tavis has the resource, media resource to presente the many leaders,open up the floodgates on what is important. Rev. Al Sharpton has never been my chosen representation. I want, in my lifetime, a change of the regime, of the agenda to make all voices heard. I say Tavis could bring everyone to the table of fellowship; and not single eyed representation. 

      • How….better yet WHY does he have the resources?
        Government would shut him down if he was legit!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        The Govenment can shut anyone out at anytime. You and I know that. You want to know what I consider to be his resource: it’s media. He has his own physical place in the media. No matter who sits next to him he has his own spot. That is not easy, not matter who you are. He doesn’t have just anything going. He has a stage, where reasonable conversation and debate can occur. He has avid listeners. Also, he has definite opinions on topics but he has to subject his opinion to the audience and the interview, that’s real power. Standing and stating is not power. Exchange of information is power. When we learn to access People with resources we can start empowering one another. We can focus on the matter not the Man. 

      • How do you spot a true Black leader? He is either dead or in jail!

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        You have a point on the national level. “The Great Black Hope” is either dead or in jail. That’s why I am all for using Tavis’ media resource to focus on the People invovled in the community on the daily. Malcom/ El Hajj Malik Shabazz spoke on this and folks missed. There are many in the community, not just a one person. Not everything is a struggle, there are achievements, there are innovators not being spoken of on a national level. For understanding,in the process of progress; you have to give your audience their traditions. If there is to be a change than I want someone who has resources, physical resources to empower us all. I am over the podium potentate.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I am ok with being hard pressed to find, than to be oppressed by misrepresentation. Other than personal responsibility, you have a list of leaders, I am sure, just as I have a list of leaders. What we should do from today on out is share and promote our list of leaders.

    • LOL-N at Tavis Smiley being Al’s replacement!

      It’s easy to lie to a fool , so the people elect good liars.

  • Dionne Warwick & Dee Dee Warwick are her cousins, Aretha Franklin is her Godmother

    • That is an even more impressive pedigree!

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  • Guest

    The Rev. Al Sharpton.  May God Bless you always, keep you  healthy, safe and from harms way.  This world is bearable because of you Rev. Al. Thank You…

    • Al Sharpton is a rat! Informant for feds.
      He tried to set up Assata Shakur when she was on the run , in the U,S. & wore a wire in the Delorean? WedTech? case , for coke? purchase.

      • illymac

        Al Sharpton a dirty little rat..
        Who woulda thunk it ??

        He work for the same Gov. that played a role in the death of Malcolm X..

  • rep87

    RIP TO MS. HOUSTON  Lets not tear down Rev. Sharpton during the lost of our sista WHITNEY ,at least this man stood up and is doing something positive in such a tragic moment in our time on earth ,life is to short to waste on negitive

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  • Rev: Al: As a local Muscian from 1957 to 1987. Member of Lcal #802 NYC & Local #526 of Jersey City, I watched professional musicians speak of the talent of Whitney, but never once differenciate the difference between a singer and a vocalist.Whitney was a vocalist of the highest caliber. Most pop singesr are just that, singers.. They sing from their throat. A vocalist is an artist who sings from their diaphram. There is an immense diffference. Andre’ Bocelli is a vocalist. Paravotti was a vocalist. Mario Lanza, was a vocalist. Mahalia Jackson was a vocalist. I think you get the picture. This kid was in their class. Even if she had no formal training, she had the gift of God. How do we get through life? Our decisions affect our destiny. Dissilousioned  by organized Religion, I believe in everlasting life and consider this phase Kindergarten. I do not have the answers, and I know you don’t, but when I feel the soul from another human being coming out of her voice, I know there is more than this. It makes you wish that your life could have come in contact with her’s knowing you could have made a difference by giving her the love of experience that I have had in my 70 years. God Bless this child!

    I am a Fan of Politics Nation, of yours. I am 70, white , semi-Catholic, and believe in everything you speak about. God Bless you too!


  • $6521231

     I never liked the way this sir do the things, he never inspired me any kind of confidence, there’s something wrong with him, I can smell it.

  • hap46

    No national day of prayer for Whitney Houston–what a joke?  Pray for our service personnel–those in active service and those that gave their lives for our country.  Honor a crackhead?? What is wrong with Al Sharpton?

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