Whitney Houston

Wendy Williams Breaks Down Over Whitney Houston’s Death, Makes Plea

Whitey Houston’s death has cast a shadow over the music industry, but there are beams of light that continue to peek through. One such light is a recent, heartfelt soliloquy by Wendy Williams, who had a now legendary interview with the legendary singer, who died suddenly February 11. On her show, Wendy tearfully explained her relationship with Whitney, even though the pair never met face to face. Wendy, who served for years in radio, managed a contemptuous interview with Whitney. In this moment, she explains the parallels with Whitney including their love of parents, New Jersey and substance abuse. See it below.

Here is the legendary interview between Wendy and Whitney in January 2003.

  • illymac

    I sat here and listened to all 3 videos..
    Damn I miss Whitney Houston..

  • Montezuma1

    Wendy is full of shyt. She made fun of Whitney. Now she’s crying?! Once Whitney married Bobby it was clear she was hooked on drugs. Who else would marry a crackhead like that?

    • Ronlg1

      I disagree and it’s funny that Bobby was doing better than Whitney as far as health wise….Bobby has been on tour for the last 3 or 4 years and sounding better and better.  Whitney’s voice had been deteriorating….Not that I’m a huge fan of both…but the truth is the truth…You can’t do no “New Edition” concert on crack…have you seen how these cats move???

  • suge380

    Well, lets see how long before they blame it on Bobby. At the end of the day its sad that she is gone so young. I just pray that it was just her time to go vs drugs, cuz the way this sorry world is and they way the world loves drama, they can’t wait to tear apart her legacy. She was a grown woman, her and Bobby had issue, but people do your homework. Her drug use didn’t even start til years after her and Bobby had been married. Find the New Edition interviews, you will see the truth for yourselves. And Wendy Krypt Keeper lookin azz truly need to quit the fake sh!t.

    • Ronlg1

      nah pimpin, I hate to say it, but Whitney was living the “sex, Drugs and alcohol” life WAAAAAAAY before Bobby.  Bobby always smoked weed and drank, but it’s very possible that she might have even brought the cocaine/crack or whatever to Bobby…I do believe Whitney and Cherelle were roommates at one time….Cherelle had a drug problem also.

      • suge380

        I feel ya, but they always blame Bobby for it. Everyone one knows, when they met, Bobby was the Bad Boy of New Edition, She was to squeaky clean image. Thats how she was marketed. No Disrespect to her, but no one can make you get hooked on drugs. I have never heard of anyone being held down forced to smoke this or that, then get hooked. Im just saying if she made that decision, thats her decision BB has his own drug problem to deal with. Ya know, but just hope it was something other than drugs that did her in.

  • The interview with Oprah – who is the chick in the corner…..? I just wanted to hear the interview not the mouth in the corner. Thanks but no thanks.

  • rep87

    We lost a ANGEL  Ms .HOUSTON was the last SUPER STAR  FEMALE R and B , POP ARTIST 100 mil records sold numerous grammys and other awards , RIP Ms. HOUSTON THE WORLD LOVES YOU  !

  • Tony G.

    after the ish she talked about whitney..not sure that im buying this oscar performance

  • The Ish she talked about that lady then this Put On Performance, GTFOH for  real.  She may have done ish in her past she  just wanna  be a spokesperson for say NO, she should say no to drag, so no to lacefronts, and no to being a big mouth!

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  • Romia Blue

    I’m sorry but this makes me love Whitney more! She was a soldier fixed on protecting hers and her life. Regardless of her demons, it was her business. Wendy didn’t talk any more shyt than what she heard just like everybody else. She admitted it was “gossip” that she heard and what Whitney decided to speak on, she did. What she didn’t, she didn’t. And had curse words for days?!! WOO I LOVED ME SOME WHITNEY LOL

  • WashingtonDre

    Those checks are gonna be rather chunky..its strange when you die they gotta have more of you than ever, right? i just hope her daughter is being watched right now..i mean whats gonna happen when she starts acting out and going through motions..i hope they use some of that catalog money and invest in some security for the daughter cause you never know, she might watch one of mother’s movies, get super depressed, and BAMM!! 3 LINES CUT UP ON THE TABLE…ITS A SCARY WORLD OUT THERE, FOLKS.

  • I LOVED HER MUSIC.. BUT her choice in men whoa!! she did whatever it took to hold on to dat clown if it meant gettin down with him [coke,weed,pills,liquor,CRACK] than it was what it was, she definitely was a ride or die chick! towards the end he didn’t care enough to get himself and her help for the sake of EVERYONE involved especially their daughter who is already down in the mix; he has a new wife and baby;  once the money was drying up for him or she got tired of his bull she left him but I think the reason she did that show was for people to see her life and save her but we watched and laughed at her… not him cause we already knew but he’s was an addict!! is this what ride or die means?