Nas Hit With New 300k Tax Debt

(AllHipHop News) Nas’ financial issues continue, as the rapper has been hit with new tax liabilities.

According to, Nas is being penalized for $339,000 in income From the IRS.

The tax bill is from income Nas earned in 2010.

Since he has not paid, the IRS has put a lien on property he owns.

Nas owns several properties, including an estate in Eagles Landing, Georgia.

Nas’ new tax burdens add to an astronomical tax bill to the IRS.

In January of 2011, it was revealed that Nas owes close to $6 million dollars for years of unpaid taxes.

In related news, Nas is planning to release his memoir “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” which will be co-written by journalist Touré.

The book centers around Nas rise as a
rapper, his beef with Jay-Z, his relationship with Kelis and other matters.

Nas is also preparing to release a new album tentatively titled Life Is Good.

  • That’s what happens when you have more liabilities then assets..  Nas needs to read rich dad poor dad lol I love his music though I hope he don’t have to force no music out it kill the quality in the lyrics

    • Or read Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom by Ash Cash!

      • Too bad you can’t drop a link on this new, doo doo gritz format , cuz I’d like to read it too!     Ash

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Life is a bill. 

  • scullyson

    Damn Nas you gotta do better man. Handle your Biz! When it rains it pours..smh..

  • therealest1

     Stupid coon boy N!gger shit! Damn, I love black people, but I hate N!ggers! (Chris Rock voice) This retard is a prime example of N!gger, not a positive and intelligent black with his money like Magic Johnson.

  • therealest1

     Oh yeah, does this N!gger also have the same financial consultant or tax preparer like that one dimensional, vapid, played out ass N!gger Chris Tucker?

    • so nas is not positive, because he mis-managed his money ???
      u must be gay or in the closet, why are you judging another man’s money?? get ya own and  judge that u fuckin  hoe.

      • therealest1

         You’re the one who must be gay by defending Nas’ financial situation. Are you getting any of his money? No, then why are you defending him about his money mismanagement? You’re also stupid because you can’t spell, there’s no hyphen for mismanage.

        I simply stated my opinion and gave a comparison to another individual who mismanaged his money, but you get all butt hurt over it like you’re sleeping with him to get his money or something.

        The last time I checked, this is a open for comments section. We won’t all agree as humans, opinions differ. Live with it.

        And what does judging another man’s money have any relevance to do with being gay? Your statement alone is ignorant by saying judging another man’s money.

  • MD42

    Damn dude get a better accountant! 

  • MD42

    In breaking news: Nas aka Oochie Wally aka Naz…. robs a bank while armed cops inside!!!

  • rep87

    Hes not the only one and once again this is not news the world is over tax

  • illymac

    A fool and his money will soon part ways..
    Nas is a great rapper..
    he never been good with money..
    thats why he cant run a record label,
    or have a clothing line,
    or do anything that ventures outside of music,
    unless its someone elses idea and they cut him a check to endorse it..
    how ever he did win a Emmy
    for producing, narrating, and directing
    a short film for espn..

    Maybe the nigga just dont have time to deal with the financial shit..
    or he just lazy as hell..

    • may be it’s not for him,  jigga man, and fiffty f 50, are passionate about business, that’s why they excel at it , Nas don’t seem passionate about the business side of things he’s more in to the arts writing, drawing, creating, 

  • How much money does Nas have and why is everyone always gettin him for it? Dude better put out some more albums and start touring, I feel Kelis coming at him again

  • Damn, if only he would have did that Angola show, where the promoter was kidnapped for Nas not showing , that $300,000 could have came off the $339 , 000 tax bill, with only $139,000 left ( cuz irs would have took 1/3 of that 300 racks )
    6 million?
    Who the fugg the IRS think they are? Did they sell records?

    The system is nothing more than slavery , modified , via the 14th amendment.

    Africa @ Nas!


    thats the same amount them cats wanted to release his prompter for him not showing up for that gig he missed ???????

                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

  • David Sentongo

    ha. common nas. 
    write an article about a rapper being consistent about paying their taxes. that’ll actually catch my attention. David SentongoTwitter: @davesentongo:twitter