Philthy Rich

Rapper Philthy Rich Arrested Over Stolen Bentley

(AllHipHop News) Bay Area rapper Philthy Rich was arrested in San Francisco late Sunday night, for allegedly driving in a stolen Bentley.

Police took Philthy Rich into custody after a performance at the Rock-It Room, reports the San Jose Mercury News.
The rapper, born Philip Beasley, was arrested after he attempted to leave the performance in a 2011 Black Bentley with Nevada license plates that was reported stolen from Las Vegas.

Philthy Rich, 29, was also on probation for a felony firearm possession, to complicate his new legal issues.

In addition to Philthy Rich, the rapper’s promoter, Samuel Burns III was also arrested, as he arrived at the club as a passenger in the car.

When Burns failed to produce an ID, police officers checked his records and found that he also had warrants in two different counties in California.

Philthy Rich was charged with suspicion of stolen vehicle and receiving stolen property.

He was released on $30,000 bail.

Philthy Rich took to his Twitter account today (February 14), where he addressed the issue.

The rapper denied that the 2011 Bentley was stolen and said he plans on suing for slander.

“I was arrested late sunday night and bailed early monday morning I am not in jail I am going to sue they ass for slandering my name,” he tweeted.

“Search the car don’t find s**t but still take me to jail the key in the ignition registration in glove box so how the f**k is it stolen,” tweeted. “I ran the plates and car fax myself yesterday and it didn’t come back stolen ill be getting my s**t back soon.”

  • name is philthy rich but gets caught with a stolen Bentley and holding a stack of one’s…..i think im done with rap this shit is ridiculous

    • rep87

      Now thats some funny shit LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DrPrepper

    A stack of ones is an epic fail and it doesn’t look like he’s going to the Skrip club. SMDH!

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  • Soulgasm

    Somebody wake me up when Hip-Hop gets back interesting.  Well, as a matter of fact, I bet not go to sleep waiting on that, cuz I may not ever be woken up again.  Smh…

  • That stack / Gypsy bankroll looks huge!
    Has to be at least $1,000 in ten  ( 100 deep ) stacks of $1 bills.

  • rep87

    Sounds like you philthy broke and not a good thief  you ran the vin it wasnt repored stolen at the time but it is now thats why you went to jail

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       well he did bail on 30k sooooooooooooooooo

      • Celz

        Stop makin sense… People are so quick to hate.. Some police are crooked, I got locked for delaying an investigation to see if my car was stolen when the license, registration, and insurance all matched my name.. With no warrants, probation, parole, and my car was NEVER reported stolen.. The D.A. obviously never picked up the case but I’m just sayin ain’t no tellin what a crooked cop would do..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        same here mane i had to get a lawyer mane … this all happened in aug of 2011 and i just got that over with in janurary … freaking waste of time & money … no wonder our country is in so much debt and crime happens everyday … they cant tell the difference between the real criminals and the working man!!!! THAT MAN THAT PAYS HIS TAXES THAT PAYS YOUR FING SALARY !!!!!! in my bag meek mill voice lol 😉

      • rep87

        hold up he made 3k on 30k bond im just saying he might over state his income just a bit that amount dont make you rich sooooooooooooooooo you know some rappers are just lying bout what they got

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         damn forgot about the 10% … however im used to dudes who cant even pay 10% of a $5000 – $10000 bail … so yeah in my eyes dude is balling …. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Black Exodus

    When Flossing goes horribly wrong. 

  • breed500

    Racks on racks…hahahaha…this nigga right that skripper money huh? had to clean out the tills to get that many ones..or did he go fish at strippers Ahoy? ..dudes be killin me man..

  • AlbertoRipRon

    smack forehead…yo b…are criminals just dumb nowadays or what yo?  

    • Celz

      You sidin with the cops my g?? Or was you just there??

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Sidin with the cops?  Yo, where do they breed you dummies at yo?  Where in my post you read that b?  Talkin like you ranked out here b, calm that

      • Celz

        My rank is good my nig trust me.. An you sidin with the haters if you callin a nigga dumb based off a police report.. If you so wit the business then you would know the police’s main job is to lie..

      • AlbertoRipRon

         shut up dude…”an you sidin with the haters if you callin a nigga dumb based off a police report”  Nigga, who said I was going off the police report?  Who said I was there?  Nigga you keep assuming and you should just shut the ___ up dude for real.  Listen 5 minute thug, let me explain this to you.  Niggas are dumb, period.  I don’t need a police report or to be there to know that.  Smh…I hate a super smart dummy and a super dead thug…

      • Celz

        Now Imma 5 min thug cuz I proved you wrong lmao hilarious.. It doesn’t take a genius to know that news articles are based off arrest records which are based off police reports which are based off the officer’s side of the story.. So you coming to the conclusion that this nicca is dumb when the court aint even decide if he stole the car yet is some hater shyt.. Drive around Cali in any car let alone a Bentley and see how much you get harassed.. I’m done so when you reply wit some more beatin around the bush talkin out ya ass shyt just reread this because it will still apply..

      • AlbertoRipRon

         How did you prove me wrong?  Explain that yo.  You still don’t get it dummy.  I SAID, I DON”T HAVE TO READ A POLICE REPORT OR BE THERE TO HAVE AN OPINION ON THAT MAN”S INTELLIGENCE!  You get it now?  Do you?   Proving me wrong…yo, where are they making these niggas at yo?  These super smart dumb niggas are a cancer…always “proving” something on the internet. 

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  • Rappers… twitter is putting more of you behind bars that the “neighborhood snitch”. Safe to say you had a lil snitch-ness inside of you all along.

    This is the crap our hood gave birth to? this is what hip-hop has become?

    That’s why I only listen to certain artists, this type of buffoonery is clear indication of what type of music I’ll be listening to wasting my $14 on a CD.

  • who gives a crap if a dude, that no one has ever heard of, gets arrested in a stolen bentley. REALLY!!!!

  • illymac

    some dudes try way too hard..

  • $6521231

     What can you expect from a wack rapper? The quality of his music has a close relationship with the quality of his life. A stolen Bentley? Even if it is a fabrication of the pigs……..Nigga please!!!

  • that look like weed money not rap money 

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       LOL !!!!! ha ha lol 😉

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

     stuff happens i just finished going to court for stealing my own car
    …. go figure … forget these cops with nothing bettter to do then
    trying to trap a nigga on a positive movement …… altho my track
    record aint nothing like his LOL thats his only fault LOL 😉 ####comment was pending approval had to remove the curses lol ###################

  • The whole clique is clowns talking that Live Wire Records shit and not even affiliated and making Me the Owner famous /w free promotions so yes the clown is stupid along with the rest of them that asked for a deal got dissed now claiming a company they have no affiliation with. If you’ll do that clown lame mess you’ll do anything and snitch ya way out. Thats what dude do when the claim affiliation with Gangs or cliques that don’t fck /w them. We are EAST COAST all day and affiliated closer to the 7 than the Five. Secondly ask the clown to pull one document (D.B.A) showing LIVE WIRE RECORDS on it. The Clowns name is the name of FLOYD MAYWEATHERS record company. Doing anything for attention will get you the wrong attention!

  • Shit those are one’s aren’t they. That’s fun