Rapper Ra Diggs Charged With Three Murders

(AllHipHop News)A rapper that was in a group with Waka Flocka Flame and Uncle Murda has been hit with three different murder charges.

Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron was a part of the “Murda Team” rap group with the aforementioned artists, but federal prosecutors claim he was also the leader of faction of The Bloods street gang.

Ra Diggs was originally indicted and arrested outside of Club Amnesia in October of 2010, for his role in the Brooklyn drug gang.

Police began an undercover investigation in 2008 and made over 65 drug buys from in the Gowanus Houses.

Investigators originally linked Ra Diggs and his gang to four murders in the housing project, but officially charged the rapper with three counts.

Federal authorities Ra Diggs was originally charged with a murder in 2002, but he beat the case, because witnesses refused to testify against him.

According to the New York Daily News, Ra Diggs’ tweets ended up being used as evidence against him, resulting in the three murder charges.

In addition to the 2001 murder, Ra Diggs is charged with participating in a murder in 2008 and another in 2009.

The rapper could face the death penalty if he is convicted of the murders.

In addition to his role as a member of the rap group The Murda Team, Ra Diggs was featured on the track “By The Gun,” which was on Waka Flocka’s album Flockaveli.

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20 Responses to “Rapper Ra Diggs Charged With Three Murders”

  1. siddiq ja'far

    Isnt he using the Moorish defense? I’ll say it again, when po-po place these type of evidence to media outlets, its only to tarnish potential juries, tweets? whatelse they coming with? live by the gun… (you know the rest) but this seems to me they trying to depict him as a person that dont deserve freedom. Im a law abiding citizen who doesnt condome this thug ignorant message homie spit about but every man deserves to be innocent till PROVEN guilty. No side from him, just what po-po charged him with & why, One sided stories make me go Hummmmmm 

  2. MrTroyMercy

    There is no death penalty in NY AND THIS NICCA SNITCH ON HIMELF- NO PITY.

    But that rap group with him , waka and uncle murder had to be the wackest shiit ever smh at the name . I never heard of this cat .. I thought they was talking about Rah Digga lol… I was about to be like damn she catching bodies ?

    • Tony G.

      pretty much every article on this site is…ive been saying forever that they need an editor on here..but u gotta read thru the mistakes to get to the points lol

  3. rep87

    When keeping it real goes wrong , these so call gangsta’s talk way to much and now they dumb azz are tweeting and they posting on facebook they putting these snitichers out of bizness LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. illymac

    mto is saying Drake punched common in the chest at the grammys..
    I’m curious to see if ol’ Sydney steal this bullshit story..

  5. $18592567

    This nigga bout to do some serious snitchin’… 3 bodies from the Feds= death penalty…

    We bout to see what this dude and Jimmy Henchman bout real soon.

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