Big L Mourned 13 Years Later on Anniversary of Passing

(AllHipHop News) While hip-hop mourned the losses of Big Pun, Whitney Houston, Don Cornelius and Etta James over the last few weeks, fans have also taken the time today (February 15th) to remember Harlem rapper Big L and his uncanny ability to rhyme with the best.

Known for his studio albums Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, and The Big Picture, Big L set the standard for artists in New York’s underground scene for several years before he was gunned down in 1999.

While the murder still remains unsolved, Big L’s legacy has lived on and his post-humous career has been quite successful having even posted a number one single with the track, “Flamboyant,” released in 2000.

In fact, The Big Picture was RIAA certified gold in under a month reaching as high as #2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Billboard Charts.

“Thinking about my man BIG L, he passed away on this day, rest in Peace general!!! You still put it on!!!” Tony Touch exclaimed via Twitter.

“R.I.P My Lil Brother BIG L !!!! DITC 4EVER!!!” Fat Joe told fans.

Early on in his career, Big L was a founding member of D.I.T.C., a group that included Lord Finesse, Diamond D, O.C., Fat Joe, Buckwild, Showbiz and A.G., while other associated acts included Big Pun, DJ Premier, Brand Nubian, KRS-One, Freddie Foxxx and others.

Also in Big L’s short career, Big L founded Children of the Corn consisting of fellow Harlem rappers, Mase, Cam’ron (then known as Killa Kam), Herb McGruff and Bloodshed. Nearly every member of this group would go on to get a major deal.

“Rest In Peace BIG L One of the greatest Wordsmiths EVER……” Saigon told his followers on Twitter.

“RIP Big L, one of the dopest lyricists ever,” Skyzoo tweeted.

Perhaps one of the most memorable Big L performances was when he freestyled with a young up and coming Jay-Z in what is widely called, “The 7-Minute Freestyle.”

Today on New Yorks Hot 97, DJ Mister Cee paid tribute to the fallen wordsmith, which can be heard below. S/O Miss Info for the radio feed, R.I.P. Big L, you will never be forgotten!

Mister Cee Big L Throwback Noon Mix via New York’s Hot 97

  • Hudes

    Rip L Corleone

  • Big L ripped $hop!


    Papoose reminds me of him , stylewise.

    Sad ending to a life with such potential , but his lifestyle is what gave him material , & ultimately an early death!

    Jay Z did his thing too!

  • Gregory Audley

    There has been a Documentary about his life in the works for years now : Street Struck The Big L Story. Its being done independently by people who actually knew him so it should be mad authentic, I just hope it eventually gets released!

  • $6521231

     One of the best that has touched the mic in the history of this shit. Sad that even today his murder is a crime without guilty, unresolved.

    R.I.P. Big L


    1 of the best that ever touch the mic  word up???????

                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

    • Tony G.

      I doubt very seriously if u know a damn thing about Big L

  • RIP BIG L…i was there at the TRAMPS show

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  • HH4Lifer

    THIS IS HIP HOP RIGHT HERE!!!! Big L was flowing like he was possessed by a rap demon..The original version Jay-z was almost like he was trying to keep up so it wouldnt look like Big L was killing him on the same track! Jay-z rhyme style is similar.. But not L’s!! One of the best with a short career that did it…

    • Tony G.

      Jay was on a totally different rap style back then…he said some slick shyt in his flows…but like u said L was just zoned on this one


  • rep87

    RIP BIG L what you gave to the game cant be match

  • Tony G.

    “Big L is that nigga u expect to catch wreck on any casette deck, im so ahead of my time my parents havent met yet”….I’ve heard this freestyle 1000 times and everytime I hear it that line kills me…they just dont breed MC’s like this anymore..

  • antoine bailous

    RIP to my homie Big L…Harlem still misses you brother! You were taken away way too soon. We love you fam…