Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Wayne Disses The Throne!

Last night at the YMCMB pre-Grammy party in L.A., Lil’  Wayne took another swipe at Jay-Z. While addressing the crowd and showcasing his new sales plaque, as well as asking for a moment of silence for Whitney Houston, Lil’ Wayne rapped a line where he throws shade at The Throne.

Check out the 3:46 mark in the video below where Lil Wayne raps:

“I met a bad red bone/ I took the bitch home/ I asked her what she want to watch/ She said surely not, The Throne.”

I don’t think Jay-Z or Yeezy will respond to Wayne’s desperate attempt to bait them into a lyrical beef. Not going to happen, Wayne. Give it up!

Source: MTV.com

  • TheOnlyCoop

    Wayne is a joke he should go kiss his Daddy so he’ll buy more of his albums.

    • Casor_Greener

      ROFLMAO, he will never live that down

      • Celz

         Go an kiss ya duddy lil fuccin fag boy, Go an kiss ya duddy lil fuccin fag boy.. Everytime I hear duffel bag boy that’s what I hear lmao.. Wayne his hot tho but he not in the same bookshelf as Jay

  • DesignatedH8R

    UHOHHHHHHHHH. Oh shitt. Them’s fighting words.

  • churchboy2

    Wayne needs to happy with his current shine, his sales, his little YM team and let sleeping dogs lie.

    His obsession with Jay-Z will tarnish his own legacy and end his 15 minutes early.

    Honestly, if Jay-Z could go toe-to-toe with Nas, does Wayne really want to stand in Jay-Z’s full line of fire?

    • DollasTX

      at this point … JAY caint end WAYNES career — matter fact JAY aint never ended nobodies careers except ROCAFELLA’s

      WAYNE sux lyrically and creatively but he’s his own entitiy now … JAY no matter how much he transcends the game – he cant stop what waynes become / becoming

    • Eric Stewart

      I am in no way shape or form a Wayne fan. I haven’t even listened to his music since The Block is Hot. But to say someone who has had a rap career since 97, with multiple platinum solo projects and was also in a platinum selling group a “15 minutes of fame rapper” is crazy. And truth be told Biggies death was the best move for Jay’s career. He probly has had the best career of any rapper partly due to his skills and also due to the fact that he aligns himself with the right business people

  • Jay-Z is bonafide hip-hop legend. He’s put out classic, multi-platinum albums and set out the blueprint for all these current rappers. Who in the past decade has Hov not influenced?!
    This little faggot wishes he had Jay’s legacy. 12 no.1 albums in a row.

  • Raheem Classick

    Now that’s what I call insecure, You supposed to be on top but you don’t act like it. / Jay & Kanye will ride that Throne concept until the wheels fall off, Lil Wayne will ride them Young Money Dudes until the box spring breaks. ( True Story )

    • churchboy2

      ^^^I actually laughed out loud when I read that.

  • I see all Jay-Z dick riders

    • Celz

       Dick riders?? Just keepin it real.. Dude has consistently been on top since 1996.. He’s in the Elvis, Beatles, and Micheal Jackson category family.. These are facts not opinions

  • Casor_Greener

    Man y’all some chumps. JAy-Z and Kanye scared

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    @first i was thinking harmless … but then i actually peeped the vid where weezy dropped his lil bars  … and now im thinking hmmmm this might be something …  cause reading the article i thought he did an entire song … he just said that one line out of nowhere for no reason @ all …. def trying to bait … looking @ busta it seems like he was like WTF dont be dissing the big homey when im in the area LOL 😉 super side note was that Milian in them white pants ????? shorty looking thick

  • I like artists on both sides of this “feud” but Jay-Z is in another category now… He’s transcending the boundaries of where a rap artist can venture. It’s just not a winning battle for Wayne amongst the bigger crowd of Hip-Hop fans. And that’s not bias, that’s basics.

    • Raheem Classick

       And that’s not bias, that’s basics.< No That's Math!!! HOV has $2 much $2 lose stepping backwards $4 them Young Money knuckleheads, So all together HOV could lose  $2.24 Million engaging in A battle with them, He should just ignore them, As we should.

    • Yeah, these dudes reaching!

      Dogs bark at cars that are moving…going places. Nothing wrong with that , but something definitely wrong with a dog barking at a parked car.

       ( IE: Kanye calling out Lil B )

  • rep87

    These devil illuminati loving clowns are trying to sell records you can fool some of the people but not all of us Baby buying his shit and jay z and kanye tossing around freemason and wearing clothing with the devil and satanic shows like its cool and if you dont believe it go on line for all you dick riders 

  • I thought YM was above petty rap beefs. That seemed to be their stance when Common went at “that hoe-@ss n*gga”. SMH.

    • drac215

       If you want raw/real check out Drac gunz and hiphop youtube! peace bro

  • drac215

    Dont sweat these cats cause real music is coming back! People the times are changing and we must demand the real “Drac gunz and hiphop(youtube!) check it pleeeease

    • I checked that…on the strength of the 215.

      Proper track, but listed as Drac Gunz & Hi PHOP.

      Nice Track!

      • drac215

        Thanx a bunch bro! Im trying to grid for the music right now in Philly!!!I mess with Allhiphop cause I wouldve never got you to listen, my city is on some garbage with the craft bro. Actually the track is called “I use to be/Innermission215” and the first track is not completely played so you can get more on the song when you hear it, because at the end it all goes down hill for the stick up kidd!! Check out C da Eye(you tube) also its on some now stuff, peace and God bless

  • MadVillain

    Jay, Kanye & Wayne – 3 wack ass faggot niggaz.


      numbers dont lie

      • yea cuz lil muppets can jus buy shit now

  • yesanditcounts

    Hip-Hop has gotten so………..gay.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Rappers are supposed to compete with each other. Rap got watered down, when every rapper tried to be friends, and be on each others albums and songs all the time. You used to have to have your own niche which is what made it good. Thats how you could get rappers from the same place that sounded totally different i.e. kool g rap, and tribe called quest.

    • Mos High

      i get what your saying, but the world changes, cars didnt have seat belts, black people didnt praise a white God, gas used to be really cheap. life changes

  • wayne is the new pac in his own way pay attention to his moves youll see

    its just my opinion so don’t judge

    • SMH.

    • Brian Miller

      Ship that shit you smoking straight to the Chi homeboy, but only if its weed though.

      • DollasTX

        how come BIG RUGG aint phucking with LEP no more …

    • Raheem Classick

      Name one thing he’s done that Pac did besides Rapping ?

    • DollasTX

      youngster you telling your age with that comment

  • Lil Wayne believes he is the best rapper alive/  He disses Hov and gets ignored/  I know that stings his ego/  I rest my case on this one!  LMAO!!!!!!!  ROC NATION ALL DAY!!!!!

    • DollasTX

      jay ignored TUPAC too until he was dead = sucker move!
      if jay was so bout it … why the phuck he didnt do shyt when T-Pain walked up on stage
      ya’ll giving this man too much credit –
      ask Jay why he dont phuck around with them TS niggahs out the BX
      why he was worried about BEANS and called them people on’em
      those subliminals are real cute though – but thats why he send subliminals cuz he aint really built like a BEANS or JEEZY is – he just wanna be

  • illymac

    Remember when Jay used to take shots at Nas ,

    Nas ignored him for a while,

    then finally got tired of the bs..

    and dropped ETHER..

    what if Jay get tired of Wayne talking shit and ETHER his lil ass ??

    • Raheem Classick

      No I don’t remember that, But you should put A blindfold on and go play in traffic !

      • illymac

        Listen lil Rah Rah,

        I can tell that your a lil Jay z fan boy,
        and thats okay if thats what you’re into..
        Jay 1 of the best to ever do it..

        but there is a line
        between being a fan of good music
        and dick riding..

        Now its up to U to decide where you stand..

        None of these rappers break U off a crumb of the money they make..
        but you’ll sit here all day and argue who has the most paper..

        its all entertainment..

      • Raheem Classick

         If you feel that way, Stop being so serious.

  • wayne dont even write his raps if he did he would have a rap saying “why people think i dont write my own raps, weezy f baby i write my own raps” u kno addresss it.. and LOL at anyone wo thinks that ilil gay free was in anyway clever. lol

  • Niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily/
    like These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really/
    I’m like really half a billi nigga?, really you got baby money/
    Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money
    Watch the Throne don’t step on our robe/
    Bad enough we let you step on our globe

    Damn Yeezy and Hov,
    Where the hell ya been?
    Niggas talkin real reckless, stuntmen
    I adopted these niggas, Phillip Drummond ‘em
    Now I’m bout to make them tuck they whole summer in.

    Watch the Throne don’t step on our robe/
    Bad enough we let you step on our globe

  • MrTroyMercy

    sydney lace is a stupid bytch that is all… dumb azz blogging jacking dick breathe helfa!

  • youngturbo

    this dude drops the mic like he’s in a rap battle and walks away like he won something getthefuckoutahere

  • King Cold

    Boooooo!!!!!!! Lame as hell. This is the same dude that didn’t wanna battle 50 after fif dissed his ass. Smh. Do ya self a favor wayne and give up

  • RLG

    seriously!? >_>

  • Black_Sun_Tzu

    both of them are fags. end of story.

  • Speaking of Young Money, did anybody catch that wack@ss Nicki Minaj Grammy performance? Whew! Pure D. Trash.

  • Sdot Jones

    this nigga puttin the mic down and walkin away like he said some ill shit tho. shit remind me of them youtube videos with tpain and kevin hart when they freestylin lol

  • Kayne won 4 grammys 2nite and Jay-Z won 1,they swept the rap section,what happen to the gay money bros,nicki lost,drake lost,wayne lost…gay ass cash money lost,a ROC sweep…

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    Wayne dont know who he funkin with

  • Guest

    Wayne always talks about how he the hardest workin so he feels he is the best I respect artist but Lil Wayne is messin with one of the greatest God Mc’s I mean Wayne would never be able to handle Nasty Nas. Nas barely handled Jay Z Jay killed him in one verse and this disrespectful kissin another man fruit cake gremlin rappin creature wanna go at Jay? Even if I didn’t like J I would still put my money on J lol . Furthermore does Waynes problem is no one is callin him king and JaY Z been unstoppable and has remained king for years . LiL Wayne wants the throne but he does not have the intelligence or know how to begin to even try to overthrow the KING JaY Z off the Throne. Wayne needs to also look at Jay Z’s  numbers last year Jay Z dropped New York one song and it wiped every damn song off the damn map and hit hard, one song, just one damn song lol  Lil Wayne dropped an album and his whole album was obsolete compared to JaY Z’s NEW YORK . JaY was also hops hops number one money maker last year Lil Wayne was like 5 or 6 or something and JaY does not even do an 8th of the shows Wayne does. JaY got Beyonce the Female Goddess Wayne just wants the Queen of the jungle she well locked down by one of the worlds greatest hustlas ya dig. Lil I respect ya hustle but u gotta learn from the King to become one cased closed .

    • Nas barely handled Jay-Z?…I’m sorry that’s not true at all! Now, I’m sorry “Ether” has set the NEW standard when it comes to diss songs.  We haven’t heard anything like it and we won’t.  You heard Ether, Jay-Z was the biggest Nas fan!  “Calling my crib and I ain’t even give you my number.”  I’m not disputing Jay’s greatness at all and I’m most definitely NOT a Wayne fan but I think some of y’all give Jigga too much credit.  Nas almost went the same route as Jay-Z but changed his style up (because it wasn’t working for him) and since then his music has been better.  Jay-Z called out Nas because he was on top at the time and felt no one could touch him. He underestimated the outcome and he thought his fans would have his back.  Let’s not forget, this is the same NEW YORK that voted that Nas won the battle.  Records sales are very nice and an indicative way to showcase one’s acheivement, but that doesn’t mean that one has skill.  Creatively, Nas has pushed the envelope many times.  While Jay-Z has not.  Nas will be one of those artists who will not get the true respect he deserves until he decides to retire.  He is respected on all coasts and so is Jay-Z but Nas is more thought provoking.  I respect your opinion and I also hope you can respect mine.

      • nastinupe

        Ether was overrated.  Super Ugly was a better diss album in my opinion.  Nas sounded upset and frustrated on Ether, Jay was laughing, having a good time and really got at Jay.  All he said on Ether is that Jay is unattractive and the name Roc-AFella sounded gay.  Jay talked about Nas not making good music, screwing his baby mama, etc.  Jay had more ammo and used it.  Nas was just blabbing away.  He didn’t really say much in Ether.  

      • adam pitterson

        I can se ur a Jay fan. Nas went in. He told real stories bout Jay thru the whole track. In superugly, Jays hardest punch was sleepin wit nas’ leftovers. Now thats….LAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEE.

      • Weedras

        not Jay fan per se… but nas was stiil with Carmen when Jay knocked it… remember the track “Is that yo Bitch” ? yeah that was for Esco too… that chick is a ho..

      •  You are exactly right  !!!THANK YOU Johnny !!! That was the smartest comment I have read thus far !!!

      • bbonyc

         Like Jay better.  But Nas murdered Jay on ether. Period.

      • Ether>>>>>Super ugly

      • That “Super Ugly” joint was a sign of desperation on Jay’s part. “Ether” was an emotional gun-clap to Jay’s whole being. How does he respond? By dissin’ Nas’s baby’s mother and making references to “leaving condoms on baby seats.” SMH. Let’s not talk about Jay damn near crying at Hot 97. Angie Martinez had to console that n*gga, bruh. SMH. I still rock with Jay, but the truth is the truth.

      • Tony G.

        Ether was a cool song, but it took Nas a whole song to do  what Jay did in ONE VERSE on the Takeover…if Jay really wanted to go in on Nas it woulda been a rap…and who cares wtf NY voted..there’s a lot of folks outside of NY that saw it differently…and to say Jay hasn’t pushed the envelope is crazy…he’s actually pushed it a lot better than Nas…let’s not forget flops like Oochie Wallie.

      • DollasTX

        like it or not … jay couldnt ever cultivate a multi-platinum rapper(s) like Drake/Nicki Minaj maybe due to his own ego – i aint even a WAYNE fan at all – but i aint gonna hate the way he SUCCESSFULLY runs his label
        music wise NICKI – DRAKE could never phuck with a BEANS – STATE PROP but without DAME – Jay aint shyt as a record/label head however HE IS THE MOST INDIVIDUALLY SUCCESSFUL ARTIST EVER
        but we talking about running labels and running labels into the ground – rite?!?!?!

    • churchboy2

      All of the responses missed the point that you made very well: regardless of whether you thought Jay or Nas won, Wayne cannot hang with Jay-Z lyrically.

  • Tony G.

    whats the point….jay sells more records..makes more money..personally i think Ye would take this punk out lol

  • Young Metro don’t want that beef, he think Jay won’t comeback so he keep going at him. They really hurt Jay shinning on em

  • youngturbo

    its funny, all this wayne tries to diss jigga and we’re still talking about the nas beef 
    shit funny as hell 
    wayne overrated 

    • Raheem Classick

      Ni**as who still talk about The Jay / Nas battle and think that Nas won likes the taste of Nas’s Balls in their mouth on A daily basis. (True Story)

  • DollasTX

    i dont even wanna see these 2 going at each other – Drake and Common would hv been decent for the game because they both match somewhat lyrically and neither were willing to shed blood – THESE 2 (J /WAYNE) are like total opposite ends of the spectrum and that alone is uneventful – plus we both know theres no potential THREAT from either part to make up for the lack of eventfulness either – so this shyt IMO was dead in the water from day1

  • which clown said super ugly was better then ether?  lmao  you lil niggaz aint even on the same planet as nas 2 say sum dumb shit like that.  nas killed jay  case close. mfs crack me up like you understand hiphop.  wayne is garbage, and believe me drake and nikki tike is runnin out because there is real hiphop out there f this hippop . jay is still 10 times better than wayne, compare albums then speak.  who wants 2 b down with a metro fake gangbanger, skateborder? you youngsters need 2 do sum history b4 you talk about nas and jay. because nas 1 the battle and he was speakin facts, super ugly was terrible  lmao

  • David Gonz

    that excuse is gettign lame.. jay z loses every lyrical battle he ever enters… he started the shit!!!!

  • David Gonz

    my bad that excuse has BEEN lame… quit jockin jays money dude cant handle battle raps.. sorry. even jayo feloney lol… dude had to run to lyor cohen to try and censor jayo feloneys song….. kinda liek the fags with buju …..

  • Jay Z vs Lil Wayne is like comparing apples and oranages. They are both fruit but has a very different smell and taste.

    Both artist are talented in their own regard but lyrically they are not the same. The content is different. Wayne compares himself to shit and urine and Jay as the king an jovah.

    They are in two differnt places in the life a careers how do you compete.

  • Raheem Classick

    Here is why Wayne is going after Jay, First of all Jay is the prize in Hip Hop and has been for A long time, So there is major points to gain if you can upstage him, With that said Wayne’s fan base is bigger & younger then Jay’s, Hence the popular vote if they do battle, Jay’s fan base has matured and we expect more from Jay as an Artist, Thats why when Common did what he did to Drake, It didn’t do anything for him except have A bunch of Internet Ni**as giving their opinion but not their bucks, You see where I’m going, So to be honest as A fan It’s not that I don’t want Jay to go head to head with these cats, He just don’t need to do that, Its A no win situation Jay has nothing to prove, He good in my book!! 

    • CEO or not, this is still hip-hop, everyone makes that excuse for hova, luda be doing movies & shit but he fucked around and went at big sean & drizzly drake

      • Raheem Classick

        You replied to the wrong comment. 

  • Grizz310

    youngdummycashdummies records

  • Grizz310

    this clip long ass shit

  • Grizz310

    they winnin cocky and still jealous of Jay and Ye

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    jay & wayne ….one is a CEO who still wants to be an artist and the other is an artist whose suppose to be a CEO. apples and oranges no comparison, not a equal battle platform.

  • GottaBeGooz

    hahahaha I love the fact that those cash money fools got shut out of every catagory at the Grammy’s while Ye took four statues. Seems that everybody would rather watch the Throne than anything these lame fucks do. 

  • This shit is blown out of proportion. This is not even beef, this is more like a competition type thing. In my opinion, beef is something personal. Rappers takes “jabs” at each other all the time. This is stupid as hell.

  • ThaGuru

    You have absolutely no originality. Stop writing and Just go suck Jay-Z and Diddy’s dick. Any idiot can tell that Jay-Z and Diddy have this site in their pocket. This is why I stopped coming to this site.




    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • drac215

    Is this suppose to be Real music? Drac gunz and hiphop(youtube)!!! Allhiphop!!!!