Prodigy - H.N.I.C. 3

Prodigy Sets February 21 Release Date For “H.N.I.C. 3” Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) Prodigy, who is one half of the iconic rap duo Mobb Deep, recently released the cover art and tracklisting for his upcoming project, H.N.I.C. 3 The Mixtape, which will be released on February 21.

H.N.I.C. 3 The Mixtape will boast appearances from the likes of his Mobb Deep member Havoc, Bronx rapper French Montana, who appears on two tracks, one titled “Lay Low” and the other named “I’m From the Trap,” featuring Lady Luck, Cory Gunz, Wacka Flocka, and R&B singer Estelle.

Production on the project comes from Little People, Harry Fraug, Sid Roams, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, SC, Mr. Porter, and Havoc who got behind the boards for five of H.N.I.C. 3’s 11 tracks.

Prodigy’s first critically acclaimed solo album, H.N.I.C., contained the singles “Keep It Thoro,” “Rock Dat Sh*t,” and “Y.B.E.” and production from a number of Hip-Hop heavyweights like The Alchemist, Just Blaze, Havoc, and Rockwilder.

His follow-up, H.N.I.C. 2, was also well-received and mostly featured production from frequent Mobb Deep collaborator Alchemist, member Havoc, and Sid Roam.

Check out the tracklist and cover art for Prodigy’s H.N.I.C. 3 The Mixtape below:

  1. Intro (Redemption Song) [Prod. Little People]
  2. Lay Low ft. French Montana [Prod. Harry Fraud]
  3. That’s Nasty [Prod. Sid Roams]
  4. Extreme [Prod. Havoc]
  5. I’m From the Trap ft. French Montana [Prod. Havoc]
  6. Make A Hole ft. Havoc & Lady Luck [Prod. Havoc]
  7. Great Spitters ft. Cory Gunz [Prod. Havoc]
  8. They Scared ft. Havoc & Wacka Flocka [Prod. Havoc]
  9. Slaughterhouse [Prod. SC]
  10. Getting Closer ft. Havoc & Estelle [Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
  11. Look In My Life [Prod. Mr. Porter]

H.N.I.C. 3

  • This shit won’t be classic. A song with wacka flocka word? HNIC the first one was a classic and the second one had some bangas. When you change the formula people don’t like it. 

  • Roberto Ciamora

    LOL, Prodigy went through all that trouble of going Indy and breaking away from the big bad corprate Illuminati Machine, just so he could work with the same shuckin & Jivin clowns they’d of put on his album anyway……..SMH

  • James Lukacs

    I didn’t even really care about the first HNIC!


    ok something worth checking out?????

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                          (  REAL )
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                                               ( TALK  )

  • rep87

    Despite what hate is thrown his way for having certain artist on his cd them dudes are running the game and the bottom line is Money and Progidy knows this he’s using the system instead of system using him smart move