Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are “Black People” About To Boycott Nicki Minaj??

Nicki Minaj has certainly been a big topic of discussion. The Catholic Church is heated at her for her exorcism schtick at the Grammys. But now, it seems that some Black people are taking offense to some of her lyrics to Black people! In the vid below, they are even calling her a racist! Some of these name calling episodes are towards specific individuals, but it would seem that the language is so racially charged, people are generally upset. Its probably not a good look to call women “nappy headed hoes” and refer to Blacks as monkeys…right?

The reasoning is, if it ain’t good for Don Imus, it ain’t good for Nicki Minaj either.

This kind of goes back to the thought, can Black people be racist to other Black people?

  • Whoever made that video had time on their hands but i see where their coming from

    • Where are they coming from?

      • And trust noone expect you to understand. In all fairness none of these phrases would effect on you

      • Celz

         Maybe you should watch the video.. Or google the meaning of the phrase if you don’t understand.

    • Eddy Stone

      Lot of time on their hands? i think it’s even worse to see people treating the girl like she’s the best thing since sliced bread, allowing our kids to listen to her, dress like her, speak like her, act like her, look up to her, when all she does is taking away their consciousness to the point they don’t even know right from wrong. we should be thankful that some people out there can see through the hype and are trying to open our eyes

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  • rin

    point takin.. and i did realize the demeaning lyrics she has towards black people.. i think its sad. specially when it seems majority of her fan base is white teenage girls it feuls me when i hear them rappin her lyrics. i think nicki has forgotten she is black herself.

    • Her lyrics taken out of context with no reference is not fair in my own opinion.

      • rin

        i was a fan of nicki minaj during her  underground days BEFORE she hit the mainstream.. and she uses the same type of lines but now they are even worse… her lyrics are totally IN context… and you are just making excuses for her. and you are right it is your opinion.. and from the looks of it you are a white male.. how you could relate to any of this.. boggles my mind.

      • Empathy?

  • Guest

    Black People need to be worried about more important things, but ok.

    • AlbertoRipRon

       Like what?  Start the list…

      • Inequality?

      • rin

        inequality comes from a series of things.. and one of them is negative images of the aa community.. which is one of the points of this video.

      • You asked to start with a list. I complied with your request. 🙂

      • rin

        that was alberto that asked not me…

      • My apologies sir/madam.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Don’t let the white man scare you bruh.  Eff a Jonathan Thompson.  Just another one of those white boys who comes to hip hop sites trying to start crap with black folks.  White boys always doing that. 

        Jonathan Thompson…shut up yo…

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        1.  How the democrats take us for granted
        2. The ignorance of a proper diet.
        3. How we Blindly follow religious leaders

        Just to name a few.

  • rin

    picture her lyrics containing words like … cracker honkie.. wet back smelling dog broad in her lyrics.. imagine how many fans she would have the answer is ZERO!but its ok to mock black females.. same way she mocked the catholic church. smdh

    • She’s not mocking. She gets a lot of hate from earlier black female hip hop artists. She’s frustrated that they hate on her when she would really love to bring them in on a track.

      • rin

        lmao you must not have listened to nicki when she was an underground artist before she hit the mainstream… lmaoooo please you are so ill informed on this women its ridicolous. lmao

      • I apologize for my lack of knowledge of her underground work. You are correct. I don’t know of her underground work. I don’t even know where to find it. Do you have any links? Or is so underground there are no links? Thank you for understanding.

      • rin

        all you have to do is.. type in nicki minaj underground music in your google search.. and a whole bunch of videos and links to her mixtapes will pop up.. and you will also discover she has been DISSING older female rappers that came before her since 2007. and also for you to say people are hating on her…. well that is such a juvenile word…. no people are fed up with her disrespect of aa culture and disrespecting her predeccesors (female rappers) that paved the way for her.

      • Are they entitled to respect?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        man, what kind of white dude are you?  It doesn’t matter, most of you uptight white boys act the same.  Shouldn’t you be playing catcher with your boy Peter?

      • how can you go from sounding so intelligent and level headed to sounding so ignorant and stereotypical? i bet youd throw a big ass tantrum if this white guy wasnt so polite to u and spoke to you the way u just spoke to him. n u expect this world to change with people like u? now i gotta smh….

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Why is “black folks” in quotation marks??  Lol, that just seems odd and stupid to me. Like black folks are some alien beings…or like the owners of this website aren’t black.  Maybe its just me.

    Boycott Nicki…she’s nothing more than a white chick with black skin.  The cutesy hoe and the way she raps can be all attributed to the innocent white girl profile that some do.  But “Black folks” allowed this crap.  “Black Folks” think it was cool at first.  “Black folks” are in such a rush to be integrated with racist white folks that they have lowered their standards just to walk in the same areas they do.  Just ask Jay-Z, Just ask Beyonce, Just ask Halle Berry, Just ask Tiger Woods, Just ask Taye Diggs, Just ask Lil Wayne, Just ask Nicki Minaj….the list can go on and on…

    • “White Chick with Black Skin” deserves quotation marks. That sounds more alien to me than “black folks” in quotation marks. Sorry for my insensitive sense of humor.

      • AlbertoRipRon

         Why are you apologizing for your opinion?  That’s alien to me.  I don’t apologize for my opinions.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      so basically every successful black person falls in that category,right?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Lol, so black folks only got 7 black people that are successful?  And two people liked your comment?  LMFAO!!  Dummies yo…obviously those 7 I mentioned aren’t the only successful black people we have in the US of A.  You did know that right?  We have plenty who aren’t even in the television mainstream, ya know.  Smh…the key to be a smart mouth is actually being smart b.

  • This is such a racist article/video. I feel bad for the writer! LOL! NM, do yo thang! Haters gonna hate!

    • rin

      lmaooo the video contained her very own WORDS that was racial!!!!!! lmaooo i cant

      • A lot of people’s thoughts cannot be taken out of context. It ruins their natural intentions in my own opinion. I feel the article/video are for entertainment purposes. They lack depth.

      • rin

        do yourself a favor and go look up nicki minajs songs and READ her lyrics….. cause you really have no idea what you are talking about.. this is a known pattern with her.. and like i stated below.. its clear you are a white male.. how you could relate to any of this boggles my mind.

      • I could try. 🙂 You don’t have to be the same color/gender/culture to help/understand/care for others.

  • This is a little disturbing… But it’s not an argument worth discussing with anybody other than the young women we don’t want to see self ridiculing. This has no public discussion value. 

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  • ironkong

    well people should boycott her cuz she is wack. but yea  she real crazy too,but crazy sells’s all about image to thes epeople.

  • Mark Olford

    Black people are racist against each other….I experienced it first hand when I moved to Atlanta from living abroad for 5 years…..I couldn’t believe it it….fresh off the plane and just happy to be in Hot Lanta…..well I live abroad again cause what’s happening in America was just out right ignorant….How can blacks be racist against each other???? Well I learned that the hard way 4 sho….

    • rep87

      Some blacks hate on each other but thats coming from a petty person or persons, BLACKS have achieved alot in ATL so what you saying cant be true! YOU living abroad doesnt change nothing, BLACKS are the most hated on this planet properganda perptrated by racist whites long time ago but we are the most celebrated when it comes to SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT The HON. MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN Sad it best if we stop singing , playing sports just for one day we would bankrupt the NBA ,NFL, ENTERTAINMENT and if we didnt go to our regular jobs this country, so blacks being negitive towards each other is crap get to the root of who is pushing this ? Nicki is a puppet who stands for nothing

  • rep87

    Why dont ahh boycott her first ! She must hate herself because she named herself after a white barbie doll she has been brain wash by Devil cult that run the entertainment industry who mold those puppets to carry out their agenda trust once they are done pimping her out she  will wind up two ways strung out on drugs or dead  thats the game they play, they got that whole little click tricked out over drugs homo thug ,fake gang members / singer D”ANGLO song just for a piece of the DEVILS PIE !im not surprise

    • LOL.She’s part of a black independent owned company.Hater!

  • LMAO so much drama over the word “Nappy Head”. Nowadays this is just a general insult for someone with messy hair. Surely you know this right? i have heard plenty of people call someone a “nappy headed fool”… nothing racist about it. As for the Monkey lyrics i cant really defend that but who is she directing that to?

  • nastinupe

    She joined Jay-Z lol.  Now she is evil 😉  

  • Boycott Nicki Minaj? Blacks? SMH, niggas are so quick to turn on it’s own. How about boycotting something that really matters! Ol’ simple ass niggas! 

  • Bless Graphics

    Men have been calling women bitches and hos in hip hop before Nikki was a twinkle in her mommas eye. Now that a female has hopped on the bandwagon all hell is about to break loose? No. Nikki is just another industry tool. The machine is behind her right now. This is the evolution of hip hip. Not as far as the music but the fanbase. Everyone listens to hiphop now. From your white surburban grandmas to kids in china and all over the world. These are the people who help crown people like Nikki Minaj as the next big thing. Did Nikki sell out? Hell Yeah. But dude could have based his documentary off of most of these young rappers today. From yung berg to lil wayne, etc. Ever other verse I hear one of my southern brethren hollering about a bad yella bitch like chocolate or caramel is less tempting. If we’re gonna start pointing fingers lets play fair.      

    • Eddy Stone

      i don’t see the comparison between a general insult such as “bitch” and calling someone all sorts of name because of the COLOR of their skin. that is called RACISM in my book. “chimpanzee/banana/jungle/monkey” ain’t those the words used by RACIST WHITE folks when they are attacking a black person? you guys are killing me with this bullshit. i never in my life heard a rapper saying all of those things so don’t act like shit is normal in the hip hop game. especially a woman who’s fan base is mainly KIDS. and the worst thing is that she acts like she’s such a great role model for youth but she now has little girls reciting her lyrics calling themselves bad bitches, WTF is that??? i don’t see the problem with basing this off of nicki cause she’s the so called QUEEN OF HIP HOP, the ONLY representation of female hip hop right now. if you wanna give your money away to this girl, GOOD for you, but being a black man who loves himself i will NEVER contribute to making this woman rich while she’s degrading my culture and my race

  • leftlanekb

    this got to be the stupidest article i have read today BOYCOTT a Black for saying some shit to another black smdh

  • yo man i come from a 97% African American community, high school and college and I have heard plenty people say “nappy head hoes”, “nappy headed b*****”, tell ppl they look like monkeys and all of that. It is just a direct insult to someone. Dont you people know she knows that she got that nappy ass hair under them wigs and weave too and I know you know she isn’t referring to herself just like she aint referring to everybody else. This shit is crazy. Some ppl actually do resemble monkeys and thats just the truth not saying that they are monkeys. I know it started with them racist white ppl saying it but lets be real you’ve heard it I’ve heard str8 from other black ppl mouth

    • Eddy Stone

      and that makes it a good thing right??

  • leftlanekb

    Is Lil Kim behind this lol?

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  • >>>>>Loves Black People , but hatez Ni99az! ( Of any color )

  • KolbMarley

    Only black activists woild stand behind somebullshit like this. Theres afar more blatantly racist shit goin on.

  • Soulgasm

    I didn’t see this “minor” uproar when Rick Ross was calling 50 a monkey.  smh… 

    • 50 called HIMSELF a got-damn monkey. GORILLA UNIT. smh

  • Oknas

    “nappy headed hoes” “monkeys” and “niggas”, whats the difference? We have disgraced ourselves, our culture, our history and our ancestors for some fame and fortune. These are the people who the youth look up to today, shit is getting worse and the white people(especially the ones in power) are laughing at not only these house slaves(nicki etc.) but the ones that follow as well. Smh. What makes it even more fucked up is that niicki Reps “Romans” more than she reps “africans” and thats sad. She even starting to look like a white girl.
    P.S. She sucks also

    • she doesnt rep romans
      her alter ego name is roman smh

      • Oknas

        That’s why she also speaks with a “British” accent right? Lol. She is obviously fascinated by it, therefore she’s reppin it. Smh.
        Out of all names she chooses “roman” why not an african name as an alter ego?
        If a rapper “acts” like a gangsta and he was never one previously, ain’t he “reppin” gangsterism?

  • She’s nuts

  • STOP IT bring more evidence to the table few lyrics means nothing she just trying to be creative in that sense

  • People honestly over think things smh!

    • what are u referring to?

      • your guess is about as good as hers. airhead broad.


  • She’ll sell more without the support of “black people”. Shit, yall niggas didn’t buy this first one. 

    • rep87

      Because Bird man buying it ,its been proven he doing it Dont believe the HYPE ! 50 exposed it and some insiders confirm how its being done to keep the artist in the spotlight plus she carrying out the agenda of the Wicked , as far as her using some derogatory words its alot ignorance in the game and this is what the industry want she is just another sell out puppet when its over they will have another she has nothing postive to say NEVER it want get air play Dumb shit rule the airwaves

  • WillVetterGoodin


  • David Sentongo

    next article.

  • BuckFuddy

    I boycott her by not buying her horrendous music. 3000 songs on my IPOD and not ONE is from Nicki Minaj.

  • If you’re going to boycott Nicki Minaj for this, you’ve got to take a look at hip-hop as a whole. We’ve been the main ones peddling anti-Black messages for years. BUT, if you’re going to boycott NM, boycott her because her music and image are wack. Or, boycott her for the fact that her alter-ego is inspired by an alleged child rapist. “Team Nicki” on that pedo ish? Say it ain’t so. SMH.

  • Good luck with getting the younger gen. to care about this, seeing how they don’t care about anything until one of them lil white kids call them a stunt double to a nigga monkey. Then that’s when it will be a problem for them

  • And yes as a ppl we do have more important matters to attend to and worry about,but at the same time we don’t need someone that’s in the mainstream using phrases Like “Nigga Monkey” not too long ago we were being called that to our face. And having white men paint their faces black and do some of the same things you see in todays videos talking about setting us back 50 or 80 years. The only thing that’s different is that they are paying black folks to do it now. Don’t believe me look it up we all have google.

    • Stunt double for the nigga monkey.She’s dissing lil Kim who does look a hot mess now.

  • Black Exodus

     Nikki is used as a scapegoat here. She is not the first nor the last “COON” to parade for powers of Hollywood. Another poster said that we must look at the Hip Hop industry as a whole. There are 3 main stream artist pushing music with positive messages. Lupe, Common and the Roots. And they are not selling much units. To be popular in today’s arena, you have to do the “Jungle Shuffle” because the masses are alseep…and they want to hear this crap. Gangsta, pimp, Killa, Trapper, Dope-Dealer, Self-Hate,  VIP Capitalism Rap is what is running the industry now. Don’t blame Nikki for this, there are a host of MC’s responsible for this TRASH decade of music. Just remember the talented, inspiring MC’s will never see the light of day…BECAUSE IT DOESN’T SELL. You want to change music…support artist that fit your agenda.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” on Youtube

    • You still haven’t said how this excuses Nicki. The “everybody else is doing it” argument doesn’t work.

      Good music DOES sell. But how can one buy music that people don’t even know about? Especially in comparison to the music they keep making available. Lupe, Common, and The Roots are just a FEW of the good MCs out today. But you wouldn’t know about any of the rest.

      Promotion and availability are EVERYTHING. THAT’S why good music no longer sells. {{-_-}}

    • Q.

      Eh. Somewhat of a cop-out argument…same shit heads were saying 15 yrs ago to be truthful. The reality is, the music industry has an agenda to promote this fuckery to keep our kids dumbed down and our vibration fucked up as a whole. The radio is POISON straight up and down. And don’t be confused, Black folks aren’t really the ones enabling these clowns financially, it’s mainly white folks, because the minstrel makes them feel comfortable. Meditate on that…

      And like my man said, promotion determines who’s who in this game.

  • Q.

    (…pops in “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. presses PLAY)

    • $6521231

       Amen!!! These are real artists, not this herd of clowns that are in the garlic right now. It is as if all the “artists” has to do antics to get buzz. How sad!!!

    • thank you

  • Pharaoh Corner

    Get this broad out of here!!!! Her music is useless and she is useless , I hate everything she stands for. I hope her ass explodes on stage one day. Get her out of here  , our little girls will grow up looking up to this trashy dead minded lost self hating idiot as a role model. na yo get her out of here.

  • someone tell me the difference in nappy headed …..and nigga 

  • TY

    Good message but even the person will b dancin to Nicki’s next club banger ppl will forget about all this petty shit lol

  • Yeah, alot of shit she says & does is offensive to alot of people, but at the end of the day the same people that didn’t listen to her before still aren’t gonna listen & the same people that did listen to her before still will listen and I doubt a random video will change that.

  • Juan Spin Serrano


    • Stop worrying about what we say. Freedom of speech.

      You can’t get rid of a word. Especially without getting rid of those who personify the word.

      Just mind your own business and you’ll be fine. {{-_-}}

    • Q.

      Actually, gays do call each other “fag” and “bitch.” IJS

    • Tuesday27

      I 100% agree. I’m sure that there are psychological repercussions to that word having become part of everyday language for young people. I sat back and watched how our young people talk on the bus/train in the presence of white people, and knew it would be a cultural problem. Now, if you tell a white looking Hispanic dude that it’s not cool to say the word, you might get stabbed if an arguement ensues.

  • She’s no worse than anybody else out here message wise.I don’t really like most of her music, but she is selling so somebody wants what she’s doing.I can’t just single her out this issue is so deep.

  • I don’t like Nicki Minaj. I think she is a clown trying too hard to be Lady Gaga. With that said, this is plainly a case of her being singled out. Rappers say worse things than she does. Again, I think her music is borderline booty but fair is fair. If you are going to single her out do it for her sorry music and not for something countless rappers do.

  • Taba Givagops

    Let’s stop being silly.  Nikki is obviously Black and we’re  criticizing  Gansta rap.  IT IS WHAT IT IS.
    Did you expect her not to cuss and act like Snow White?

    My sista is merely going to exstremes for FUN.  She’s showing us the extremity, having full knowledge of Black Pride.  I study her interviews and she actually speaks positive of Black unity.

    She is actually very truthful and sincere.  Some of use deserve her type of SHOCK TREATMENT.

    • 1) She is NOT a gansta rapper. wtf????
      2) The issue at hand is not her cursing
      3) No, we don’t EXPECT her to act like Snow White..since when is that a precursor to femceeing?
      5) She does NOT speak of Black unity in interviews, please post.



      • AlbertoRipRon

         Man, don’t try explaining to that turncoat.  Word to Dave Chappelle, I’m down with having a race draft and letting go of faggots like Taba.

        How about we go inside your grill for FUN?  stupid…”she’s showing us the extremity, having full knowledge of Black Pride”  That’s why she got blonde hair?  Raps like in that irritating white girl innocent voice?  Please bruh, get hit by a bus on the way to work b.

  • Ryan Crestwood

    If you want to get past racism stop referring to other people as black people and others as white people.  Stop saying this is for black people and this is for white people.  If it’s not cool to say white pride or white power then it shouldn’t be ok to say black pride or black power either that should be pretty easy for everyone to understand.  Besides that the entire I have money so I’m better than you music is crap.  Materialistic garbage.  And the whole direction that women like Nicki Minaj are taking girls in is horrible.  The entire glorification of being rich and famous in today’s world is garbage.  Just because you are rich or famous doesn’t mean crap and doesn’t mean you should be looked up to.  Our culture needs help.

    • Black pride and Black power b/c it was taken away

      • Ryan Crestwood

        You’re gonna have to explain that

      • Tuesday27

        Segregation was humiliating. Not being allowed into certain institutions is humiliating (segegated military, schools, practially no admission to southern colleges. If white people in this country suffered the indignities we did, they’d definately would still be crying like 7 yr olds. Sh*t, They cry everyday about affirmative action, which existed only 45 or so years, and included other minorities and women. But during segregation and all the rest, not a peep from them. The gov’t did what they would never do, and that’s make us other than 2nd class citizens.

        Understand now?

      • maurice rafael magaña attias

        White Pride has a very different history in this country than Black Pride, Brown Pride, Red Pride etc. White folks have been stringin up non-Whites in trees in the name of White Power since this country was first “settled”, but when is the last time you heard of Black folks sending out postcards from last weekends lynching of a White man? You should know your history, your privilege and your position before you tell people about racism and how to get past it

    • Shalove2

      All things being equal your points might make sense however in the real world your concept is stupid. Racism is not about name calling it is about white supremacy, It is about Black unemployment being twice that of whites with the same education and social status. It is about White men and women using drugs at the same or greater rate than Black men and women but are least likely to be arrested and convicted of a drug offence. It is about more Black males in prison than in college. There is a reason folks make music about money, because it is very important to have to succeed in America. It is materialistic because we need institutions and they cost money to build and operate. The money talk just needs to be about real money not car money or shoe money or even house money but institution building money. Factory Building money. Elementary and secondary educational institution money. Be poor naked and out of doors is no badge of honor either. Yes our culture needs help but let us not pretend that money is bad,

      • Racism isnt about white supremacy any more. It goes both ways which is why its a never ending cycle. And the last time I checked the stats, there are more white people in prison than any other race. As long as we keep blaming the continuation of racism on the other race, it will never end. We need to admit that white people started it….and we ALL keep it going.

  • 󾓦🇹🇷🇮🇱🇱 🇸🇺🇬🇪󾓦


  • Orignal Clova

    Its muthafucking 2012..don’t yall understand it aint about racism no more.”its not about east or west,its about niggaz and bitchez,power and money,riders and punks..WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON”

    • Tuesday27

      All good if you spend most of your time on the corner. If you have a real job, racism still comes into play. You didn’t know?

      • EG

        let me break it down, yea racism is alive (they just be consilin it) but its more today. its like this: its all Bitchez out here thinking they got the money and they got the power…but they not riderz, they str8 PUNKS. look at NICKI, who side is she on?
        Clova you gone make me leave this desk job in the White Man’s World…

      • Tuesday27

        If you’re saying we should stay black, I agree 100. Some of us get caught up and forget we were made in HIS image.


    THEY SHOULD?????

    (__) )/

    ( REAL )
    ( REAL )
    ( TALK )

  • Shalove2

    This young lady is a detriment to Black womanhood. First the “stupid hoe” now the “nappy headed hoe”. How do you expect others to respect you when you don’t respect yourself. We are judged by or words, deeds and works, I judge Nikki by hers.

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  • Guest

    Yaaaawn. Raise your kids right and take Nicki for what she is. An entertainer.

  • NickiWins_EataDick

    Wait…… LMFAO why did I even waist my time coming here. Like No One is gonna boycott…. I win you lose hahahahah Oh shit Yo *nickiminaj voice* !! fools. #JealousBitchMadeNigga

  • jon white

    I bet republicans like Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum love them some Nicki Minaj. Wait until they find out she’s a rapper. ZING!!!1

  • Why is people trippin, there is lots of other rappers out there who use the same lingo to describe their own kind.

  • Black people kill me!!! I am an African American female and I don’t understand why we think its okay for us to degrade ourselves and then as soon as a white person does it they are racist. If we want other races to respect us we MUST respect ourselves FIRST>

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Why black folks so worried about how other races view us?  Because Nicki is guilty of that same crap.  She genuinely wants to be respected as an artist and is obviously listening to their A & R that’s shaping her career and look.  Naw, black folks just need to living for self as a nation of brothers and sisters.  Forget the respect of the world.  Like Italians love their own culture, like mexicans, like Africans-black folks need to do the same but don’t.  And all three races I mentioned don’t give a bloodclot if other races respect them or not.

    • Roya Hoss

      THANK YOU. You are the first person who has common sense about respect. This goes with almost any area, if you want others to respect you, you have to respect yourself first. If you don’t respect yourself then don’t expect other to respect you either!

  • AugustusPaulo

     Its fucked up how black men and women attack each other on social networks . Its fucked up how black men shoot each other . Its fucked how the Catholic church allow child molestation BUT NIKKI’S WACK PERFORMANCE AT THE GRAMMY’S IS A PROBLEM TO ALL THESE GROUPS GTFOH 

    • AlbertoRipRon

      So um, white europeans don’t shoot or attack other white europeans?  So Russians don’t attack or shoot Russians?  GTFOH with that bull you talking b.  And three folks liked your comment…”black on black” crime.  Yo, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.  Like other races aren’t attacking and killing each other.  Like they only shooting at blacks and blacks keep shooting at themselves.  And three people liked that stupidity?  Smh…were they black?  It’s a shame that black folks like stupid comments (in case you didn’t get it, its called sarcasm)

      • AugustusPaulo

        Can you read and comprehend what the article title says “Are Black People About To Boycott Nikki Minaj?? BLACK PEOPLE 
        BLACK PEOPLE …….. Why am I going to talk about the crimes what white people commit when the article say “ARE BLACK PEOPLE ABOUT TO BOYCOTT NIKKI MINAJ?? Now If the article said do “White People think AlbertoRipRon has a short attention span and bad comprehension of grammar?? I would have replied yeah WHITE PEOPLE are right and correct
        AlbertoRipRon ‘s relating the thread to white people when it was directed at black people and the catholic church WHICH ARE BOTH THE GROUPS I TARGETED IN MY COMMENTS . Stop trying to be clever . Stop running off on tangents and try to stick to the script . PS There is no where in my first comment where I said the term “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME”

      • AlbertoRipRon

         Still dumb yo.  I’m not trying, I am clever.  You said its a shame that black folks attack black folks.  The point I was making this, brainchild, that every race on this planet attacks someone of their own kind.  So the line you used is something stupid and re-generated from ignorant mouths who often try to downplay society with blatant ignorance.  I can read yo, obviously you didn’t get what I was saying to you.  Think outside yourself b, instead of that small cubicle you call a mind.  Listen, lower your caps too b.  I can read just fine yo.  20/20 vision.  And PS  “Black on Black crime” is the most stupidest saying ever.  Bad comprehension of grammar?  Hopefully someone smacks the snot out ya nostrils this coming month.  And when they do smack the snot out of you…its courtesy of Alberto.  You welcome, whitey honky tonk

      • AugustusPaulo

        De Milwauke Jets won the 466i jjjj Superbowl JFFD and tha cow did jump over sOn piss shit randon abbreviation LEMONADE lucu diasmonds  ………………….. You see I too can go way off topic  AND WRITE PURE NONSENSE, and I bet my ass is blacker than yours you white honky tonk ? that is so 70’s . You sound like an emotional bitch of a boy who’s pop’s should have taught him better . Smack the snot out of who ? your better tell yo momma to apologise for putting that dumb shit in your head  

      • AlbertoRipRon

        lol, thats all you came up with b???   What man say “that is SO 70s”?  Lmfao!  You sound like one of those white chicks b.  “Like, You sound like an emotional bitch of a boy oh my god”  Then you talking about my bad comprehension of grammar but you can’t put a Z in apologize?  You used “who’s” instead of “whose”?  And you betting yo ass b?  Lol, yo take your gay ass down to ATL with that yo.  That was a terrible comeback b.  No need to bet your ass b, but on the real, you not black.  Just another confused dummy…

        I’ll say it again, dummy, I didn’t like your ignorant usage of “black on black” crime and clearly wrote three responses, including this one, on why I didn’t like such stupid recycled brain washed ignorant bull ish.  Yet, you have failed to realize this, thinking I just went on tangent.  Unfortunately, your own stupidity and low morale has fooled your already non existent intelligence and basic reading comprehension.  You are the weakest link b, good bye

      • AugustusPaulo

        You keep mentioning how many ppl liked my comment 4 TO YOUR 2 could a little jealousy be coming in to play from your behalf ? don’t worry you can’t be oratory geniuses like me , try less emotion and less tough guy talk behind your keyboard and pay more attention to topic matter THIS LESSON IS FOR FREE BUT CHARITY HAS ITS LIMITS 

  • Ricky Obenour

    who cares about this bitch anyways kill her and throw her in a ditch bitch cant even hold a vocal without sounding like a dead frog anyways

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  • Sunset Dayshift

    u know what this tells me all this Nicki talk her album is about to push major units she’s gonna sale waaaaay better than the first time if ppl keep talking bout it try to ban it ppl r gonna buy it any more…. GREAT FREE WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING 4 HER NEXT ALBUM….dont forget controversy sales

  • ladynamor

    She wears a wig to cover her hair at all times. Cheap wigs at that. The article did what was intended though, got people’s attention. Point is, she was poppin off for response like always. Shock Gimmick and Fashion Style over Real Talent and Innovation is the Pop way. Blame the consumers whoever they are. Obviously mostof the people on here are not in the cirlces that are buying it. Who are they, this is basic demagoguery at it’s worst.

  • ummmmmm….this is dumb.

    Who are the “They” that are insulted by her lyrics??
    wow wow wow….every time I read the these lame
    attempts by celebs.

     These “They’s” are insulted by the word nappy headed hoes
    But aren’t offended when she says shes going to beat a woman
    with her  bat???   The “Theys” are offended by her calling
    her people Monkeys but not offended when she tells Big Sean
    to slap it on her  Azz Azz Azz??

    Ha ha ha….this is so pathetic I may shut my internet access off

  • withease

    Tell Lil Kim to throw this video away!  This is reaching if i ever seen it.

  • insaneangelic

    It’s funny how the real hip hop fans dropped her a few years ago now others are catching up because they see her more as a pop artist.

  • 99142

    Lately, have you noticed Ms. Minaj has run out of things to rap about. Nicky seems to be blabbering mindless words with no pre thought to what she is saying.  People are beginning to see what I knew all along, Nicky can’t rap.  I thought Lil Kim was going to come out of retirement and blow Nicky out of the water, but I guess she is too busy messing with her face.  If someone don’t retire this chick, I’m going to scream; because I can’t see one more bad video.  Eventually, people will see through her scam. 

    • nicky is jus another verzion of lil wayne an soon drake will be the same..half the shit they rap about is jus words they put together.that one word puchline flow (that ludacriss started btw) is so easy for these feeble minded kids to memorize an dance to lol

    • “lately” lol. dats her whold flow. but i didnt notice how many “nappy headed hoe”, and monky references she makes though. thats something to think about

    • then get a life n stop watchin her videos. you’d think you’d spend ur time doin shit u actually like…not just findin shit to bitch about

  • Nakialove

    Well this explains why she has hair weaved down her back and dresses like a clown, clearly she has self esteem issues. Furthermore I don’t now nor have I ever listened to this damn fool unless it was by chance. I don’t own any of her music and the couple of songs I did hear on the radio or the video was on I didn’t like them either. She is not hip hop in my opinion and she is not good as an artist she looks like a damn fool and I don’t like foolery so I have always boycotted her in my mind she sux!

  • $20434212

    Getem nicki. 

  • Tril Beats

    That video with the lil girl at the end saying “Imma bad bitch” is so sad…. Black People we gotta wake up! & the whole Britney Spears feat Kesha & Nicki song is garbage yo lol….

  • will hustle

    I wouldn’t say boycott that’s kind of strong but they need to stop labeling her as hip-hop seriously she hasn’t been hip-hop since she came into the mainstream. 

  • fyi she not black she was born in trinidad its by argentina and venezuela so the shit she said would be considered racist to real african-americans idc id like her shit to out there for me.

    • a b

      Kid go to school… You sound extra stupid.

  • youngturbo

    Nicki and her management are not smart at all stupid lyrics stupid message I wish lauren Hill would diss her hard

    • pdumpdump

      watch BOLOGNA N CHEESE on youtube. Good Nicki Minaj diss. 

  • pdumpdump

    search a video on youtube called BOLOGNA N CHEESE.its about nicki minaj. then u tell me.

  • ALL PEOPLE FROM ANY LIL ISLAND THINK THEY’RE ARE BETTER THAN THE BLACKS IN AMERICA…me I turned the channel as soon as I saw a crucifix! she’s a clown for real who raps about Angelina n Brad? rap bout your frowsy ass country…

  • Bologna n cheese hoe!!!!!!!!!!!! boom shot..

  • that vid was pointless

  • …mean while, back to Real Hip-Hop…

  • brotha_man

    should done this like yesterday 

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